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@Free Pdf Î Mary Magdalene Never Wore Blue Eye Shadow Í Truth, Legend, And The Stories You Thought You Knew Tradition Suggests Mary Magdalene Was A Prostitute And Jesus Was Born In A Barn But What Does The Bible Really Say Armed With Her Theology Degree, Archaeological Experience, And Sharp Wit, Amanda Hope Haley Clears Up Misconceptions Of Bible Stories And Encourages You To Dig Into Scripture As It Is Written Rather Than Accept Versions Altered By Centuries Of Human Interpretations Providing Context With Native Languages, Historical Facts, Literary Genres, And Relevant Anecdotes, Haley Demonstrates How Scripture When Read In Its Original Context Is Than A Collection Of Fairy Tales Or A Massive Rule Book It S God S Revelation Of Himself To Us She Teaches You To Understand How The Books Of The Bible Were Written, Transmitted, And Translatedrecognize The Differences Between Genuine Scripture And Popular Doctrinesboldly Seek God In His Own Words, Ask Questions Of Tradition, And Find Answers In The Textsgrow In Your Understanding Of God And Appreciation Of The Bible S Intimate And Complex Revelation Of His NatureIt S Time To Abandon The Gods Of Tradition, And Meet God In His Word Look, if you re a Christian or you are interested in learningabout the Bible, stop whatever you are doing and get this book I really wish we had this as a study companion for all the Bible study sessions we had during confirmation and baptism classes, it d make the whole process quite thrilling So, thank you Amanda for researching and writing this book and Harvest House Publishers for having this out, I m not keen on spoilers but the aspect of Christ and the Christ, still has me shook Thanks Netgalley for the eARC, now I feel like I m enlightened. Mary Magdalene Never Wore Blue Eye Shadow is an interesting and informative book The author, Amanda Hope Haley, holds a master s degree in Hebrew Scripture and Interpretation from Harvard University Haley does a fantastic job guiding the reader through some of the finer points of biblical study encouraging them to consider dating methods, archaeology, translation and transliteration, denominational perspectives, etc Her tone seems to be progressive, but sympathetic to believers who may be struggling with having a shift in perspective This is not an objective book, as Haley makes it clear she is a Christian and believes the Bible to be inspired Nevertheless, she presents the information clearly and is undoubtedly knowledgeable about the subject matter Readers who enjoy books by Peter Enns and Rachel Held Evans should certainly put this one on their to be read pile.I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. This is a very relatable book with scripture based explanations for societal norms today Writer Amanda Hope Haley uses her theological background to weave a humble approach to teaching others how God really sees things we find important in our daily life Her stories and examples are well developed to help put scripture in a realistic and honest light Thank you Netgalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.