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I received this from Netgalley.com for a review Maine, 1846 Gideon Stone is desperate to escape the ghosts that haunt him after his wife s death Sophronia Carver, a widow is a recluse, rud to be a witch who killed her husband.This book is of the romance gothic genre compared to the authors first book , than Historical gothic 3 Even the title sounds dark and a little ominous THE WIDOW OF PALE HARBOR by Hester Fox is a well crafted historical tale with a touch of the paranormal, characters haunted by the ghosts of their pasts and small town gossip that have doomed one young widow to be a pariah.When Gabriel Stone came to town, under a cloak of deceit, he discovers Sophronia Carver to be as bewitching as the tales the townsfolk tell about her as they blame her for everything bad that has happened What dark and menacing evil lurks in the town of Pale Harbor Mysterious, with a heavy feel to the atmosphere, Hester Fox has created a truly remarkable tale that unfolds at its own pace, no rushing to each reveal or twist sit back, relax and enjoy what unfolds..I received a complimentary ARC edition from Graydon House This is my honest and voluntary review.Publisher Graydon House Original edition September 17, 2019 Publication Date September 17, 2019Genre Historical Mystery RomancePrint Length 352 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleFor Reviews, Giveaways, Fabulous Book News, follow [Read Pdf] ⚉ The Widow of Pale Harbor ♂ A Town Gripped By Fear A Woman Accused Of Witchcraft Who Can Save Pale Harbor From Itself Maine, Gabriel Stone Is Desperate To Escape The Ghosts That Haunt Him In Massachusetts After His Wife S Death, So He Moves To Maine, Taking A Position As A Minister In The Remote Village Of Pale HarborBut Not All Is As It Seems In The Sleepy Town Strange, Unsettling Things Have Been Happening, And The Townspeople Claim That Only One Person Can Be Responsible Sophronia Carver, A Reclusive Widow Who Lives With A Spinster Maid In The Eerie Castle Carver Sophronia Must Be A Witch, And She Almost Certainly Killed Her HusbandAs The Incidents Escalate, One Thing Becomes Clear They Are The Work Of A Twisted Person Inspired By The Wildly Popular Stories Of Mr Edgar Allan Poe And Gabriel Must Find Answers, Or Pale Harbor Will Suffer A Fate Worthy Of Poe S Darkest Tales I need this book right now I m swooning over the blurb and cover I Can t Wait Until September. This is another excellent romantic, Gothic suspense novel from Hester Fox, who made her debut in 2018 with THE WITCH OF WILLOW HALL Fans of that novel will not be disappointed in this sopho offering, as PALE HARBOR continues to show off the author s skills in setting what I would call a spooky lite mood and creating an evocative atmosphere in a rural community in 19th century Maine I personally preferred the romantic elements and character dynamics slightly in WILLOW HALL, but that is mostly based on trope alignment and not so much on the book s quality, and the serial killer element of this one s plot works very nicely And as a nice cherry on top, I personally loved the historical elements around the transcendentalism movement All in all, really enjoyable and one I would recommend for folks looking for an atmospheric read this fall. An ARC was provided to me for free by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Maine, 1846 Gabriel Stone arrives in the sleepy town of Pale Harbor for a fresh start, working as a minister after his wife s death But strange things are happening in the town, and only one person can be responsible Sophronia Carter, a reclusive widow whom everyone believes killed her husband The odd incidents escalate, and it becomes clear that they re emulating the wildly popular stories by Mr Edgar Allan Poe.I was really excited to read this book because Fox s debut, The Witch of Willow Hall, absolutely blew me away Aspects of that novel that I loved the gothic atmosphere and setting, the small and isolated town, gossipy townspeople, reclusive people, the possibility of witches were carried into this one And I ll read anything relating to Edgar Allan Poe But as I read, I couldn t help but wonder who the audience for the book was Gabriel and Sophronia are both 30ish years old, their former partners dead But the writing and general mystery as well as their behaviour sometimes would be better fit for a YA or NA novel There was also an issue of insta love and both characters acting like love struck teenagers than adults Since both of them have recently lost their spouses and Gabriel even thinks about his wife often, I wouldn t expect such strong infatuation so quickly It made the romance feel really forced Unlike Fox s debut, there were no twists that surprised me Knowing Poe s works as well as I do, the imitations by the villain felt cheesy than horrifying Not to mention, I correctly guessed who the murderer was when I m usually the worst person to figure it out.I still really liked the gothic setting and the story s beginning, but unfortunately the mystery part of the novel and the main characters fell a bit flat for me.Blog Twitter Instagram RTC I was sold a fake bill of goods and I think this book suffers from a personality disorder I think this book really, really wants to be a dark, creepy tale of witchcraft and strangeness which is how the book blurb sold it to me , but somehow a silly romance that honestly felt a bit YA got thrown into the mix and completely ruined any suspense the story was trying to build Oh, and let s throw in a bit of transcendentalism into the mix Don t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with two characters falling in love during a suspenseful read, but in this read, it completely overpowered the story and each time the suspense was building I was pulled right out of it with the almost juvenile thoughts of this budding romance between two widowed adults While I think the story will appeal to many people, I don t think it will hit the right crowd being sold as a dark, creepy read It s not I would categorize it as a suspenseful romance maybe If I were interested in that genre I would say this might be almost a 4 star read because it is well written and pretty well thought out Honestly, I didn t dislike the book, it just wasn t what it promised When I read the author s note I was engrossed in the details of the dark history of the area time and Poe and wondered why any of those details weren t included in the book Many thanks to Edelwiess for allowing me to read an advanced copy of this book all thoughts are my own. Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestGothic novels are my catnip I think they re probably the genre of book I probably enjoy most because of the creepiness and the meticulous plotting that goes in to creating not just the mystery element but also the atmosphere But, like all books, the Gothic genre has its hits and its misses, and this was miss than hit.THE WIDOW OF PALE HARBOR starts out promisingly enough in the way that it introduces our two main characters Sophronia is haunted by the figurative ghost of her dead abusive husband, and struggles with her agoraphobia in her isolated mansion on the hill Everyone thinks that she s a witch who probably murdered her husband, and the fact that her house servant practices herblore certainly doesn t help matters Lately, she s been the victim of cruel pranks involving letters, ravens dead and alive , and effigies, intent on making her squirm.Gabriel is a man who has come to the small village of Pale Harbor to be a minister of Transcendentalism He is doing this, despite a very painful lack of any religious training of any kind in homage to his late wife, who was fascinated by the religious movement and wanted him to practice the beautiful words that he used to transcribe for mere pennies By preaching, he hopes that he will be able to honor her in death as he was unable to in life until he meets Sophronia.The biggest detriment to this book is the insta love between the hero and heroine In the beginning, I was very much on board with the claustrophobic small town vibe, spiritual and religious and taking god fearing to extremes that had the faintest whiff of witch hunting fervor from the century prior I could have even bought the doomed romance, had it been spaced out a bit, but with both parties being widowed, and haunted by their spouse s passings albeit for different reasons , it felt a bit weird that they would be so eager to leap into a new relationship, given what we knew of their characters.As for the mystery element, that was what I liked best about this book, although it wasn t quite the dark and disturbing read I d wished for The Edgar Allen Poe inspired pranks and murders that had me picking up this book in the first place definitely don t quite capture that breathless horror that had Poe terrorizing the Victorians back in the day I didn t actually guess who the culprit was until the end, so that was nice, but the ending was anticlimactic and falls prey to the usual bad guy tropes.THE WIDOW OF PALE HARBOR is not a bad book, but it isn t a standout in the genre, either It s bland, it s blah, but that s okay Pick this up if you want a quick, breezy read that will pass an afternoon without too much brain drain, just as long as you don t mind a syrupy, saccharine serving of romance paired alongside your milquetoast murder mystery Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review 2.5 to 3 stars My second book will be available September 17, 2019 October for the UK , and I m so excited for you to meet Sophronia and Gabriel Everything they say about the second book being the hardest to write is true, so while it was sometimes a struggle, I m so pleased with how it came out and really hope that you enjoy it A great big Thank You to everyone who read The Witch Of Willow Hall and have come back for The Widow Of Pale Harbor your support means everything 3For content warnings, please visit my website If you encounter a sensitive subject in the book that you think should be included on this list, please let me know and I will add it.http www.hesterfox.com content warn