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I went in expecting a tense and fiery romance and this did not disappoint I m not the biggest fan of romances but I liked this one enough This book was a mix of two halves one part of me was gripped with the tension whilst I often drifted off after 10 pages I don t know if I would pick up another hetro romance quickly but this one was okay.I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Second Chance with her Billionaire is the first book in author Therese Beharrie s newest series Billionaires for Heiresses This also was the first book I have had the pleasure of reading from this author and it s definitely not the last I was impressed with Ms Beharrie s style of writing and loved the unique backdrop of being set in South Africa.Wyatt Montgomery is the right hand man to the CEO of Bishop Enterprises A stark contrast from his humble and turbulent upbringing He s attending a weekend celebration for his boss s thirtieth anniversary, who also happens to be his ex father in law.Summer Bishop is not looking forward to her parent s anniversary party She feels as if she s an outsider to her family Then there is the possibility of seeing her ex husband, the man she d walked away from two years ago My first impressions of Wyatt and Summer were of a couple who married too quickly and too young I liked them both and it was pretty obvious from the start they were still attracted to each other As we get into the story, the reasons for their divorce turned to much than I initially thought I felt heartbroken for these two and became invested in them finding a way to get over the obstacles between them I liked the pacing of the story and the way Ms Beharrie got both characters to realize the truth of their past, and to finally admit to each other why their marriage failed This was a beautifully written story of a second chance romance that truly had me smiling at the end I absolutely loved the Epilogue and can t wait to read Autumn s story next I ll definitely be adding Ms Beharrie to my authors to read from now on Highly recommend @KINDLE ë Second Chance with Her Billionaire (Billionaires for Heiresses #1) õ From I Don T To I Do In This Billionaires For Heiresses Story, Summer Bishop Knew Her Parents Anniversary Party In Stunning South Africa Would Be Hard Spending The Week With Her Gorgeous Ex Husband, Wyatt Montgomery, Reminds Summer Of Their Painful Divorce But Also Inconveniently Why She Fell In Love With Him Summer Never Told Wyatt Why She Left, And He S Determined To Uncover Her Secrets Will Summer Reveal Her Heart For A Second Chance With Her Husband Billionaires For Heiresses Duet Book Second Chance With Her BillionaireLook Out For The Next Book, Coming Soon Book From Heiress To Mom The Romance In The Book Was Everything It S The Sort Of Romance That Left Me Smiling At Every Interaction Between The Couple Goodreads On Her Festive Flirtation United By Their Royal Baby By Therese Beharrie Opens Up With The Most Beautiful Yet Climatic Prologue I Ve Read From A Harlequin Romance In A Long Time The Sweet, Poignant Emotions Swirling Between Prince Xavier And Princess Leyna Is Off The Charts I Was Mesmerized By Their Journey And Couldn T Get Enough Of Their Story Goodreads 4.5 5Therese Beharrie is one of my favorite author discoveries of 2018 I read and adored two books from her and I knew that at some point, I would go have to go back and read her backlist as well When she offered me the chance to read her newest, Second Chance with Her Billionaire, I was than a little excited, even so, when she mentioned that it was an angsty second chance romance This book was just what I was expecting It was heartwarming and hit me right in the feels.What I love the most about Therese s books are here characters You can tell that she puts a lot of thought and attention into writing them and she shows throughout her books All of the characters in Second Chance with Her Billionaire resonated with me Summer, the heroine, in particular, was a character that I easily warmed up to She was smart, vulnerable, and equally awkward I think I saw a lot of myself in her and I connected very much with her desire to want to keep her family happy even though there were secrets personally hurting her Wyatt was an equally endearing and mature character Therese s heroes are my favorite kind of heroes, soft and sweet, but also adorable dummies when it comes to the women they love He was the sort of man who was driven and successful, but never truly forgot his roots His past is heartbreaking, but I think it made him all the admirable given how much he had achieved.Summer and Wyatt used to be married and they are forced to spend the week together at her parents anniversary party I think the estranged spouses trope is one that s underrated, but I also think it s one that can be difficult to get right Thankfully, I 100% trust Therese with stories such as this one because from I know she s an author who writes strong relationships as well as couples that talk There were many misunderstandings that led to Summer and Wyatt breaking up in the first place, and it was hard watching them reminisce their together because they were obviously a great couple together Circumstances and the universe were not on their side the first time, however Add to that the burden of Summer s secrets she was being forced to keep didn t help Even after their breakup, these two were so obviously in love with each other They only needed to have a sit down to unload their emotions Let me tell you, the scene when they finally do that was just chef s kiss It was emotional and had me low key sobbing in a corner Second Chance with Her Billionaire truly was a gem of a story I look forward to reading Summer s sister s story next I have no doubt it will be another amazing story from this author If you like your romance novels with a lot of heart and wit, I can t recommend Therese Beharrie s books enough She is an absolute favorite of mine Well this was an emotional rollercoaster I was wary when I saw it was a second chance romance where the couple were previously married I couldn t figure out how it could be written for me to believe the couple actually were meant to be together and deserved a HEA together I thought it would have too many issues between them and I d be struggling to believe their reunion.Not so much.Instead, it was so well written and the struggle between both Summer and Wyatt about why they split was real as they so clearly loved each other and neither of them were in the wrong for their divorce They split because each had personal issues to overcome and they did In the two years since their divorce you could tell they were different people but they were still who the other fell in love with.I didn t want to out the book down once I started I loved Summer as soon as she was eyeing up the waiter hoping he could act as a buffer for the awkward moment she would see her ex husband again And I fell for Wyatt as soon as I learnt of his past and felt for him when I realised how his past would affect how he felt about the divorce as Summer asked for the divorce not him It killed me seeing both avoiding taking about their divorce and both misunderstanding what happened there And then when they did discuss it I was saying as they still weren t listening to each other and the emotions Got it killed me I genuinely teared up a little bit reading this because it was heartbreaking how much they loved each other and how they truly were what they other wanted They were each others rock in a lot of ways and so it hurt they weren t together Honestly, I ve not read any of Therese Beharrie s books before but I feel like I need to get all of them now. Absolutely fantastic read as always Ms Beharrie does not disappoint, I highly recommend this book to all who love that love conquers all. A touching, emotional and very powerful read With the kick off of her Billionaires for Heiresses duet, Therese Beharrie shines bright The emotional depth she brings forward in this book s characters is breathtaking, and most definitely some of her strongest work The plot was thick with tension and secrets, but full of love and promise at the same time Really enjoyed Summer and Wyatt s story and I m looking forward to Autumn s turn next Summer Bishop hasn t been looking forward to her parents upcoming anniversary celebration in South Africa She knows the location will be stunning, but family drama has had a way of dragging her down of late, making these type of appearances painful To top it all off, her sis is running late and leaving her to hold the bag on her own oh, and her ex husband is attending Wyatt Montgomery still cares very deeply for Summer and yet has no clue why she ended their marriage He s seeing a different side to her this weekend it s as if she can no longer hold in the pain she s carried in her heart for so long and he s truly seeing the real her behind the facade for the first time He s stunned to hear her truth, but he s determined to make sure she s never unhappy again If you like second chance romances with lots of emotional depth then this is the book for you Packed with emotional drama and tension, Summer and Wyatt are a divorced couple who married too quickly, forced into close proximity by her parent s wedding anniversary I don t want to give spoilers, but this is a touching, heartwarming tale about two characters getting a second, thoughtful chance at happiness. The first thing that I noticed while reading Second Chance With Her Billionaire is the wonderful way which author Therese Beharrie, has beautiful described the scenery in Cape Town South Africa, it really made me feel like I was right there at the party Summer Bishops parents were celebrating their thirtieth wedding anniversary in luxury lodge, with grass that stretched to the cliff overlooking a gorgeous beach What Summer hadn t in wildest dreams thought about is that her ex husband Wyatt Montgomery had been invited too Summer and Wyatt had been divorced, due to Summer wanting to make her business a success, I didn t really think that was a good enough excuse to end her marriage, but she had also found out a secret about her own father that destroyed her Both of these reasons why Summer divorced her husband left me wondering is that deep down, were these the true reason that made her divorce the gorgeous Wyatt So what will happen next Will they both simply ignore each other throughout the wedding anniversary party or will be able to talk to each other, to rekindle their relationship in some way A beautiful story one that will stay with me for a long time, that s why I m recommending it to all romance readers. I had to return this to the library I d finished about 25% I just haven t been picking up books in my spare time so I let it go I m not rating it There s a lot of internal thoughts and very little dialogue and that just wasn t clicking with me Someday I might come back to it, and it s the reason I have a shelf for these mood reads Likely I won t, but I could be wrong