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Okay, so I hated that this book focused on Darcy and not Rachel I left Something Borrowed really hating that character 254 pages in, and I still thought she sucked The plot was fairly predictable you knew she was seeking redemption in the novel as well as with the reader, and the ending was equally predictable I loved the focus on Ethan as he was one of my favorite characters from Something Borrowed I was completely resistant to the movement as I knew where this was going, and I simply did not want it to go there Griffin achieves her goal by making the reader, resistantly, start to at least like Darcy a little And, I will willfully admit, I was tearing up during the Epilogue I d still like to see a novel that returned the focus to Rachel, but I know why the author went the route she did It was simply too easy By making Darcy the very hated but ultimate hero of the second bookGriffin takes a resistant reader and makes her unwilling to put the book down.I finished these two novels in 1.5 daysagain, worth a good day at the beach pool on the couch. 2nd half of Rachel and Darcy s story SPOILER I was disappointed in this book It was on ok read, but there s no way I believe that selfish, spoiled, self centered Darcy would change after one wakeup call argument with Ethan AndDarcy seemed to want Ethan to love her and when that s not enough she needs her Doctor to fall for her, then when he wants her she decided she loved Ethan Wayyyy too unbelievable And I wasn t overly happy with sweet Ethan either He s certainly had Darcy all figured out and gives Rachel his version of Darcy as a friend in the first bk Something Borrowed , then Darcy shows up at his doorstep in this bk and they become best pals That development would have never happened if Darcy hadn t been so needy Seemed like the only pull selfish Darcy had on Ethan was that he got screwed over by Brandi and missed out on being the dad he thought he was going to be so Darcy s handy and needy and he can be those babies daddy Felt like Ethan and Darcy settleda or less love the one you re with Also was surprised that Darcy who was supposed to have had this big epiphany that changed her can t make the first step to forgive Rachel and extend the olive branch It had to be Rachel Was glad Dex stood strong on his cool towards Darcy Rachel was just too nice and Darcy a huge bitch Something Borrowed bk 1 wasn t neat and tidy but an enjoyable read A reality but almost like a car wreck you can t help but stop and look at I was riveted as to how it would all end Although they felt a little guilt you were left with Rachel and Dex very happy with their outcome and you wanted the best for them True love the hard way Something Blue got all tied up in an unbelievable pretty bow No thanks. Something Blue is the follow up to Something Borrowed This story is from Darcy s point of view I loved this book and it is a very quick read I have to admit I hated Darcy in Something Borrowed and even did at the beginning of Something Blue I felt that she was finally getting what she deserved when everything started to go down hill for her Part of me even started to feel sorry for her at her lowest points What I liked in this book, is that Ethan, her childhood friend, finally pointed out to her what type of a person she really is No one had ever done this to her and his words really hit home Darcy decided to change herself for the better This book follows Darcy through her pregnancy and journey to be a better person I felt proud of her as the book ended to see what she had done with her life and how much she had changed for the better. I was blown away by this book If you hate the main character when you start reading, don t worry, you re supposed to But, keep reading because the story is incredible and you will learn to root for Darcy Rhone whether you like it or not Fantastic read Be sure to read Something Borrowed first or this book will not make as much sense Spoiler Alert Some of the other reviews I have read of this book are very cynical regarding Darcy s transformationhowever, the reason Darcy transforms is because she has no other choice Everyone in Darcy s life had always catered to her every whim because of her physical beauty She had always gotten exactly what she wanted and never had to think about the consequences of her behavior However, after everything that takes place in Something Borrowed, in addition to her relationship with Marcus, dismissal of Claire and her mother, she is forced to reevaluate her behavior when Ethan finally sets her straight She has no one to depend on and Ethan sees through her crap He forces her to look at life differently and to realize that she was not the victim in everything that happened.he also forces her to realize that she can no longer get away with her shallow behavior.she no longer had everyone wrapped around her little finger and therefore she had to become a new version of herself Maybe I am just not as cynical as other readers, but I truly believe that this type of transformation is possible given the circumstances of Darcy s story. 4.5 starsI didn t like Something Borrowed, so it is sort of surprising to me that I loved it s sequel Loved it This book is about Darcy, the self centered friend from Something Borrowed One of the main reasons I liked this book better, was that Darcy seemed like of a real person than Rachael the main character in S B did.Darcy had always led a charmed life She learned young that because she was usually the most beautiful girl in the room, it often afforded her a certain amount of power over everyone else However, she always thought that she was fairly benevolent with that power And, honestly, Darcy was never evil Self centered, materialistic, and unthoughtful, yesbut not really cruel To her, this meant that she deserved all of the good thing that came her way Why shouldn t she always get what she wanted So it came as quite a shock to her when she found out that her perfect fiancee had fallen in love with her plain Jane best friend Never mind that she was cheating, too Never mind that she was planning on breaking it off with him, as well Never mind that she was pregnant by one of the groomsmen Darcy had always secretly competed with Rachael, but this was the first time she ever lost And because of her subsequent behavior, she loses everything else.This is a story about someone who has to take a hard look at themselves, and ends up discovering who they really are More importantly though, who they really want to be I think almost everyone can relate to this story No, not everything, obviously, but I think most of us have been like Darcy at one point in our lives We all think that we re the good guy in our story, until something happens that knocks us down a peg or two And once you take a good hard look at what happened to land you in that position, you tend to discover that, wellmaybe you weren t such a great person, after all So, maybe that s why I thought Darcy seemed real I can relate to that. Premise is way better than the first book. .Epub ♡ Something Blue ♧ Following The Smash Hit Something Borrowed Comes Story Of Betrayal, Redemption, And Forgiveness Darcy Rhone Has Always Been Able To Rely On A Few Things Her Beauty And Charm Her Fiance, Dex Her Lifelong Best Friend, Rachel She Never Needed Anything Else Or So She Thinks Until Dex Calls Off Their Dream Wedding And She Uncovers The Ultimate Betrayal Blaming Everyone But Herself, Darcy Flees To London And Attempts To Re Create Her Glamorous Life On A New Continent But To Her Dismay, She Discovers That Her Tried And True Tricks No Longer Apply And That Her Luck Has Finally Expired It Is Only Then That She Can Begin Her Journey Toward Redemption, Forgiveness, And True Love This is the follow up to Something Borrowed told from the perspective of the best friend Darcy In the first book, we meet Darcy and learn that she is the beautiful best friend who has everything handed to her on a silver platter After her plain jane best friend, Rachel, steals her perfect fiance in the first book, you feel like Darcy got a good dose of karma She did, after all, cheat on her fiance too and ended up pregnant while still engaged I almost didn t want to read this story, simply because it was from Darcy s perspective However, I really liked this book much better than the first I found myself really rooting for her And you also come to realize that not everything is as it seems for Darcy She may be the beautiful girl who seems to get everything she wants, but she is extremely self conscious despite being so judgemental of others.She does learn the error of her ways and really tries to turn her life around, now that she is pregnant and alone for the first time in her life The ending left me very satisfied and surprisingly, left me crying happy tears for Darcy. I was looking forward to reading this book I had just finished an excellent book and was ready to start another Boy was I in for a shock This book was bad It was actually a chore to keep reading, but I hate to leave a book unfinished My husband was actually hiding the book around the apartment so that I wouldn t have to read any of it This book is chick lit at it s poorest The main character was flat and the plot was ludicrous.If you want to read some GOOD chick lit please do yourself the favor of checking out any of Jennifer Weiner s books Little Earthquakes and Goodnight Nobody are my two favorites.Don t waste your time on this fluff. Emily Giffin did it again She made me love a character I thought I was going to hate I actually didn t like Darcy in Something Borrowed but in this book loved her And, I love how she grew as a decent human being and fell in love with someone I did not expect at all Take my advice, instead of watching a TV show marathon or getting stupid drunk this weekend read these two books Something Borrowed and Something Blue You will want to send me flowers as a thank you for my advice I prefer some colorful flowers, thanks.