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Nonstop snarkI loved this book The witty snarky humor of the main characters was consistently entertaining throughout and the story was original I will definitely be reading from this author Title No Kitten AroundAuthor RJ BlainGenre Supernatural Romantic DramadyWell written YesNon spoilery notesCharacters Reed cynical and depressive with a super annoying tendency to feel sorry for himself, even if it is with good reason Wiseass and snarky enough to keep him from being a total sad sack and does get significantly less mopy as the book progressesKennedy a bit controlling and a lot pushy, but also competent and willing to admit when she s f cked up Also snarky and good enough at what she does professionally and personally to get the job done, whatever it is, even if doing so doesn t totally follow the rules.Kitten, Destroyer of Worlds adorable and steals the scene every single timeAll the above Jerks, but endearingly human and flawed ones Except KDW who is, in fact, a kittenWorld world building Not even a little bit, you re dropped in head first and left a little confused before getting a general sense of things about a quarter way into the book Things also get a bit confusing again towards the end when the family tree is further explained, and after that it gets irritatingly philosophical, which I personally could have done without , but not enough to interfere the story much Further research indicates it is the fifth book of a series, though, so any world building likely covered in previous novels No excuse for the philosophy, though it s the one mark against an otherwise entertaining novel Luckily, it is fairly brief Action adventure levels Lots of action Almost too much, but with enough down time between crisis es to keep things from getting too intenseQuick to engage Extremely, even if Reed is super cynical and mopy at the beginningIntrigue levels once engaged Definitely keeps you reading It does, however, get a bit sappy at times and the falling action after the climax is ridiculously over the top and borderline slap stick.Sex scenes Sex happens, but none of it on screen Desire to slap the protagonist Mild to medium He s a bit of a dick and incredibly stubborn She s also a bit of dick and occasionally a bit callous and shallow. Light, fun read. how much fun can you have when you end up adopting a kitten and name it Kitten, Destroyer of Worlds This is how much. This book started a bit slow for me It didn t really get interesting until the entrance of Samantha, the weapon training elf Unfortunately, Samantha didn t make her entrance until well into half of the book I did find some of the action to be a bit too repetitive like Reed s fainting and I thought his cure was way too quick and he had no lasting ramifications from several years of anxiety As someone who has diagnosed anxiety, it doesn t resolve itself by itself But for the sake of a story, I didn t give up Kitten, Destroyer of Worlds is a dear and so is Puppy Savior of Worlds Now if the book had dealt with them and less with the two main characters, it would have been a GREAT book And I m not sure why but I expected Kitten to talk at some point in the book but she never did Still, it was a good one time read for me. Uneven, with chances for brillianceReview by Carolyn Bragg 2 1 2 StarsThere were parts of this book that I really liked, but they got lost in the grand scheme planned for the whole angel devil demon thing Reed had so much depth to plumb, given time to work through his issues Instead, everything shifts into fast forward and the story skips over big chunks of time I would have enjoyed exploring It felt like I was watching a condensed movie of a book Explanations for things seemed a bit over done and confusing sometimes as though attempting to make up for wiping out big swaths of events and time that had actually passed.In my opinion, a heavy edit of angel content and parental heritage angst would have improved the book immensely We were SO clear about the 6 grandparent thing that I didn t think we needed to go over it again and again and again copy and paste a few and again s to insert there , but what do I know And yes, the happy couple were hot for each other It was crude in places, honestly, when I was trying so hard to see them as affectionate, and humorous, and loving And the f bombs sad stage props when thoughtful writing would have been effective.There were some funny things, and I wanted so much to like this book I do like Reed and Kennedy, and Samantha, but the negatives were stacked pretty heavily on the other side of the balance With the disappointing wrap it in a bow battle, and the I won t spoil it pet events along with the author s penchant for fake gritty language and endless repetition of certain details, I don t think I could survive another book I s too bad. Unbelievably romantic This book is about tru love If you ve read any other books in this series, your are expecting a welcome mix of the unbelievable and the inane this book is beyond that Here you will find real life feelings, emotions, and love than in any other book in this series This book is about true love folks Not even kidding Give up everything you ever beloved about yourself to become the person your loved one deserves and you have taken a baby step on the direction of this book Ahhh o do so with poise and aplomb that is what this book delivers The only reason I took a star away is because I believe Luna deserved a little reasoning and explanation prior to the end of the book. I loved this as usual.I enjoyed the fact that Ms Blain went into detail about how the different races and species interacted and reproduced I found it quite ironic that an angel required a devil to reproduce along with their partner I also loved, loved, loved the wedding and the many and diverse elven traditions I found his ex boss part of the bride s side hysterical I especially loved the quote Sammy assumed you d see me in this dress after being worked up in a fight and be incapable of remembering your own name, so she coached me on what we needed to do I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys snark, puns, sarcasm and being tortured for months learning sword play And a kitten named Kitten, Destroyer of Worlds. {Free Pdf} ì No Kitten Around Ø Warning This Novel Contains Excessive Humor, Action, Excitement, Adventure, Magic, Romance, And Bodies Proceed With Caution The Last Thing Reed Matthews Needs In His Life Is A Kitten, But When An Orphaned Tabby Suckers Him Into Becoming Her Caretaker, He S In For The Ride Of His Life Add In An Angel Determined To Meddle In His Affairs, A Devil With An Agenda, And A Bucketful Of Bad Omens, And He Ll Count Himself Fortunate If He Survives The Clash Between Heaven, Hell, And His Ex In This Anything Goes Romp, There S No Kitten Around If Reed Wants To Survive And Regain Control Of His Life, His Only Hope Lies In The Hands Of An Elf And His Ex, A Woman He S Sworn To Never See Again As you read this book you will realize that meddling in other people s affairs has consequences An angel meddled in the affairs of one man and the affect was lasting Reed and Kennedy get a second chance at love and their helpers are very unusual Meet a Kitten and a Puppy and enjoy the parts they play in the lives of Reed and Kennedy The story is awesome and I enjoyed reading it The mystery will keep you busy as there are some plot twist but lots of humor makes for as excellent book which I highly recommend