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Great collection of stories wide ranging in topics but centered around family and the meaning of home. These are the stories that make me think, I could write that These are things I ve seen and felt, people I know But these are also the stories that frustrate me, because no matter the recognition, I CAN T write them like this.Thanks to Michael Croley for putting small town Kentucky into words that paint pictures and make me love and hate a place I ve never seen. I can t recommend this collection highly enough Mike is a friend and one of my best teachers, but even if he was none of these things, I d be saying the same thing about this collection There s a beautiful sense of place and temporality in each story that makes you feel the same sort of joy and sadness that you get with major life events birth, weddings, death and Mike excels as distilling the simplest image into emotional truth The stories are loosely interconnected If I had to pick favorites, Slope and Smoulders, both featuring the character of Wren, stand out, both because Wren is in many ways and every man and in many ways highly specific, unique and precious I love the plural narrators of Diamond Dust and the situational, small town absurdity of Solid Ground and Satellites Don t sleep on this one. Stories about missed connections, regret, loneliness, and loss The writing is careful and emotive In some passages, Croley reminds me of one of my favorite authors, Amy Hempel, with his economy of language Like Hempel, each story vibrantly creates a nuanced set of characters who drew me in Croley creates a visceral sense of place in this collection, so much so that Kentucky and Korea become a character that I cared about as much as the people that inhabited these areas. Honest True Deep This collection is a beautiful weaving of truths and observations all deeply steeped in its Appalachian setting I fell in love with each story in turn, and I won t be forgetting this collection anytime soon. |DOWNLOAD E-PUB ⚖ Any Other Place ♵ A Korean Woman In Rural Kentucky Clings To The Love Found In Her New Marriage As The Mountain Above Her Washes AwayA Dutiful Daughter Struggles To Help Her Father Navigate Their Shared Grief And The Sudden Release Of Dangerous, Exotic AnimalsA New Father Driven By His Pride Confronts Japanese Soldiers In A Harrowing Raid On His HomeIn His Debut Collection, Michael Croley Takes Us From The Appalachian Regions Of Rural Kentucky And Ohio To A Village In South Korea In Thirteen Engaging Stories In Which Characters Find Themselves, Wherever They Are, In States Of Displacement In These Settings, Croley Guides His Characters To Some Semblance Of Home, Where They Circle Each Other S Pain, Struggle To Find Belonging, And Make Sense Of The Mistakes And Bad Breaks That Have Brought Them There Croley Uses His Absorbing Prose To Uncover His Characters Hidden Disquiet And To Bring Us A Remarkable And Unique Collection That Expands The Scope Of Modern American Literature