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Mixing fairytales, feminism, body horror, domestic terror and sense of dread that grows page by page, Logan has threaded together a collection of stories unlike anything I ve ever come across before Perfect for fans of horror powerhouses like Shirley Jackson and Stephen King. Sometimes a book sounds so tailored towards your taste that it could never possibly live up to your sky high hopes I fear that was the case for me with Logan s Things We Say in the Dark, a collection of feminist horror stories that was easily one of my most anticipated releases of the year.There are definitely lots of things to admire here Logan s prose is always readable, but it s punctuated by moments of linguistic beauty, with vivid and evocative imagery peppered throughout Some of these disturbing tableaus are sure to linger in the mind The stories themselves are mostly contemporary, but there s a timeless quality to the themes being explored Namely, the domestic fears of everyday life particularly those that haunt young women Logan takes the things we re told by society to aim for the gorgeous home, the perfect family, the successful life and spins our apprehensions about them into what reads like a series of fever dreams, as though she has literally documented her nightmares in the form of a dream diary What if our houses aren t the safe spaces we always imagined What if you find the experience of pregnancy and childbirth horrifying rather than beautiful How would you cope if your child wasn t healthy or happy What if you wished you d never become a parent at all What if you can never escape the horrors of your past These fears andare explored in claustrophobic, hypnotic ways by employing a dash of fairy tale, a twist of the supernatural, and a generous pinch of magical realism.With around 20 stories in all, this is a generous collection Though I very much enjoyed the dark, ethereal tone employed throughout, there were comparatively few that stood out as individual highlights Those that did were Birds Fell From the Sky and Each One Spoke in Your Voice, which follows a man haunted by the long ago death of his brother, and Good Good Good, Nice Nice Nice, a semi sci fi tale about a woman who works at a baby growing farm it s hard to explain , who is struggling with the care of her own sickly baby Other stories I enjoyed included one about a woman who feels isolated after moving to a new country, one about a woman who has fallen in love with her friend, and one about a woman who discovers disturbing realities regarding her deceased grandmother when she inherits her house.Sadly, most of the other stories began to blend into one, making this a collection I m farlikely to remember for its overall mood than I am for its specific plots and characters Whilst I was consistently hooked by the fantastic concepts and themes at play, a few too many stories tipped into weird for the sake of being weird territory for my personal taste It s a shame, as when this collection is good, it s very, very good I mthan willing to accept that my own high expectations contributed to my slightly lukewarm response Logan is still an author I very much admire, and I will continue to follow her career with excitement. @Download Book ⚢ Things We Say in the Dark Ê A Shocking Collection Of Dark Stories, Ranging From Chilling Contemporary Fairytales To Disturbing Supernatural Fiction, By A Talented Writer Who Has Been Compared To Angela Carter So Here We Go, Into The DarkSome Things Can T Be Spoken About In The Light Of Day But We Can Visit Our Fears At Night, In The Dark We Can Turn Them Over And Weigh Them In Our Hands And Maybe That Will Protect Us From Them But Maybe NotThe Characters In This Collection Find Their Aspirations For Happy Homes, Happy Families And Happy Memories Dissected And Imbued With Shimmering Menace Alone In A Remote House In Iceland A Woman Is Unnerved By Her Isolation Another Can Only Find Respite From The Clinging Ghost That Follows Her By Submerging Herself In An Overgrown Pool Couples Wrestle With A Lack Of Connection To Their Children A Schoolgirl Becomes Obsessed With The Female Anatomical Models In A Museum And A Cheery Account Of Child S Day Out Is Undercut By Chilling FootnotesThese Dark Tales Explore Women S Fears With Electrifying Honesty And Invention And Speak To One Another About Female Bodies, Domestic Claustrophobia, Desire And Violence From A Talented Writer Who Has Been Compared To Angela Carter, Things We Say In The Dark Is A Powerful Contemporary Collection Of Feminist Stories, Ranging From Vicious Fairy Tales To Disturbing Horror And Tender Ghost StoriesRSTY LOGAN WAS SELECTED AS ONE OF BRITAIN S TEN MOST OUTSTANDING LGBTQ WRITERS By Val McDermid For The International Literature Showcase In I adored this I love horror but have found it hard to find horror books that capture a genuine unsettling feeling this delivers in spades I ve loved Kirsty Logan s work for years, and reading this felt like a natural expansion of her previous works The folklore, relationships, and smooth writing style are all familiar, but the depth of darkness and grossness are new It felt real and present to see queer individuals and couples, not just as dying side characters but with their own plots and characters I d recommend this to anyone, but please do be careful if pregnancy is a trigger for you, as it is a large focus in the book. DNF ed close ish to the end I will say that is absolutelyon me than it is the book I rarely find short story collections that appeal to me as a whole and I feel like while I can objectively admit that the stories were really smart and haunting and I can see what the author was trying to achieve, not enough of them struck a chord with me so that they d keep me engaged and wanting to read on Quite a few of the ones in the first part of the book stood out to me and I think they were memorable enough, but I found myselfor less dreading the ones in the 2nd part It could be because I think pregnancy motherhood related horror is some of the most disturbing stuff there is, but it could also be that they didn t really click with me I d definitely say if you are a short story person and want something dark and haunting to pick up at Halloween this may end up being the book for you, so do give it a shot if it sounds like your thing The book starts with a short introduction from the author herself, where she is set in Iceland, in a remote village without any distractions The collection carries many autobiographical features, as Logan was actually writing this book in Iceland From short passages, we can observe how the book is being written, which gives us a bit of break between individual stories She wanted to add this dimension into the story as it gives the reader the feeling of comfort and realisation, that the stories are only stories, imaginary things that do not need to scare us in real life However, as the book progresses, the narrative grows darker and the boundaries between the stories and author are slowly disappearing, leaving the reader in the dark Even though this book is not very long, it took Logan almost two years to write and there is no wonder why Constant thinking about your fears and watching horror movies as a part of research can be a bit too much at times She even admitted, that all the characters in the stories are named after famous horror movie characters, but no one yet discovered all of them.The book is divided into three parts, each one connected to a specific fear Firstly, we have a The House, stories about boundaries and limits In Birds Fell From the Sky and Each One Spoke in Your Voice, we follow Sidney, owner of a shop full of nineties memorabilia He hears mysterious telephone ringing at night, even though he realises it can t be true One day, the presence of an unsettling customer reminds him, that you can never fully forget your past.The second part is dealing with children, pregnancy and the fear of being a parent My personal favourite was a short story called The Only Time I Think of You is All the Time Probably the only story getting closer to ghosts, as we meet a woman, who is being constantly followed by the presence of Brigitte everywhere she goes She feels that there is no immediate danger, but her mumbling, a touch of hands or moving of objects still gives her no space to live in peace The only place where Brigitte cannot find her is in a dark pond at the end of the garden But what happens if she discovers her hiding place Last but not least, the third part deals withprimal fears, such as eating or sleep Many of the stories of Things We Say in the Dark are written in an unusual way There is one in the form of a questionnaire, just the absence of answers building the tension Another interesting concept is a short story, that looks like a regular recollection of a day on the beach, yet the footnotes tell a different story These playful forms are interesting not only for a reader but the author herself As she claims I had to experiment with form to not get bored of myself It is important to take your work seriously, but equally important is to know how to make fun of yourself.So if you are still looking for the perfect book to read during Halloween, having enough of ghosts and haunted houses, try to read this great collection of realistic scary stories You will not be disappointed. Some of the stories here were worth 5 stars and some were worth 3 and some genuinely horrified me and made it hard to sleep, which is pretty hard to find Kirsty Logan really managed to get into my head with this collection, and I loved the thread that was pulling it all together I really enjoyed The Gloaming and this is a fabulous, incredibly dark follow up. Logan s best collection to date Raw, scary, terrible and brutally honest Horror stories for how we live now. Stunning Horrifying The fastest I ve ever read a short story collection I can t get enough of this writer Her best collection yet Daring, challenging, dark and dreadful in the most literal sense , this is a book about women s fears, human fears, the fears of being a person This is a short story writer at the top of her game.