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Very dense and informative JNP s passion for tea comes through Many quotable quips. I m had a hard time reading this book The author reminds me of one of those professors that think themselves funny when the class is groaning into their text book as well as thing they re smarter then everyone else The random throwing of names and events happening during the same time as events surrounding tea are irrelevant to those that don t study history and only serve to show off the author s education I finally quit the book I am surprised that he doesn t have Okakura s The Book of Tea in his bibliography, yet mentions the book once in his book Read this book only if you like being belittled and hearing only a Western centric story about a whole world phenomena. I found the early chapters on the history of tea and its place in world history, particularly the expansion of the British Empire to be surprisingly informative from a fresh perspective Think follow the money I read a fair amount of history books, but I found the events and motivations behind them that related specifically to tea were fascinating The chapters on types of tea and the regions they are grown is quite helpful, with enough particulars to cement the characterizations, but not too many to bog down in the weeds I found the sections regarding how to actually prepare, drink and enjoy tea to be less valuable There were many various ways discussed, with much careful thought and description of the subtleties of the tea to learn from, but I would have liked a single plainspoken account of a simple process for someone less experienced that could be relied upon to make a great cup of tea, and why Perhaps it s just too simple I enjoyed the author s sense of humor, knowledge, and enthusiasm for a habit that occupies a small part of our lives, but can fill it with so many other quiet aspects we experience as thoughtful beings. Concise, comprehensive, and clearly written overview deep introduction to tea If you are just getting interested in tea, Pratt s book will almost certainly draw you deeper into this fantastic obsession If you already have a passion for tea but are looking to learn , don t hesitate get it now I am re reading the book yet again, and I always enjoy in particular the facts and interesting anecdotes about the development of the tea trade with China, the rise of tea in India, and the growth tea consumption in the west Also some of the particulars about tea processing Very well written, not dense at all Pratt has a lively and engaging voice All in all, an outstanding read. Ever since I fell in love with Tea, I have been combining it with my other passion books, and I have been reading quite a few I felt I was quite satiated till I finally got my hands on this classic Nowhere did I see the magnificent story of tea and how it has helped build and destroy civilizations be told in the most vivid and clear manner that I myself see this beverage with new eyes from on A must read for lovers AND non lovers of tea This was a lovely book about the history and current events of tea Of course it was written by a former wine snob who ceased that profession due to alcoholism and is now a tea snob.I found the history portion very interesting I resisted feeling inferior from drinking my Twinings English Breakfast tea However, this book also inspired me to try new teas my favorite source is The Republic of Tea in Novato, CA But I ll stick with my simple tea pot and microwaved tap water It s too foofy and expensive to try anything else. I couldn t help but appreciate the respectful enthusiasm seeping from this volume on the subject of tea Written by a veritable tea master, the classic true story of tea does fill in every possible gap in the beverage s world history Who knew tea could be so interesting Truly a gentleman and a scholar Pratt makes a subject as simple and potentially boring as tea a real page turner So much really interesting history combined with a wealth of knowledge about the simple intoxicating tea leaf. Delicious.Fascinating.Warning this book has facts, dates, long words and gasp foreign words that sometimes go untranslated.This is not a book for people who like stylish but vapid books about culinary topics with great, big, color pictures It won t tell you how to make a fabulous Teatail to tantalize your hipster friends.Nope.It will open your eyes to the very interesting confluence of historical occurrences that shaped our tea drinking experience Indeed, I could barely put the book down I tend to savor books, but this one I absorbed like I d been starving The history section didn t involve pie charts and graphs, so you have to keep the players and timelines in your head, but I had absolutely no trouble keeping it straight If anything it made other historical events understandable Mind you, I ve never been particularly keen on history non fictionThe book opened my eyes to how incredibly wrongly I had been told to make certain teas and how, when made correctly, the teas approach elixir status I have found boatloads of exquisite teas thanks to this book It also opened my eyes to why certain groups of people drink certain teas This makes for very interesting conversation in polite company I believe one of the reviewers mentioned that the writer seemed to think he was funny Actually, he is darned funny, but then you have to have a certain set of experiences and perhaps age to understand his humor If you appreciate dry wit, you may laugh out loud as I did Bottom line if you like reading extremely well researched books, are, perhaps a bit closer to middle age one way or another , and are mad for tea this book is for you. `PDF ✐ James Norwood Pratt's New Tea Lover's Treasury. The Classic True Story of Tea ↟ The Romance, Wonder Practice Of Humanity S Favorite Habit Thirty Years Ago It Felt Like Being Knighted For MFK Fisher To Praise My Writing In Her Introduction To The Tea Lover S Treasury This Book Is A Descendant Of That Distant Ancestor Because I Am A Better Writer Than Before, It Is Better Organized, Better Written, And Shorter Because I Know Vastly Than Before About A Vastly Greater Array Of Teas, It Is Useful And Interesting I Return To The Subject Like A Simple, Healthful Habit I Enjoy And Enjoy Sharing The Language And Lore Of An Age Old Global Trade That Links Tea Producers, Dealers And Consumers In A Single World Wide Community And Because I Do Not Hope To Return Again To This Subject, My Hope Is You Will Make The Ultimate Tea Lover S Treasury Your Starting Point And Carry On