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It Is Wood, It Is Stone opens up to a couple beginning a year long adventure of living in S o Paulo The narration for most of the novel is told from the perspective of Linda speaking to her husband, Dennis It is as if she is writing a journal for him to read We are briefly told that right before making the decision to move to Brazil for Dennis work, Linda was planning on leaving him Throughout the story, the characters shift and change in their relationships with each other, their housekeeper Marta , a few acquaintances they make, and themselves Because we are told this story through the thoughts of Linda, we are given an extra amount of understanding about her journey to self discovery.Overall, the novel is written with beautiful prose I absolutely loved when the viewpoint changed for a few chapters to that of Marta s I couldn t get enough of her story, and I would love to read a novel from just her perspective Marta had much depth than Linda She knew true tragedy and struggle, work ethic and had a interesting story to tell I found myself annoyed with Linda and her self destructiveness because it seemed unjustified I wish I had background knowledge of Linda and Dennis relationship before the move, an understanding to why Linda was so unhappy and wanting to leave her husband so much so that she pursued a relationship with another woman.The novel took some odd turns, and I began to wonder if the narrator was going to lose her mind, if this book was actually about following a woman down the path of insanity Some of Linda s decisions were extremely cringe worthy and I just couldn t relate and I ve made some cringe worthy decisions in life While I began to feel sorry for Dennis, the only character I truly felt connected to and who offered any worthy words were Marta.In the end, I rate It Is Wood, It Is Stone 3 stars It was an easy and enjoyable read, but it was missing substance The characters lacked a certain amount of depth and understanding that I needed to feel a connection to this story While the style of narration had an opportunity for deeper insight into our main characters, it never happened. It is wood, It is stone is a thrilling read Gabi s writing style is visceral, cerebral and absolutely captivating This is a book to be devoured in one sitting. .EBOOK ♾ It is Wood, It is Stone ♫ Three Women Are Drawn Into A Seductive Web Of Privilege, Displacement, Sexuality, And Other Mysteries Of The Human Heart In This Magnetic Debut By A Young Brazilian American Author To WatchWith Sharp, Gorgeous Prose, It Is Wood, It Is Stone Takes Place Over The Course Of A Year In S O Paulo, Brazil In Which Three Women S Lives IntersectLinda, An Anxious And Restless American, Has Moved With Her Husband, Dennis, For A Year Professorship As Dennis Submerges Himself Into His Work, Linda Finds Herself Unmoored And Adrift Feeling Increasingly Disassociated From Her Own Body Linda S Unwavering And Skilled Maid, Marta, Has Claim To Linda S Home Than She Can Fathom Marta, Who Is Struggling To Make Sense Of Her Country S Complicated History And Its Racial Tensions, Is Exasperated By Linda S Instability One Day, Linda Meets Celia, A Charismatic And Beguiling Artist, Who She Joins On A Life Altering Adventure That Causes Reverberations Felt By Them AllAn Exquisite Debut Novel By Young Brazilian American Author Gabriella Burnham About Women Whose Romantic And Subversive Entanglements Reflect On Class And Colorism, Sexuality, And Complex, Divisive Histories