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Last year a student asked me to recommend a book to him that was real and like me After some discussion, I recommended Tyrell by Coe Booth I hadn t read the book, but had read several strong reviews on it A few days later he came back and asked for me he would only talk to me because you gave me a good book He said I gotta a friend in the library now He told me that it was the first book that he had ever read cover to cover and that the book had changed his life He is reading like crazy now and recommending books to his buddies He even wrote me a poem on reading which I have framed and on my desk Also, he visits me almost every day just to say hi Coe Booth s new book, Kendra, just came out, so I bought a copy just for this student I told him that because I was letting him read it first, that he had to write a book review for me and tell me whether or not I should read it he did read it and gave the book five out of five stars I decided that I had better sit down and read Tyrell quick before I have to read Kendra The book is definitely real The author nails the voice of the main character, Tyrell The language is rawprofanity than any young adult book I ve read , and there is casual drug and alcohol use, sex, and illegal activity The book, and my experiences with it, make the case for the importance of having a wide range of literature in a library to meet the needs of the entire community that uses that library This book has gotten many students to read because they actually see themselves reflected in the book it is real to them It isn t pretty It is raw and gritty but the lives of many of our students are raw and gritty Rather than deny that these types of situations exist, students need to see how others deal with like situations They can do this through literature The main character, Tyrell, and other characters make good efforts to do the right thing in the book, despite odds that are overwhelmingly against them Understanding why school may not be of primary importance to some of these students is a place for us to start in trying to meet their needs and heighten their chances of being successful in school I want to punch Tyrell s mother in the face. Free ♾ Tyrell ☪ An Astonishing New Voice In Teen Literature, Writing What Is Sure To Be One Of The Most Talked About Debuts Of The YearTyrell Is A Young, African American Teen Who Can T Get A Break He S Living For Now With His Spaced Out Mother And Little Brother In A Homeless Shelter His Father S In Jail His Girlfriend Supports Him, But He Doesn T Feel Good Enough For Her And Seems To Be Always On The Verge Of Doing The Wrong Thing Around Her There S Another Girl At The Homeless Shelter Who Is Also After Him, Although The Desires There Are Complicated Tyrell Feels He Needs To Score Some Money To Make Things Better Will He End Up Following In His Father S Footsteps In sharp contrast to Walter Dean Myers s novels, Booth s novel is laced with the language, actions, and reactions of inner city life of the South Bronx The novel is loaded with street slang and profanity, drugs and alcohol, blowjobs and prostitutes, as well as families wrecked by selfish parents Through it all, Tyrell s trying as Pony Boy did in The Outsiders forty year ago to stay gold The book starts with Tyrell, his little brother, and his ineffectual mother shipped off to a roach infested and Booth isn t shy with the description motel as temporary shelter His Dad s in prison, his friends from the projects are ganged up, and he s dropped out of school The weight of the world is on his shoulders as his mother harangues him to do something to support the family, even if it means selling drugs He s got a girl Novisha he loves, but there are complications, as she wants to remain a virgin he s got another girl he s sleeping with, but she s just a distraction Tyrell thinks he s found a legitimate way to earn money to escape, but the strings attached might just pull him down Booth s language and vision reflect an ugly life where silver linings are just as often filled with lead. I really liked this book because Tyrell is complex, a blend of good and bad qualities, and you can see through his eyes how his environment and circumstances shape the way he is I enjoyed the dialogue and the love triangle between Tyrell, Novisha, and Jasmine can t wait to read Bronxwood I picked this book up because it seemed like time to find out what all my students love about it, and I totally get it The voice of Tyrell is the voice of real kids I see every day The book has tons of action and so much tension, and the plot moves fast Tyrell is so easy to like despite the fact that he often makes choices that made me want to cringe I feel like his mistakes are so believable for a kid in his tough situation and his motivation is completely clear, and that made disliking him completely impossible He s a kid who s trying hard against all odds to stay on the straight ish and sort of narrow, but he has zero role models and no one he can fully trust, and I couldn t put this book down until I found out whether all the risks he couldn t seem to avoid taking were going to keep his head above water for another day or whether they would land him in jail where everyone expected him to be Booth doesn t try to make us feel sorry for Tyrell although I do admit to feeling sorry for his baby brother Troy , but rather shows us his hustle and his heart, even when his mind and his body lead him in all the wrong directions.Language wise, this book is not for the faint of heart and it certainly isn t appropriate for all kids It s chock full of cussing, sex, and drugs I sometimes think other YA books that are supposed to bestreet by famous authors like Myers or Reynolds speak in a voice that s meant to be easy on my white adult ears and maybe make it onto the reading lists of progressive urban teachers, but not so Booth I must admit to being a smidge shocked every now and again just by the matter of fact tone in which sex and drugs are described, but in truth nothing happens in this book sexuality wise that doesn t happen in Twilight or any John Green book well, kind of almost nothing , but Booth just tells us about it in the words of a horny teenage boy instead of putting a filmy glow on it so we adults can feel ok about our kids reading it.I can honestly say I have never read a book like this before, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. omg now i am finally finished reading this book.It was so good.I loved reading this books mostly out of all of the books I read.I would definetly recommend this book. This books is about a boy name Tyrell that goes through hard times with his family in the Bronx Tyrell s father is in jail so it is just him his mother and his little brother Since Tyrell s mother wasn t working when his father wasn t in jail, she was not supporting the family, the father was So when he went to jail she could not support the family because she did not have a job and she could not find a job because she was a crackhead. Megan Williams10 30 2008 Independent Reading ProjectFor my Independent Reading Project I did the book Tyrell , Coe Booth This book takes places in the South Bronx, New York Tyrell is an urban teenager and his family is falling apart Recently his father went to jail, leaving him, his mother, and little brother to manage As time went on Tyrell mother couldn t make it They were force out of their current apartment in to shelters For the last couple of months Tyrell and his family had been going to shelters all over the Bronx Tyrell later drop out of school, and try to be the man of the family, but it didn t work His mother wasn t making it any better she came to point where she wanted Tyrell to sell drugs just to put food on the table With that being the last option Tyrell didn t know what to do He didn t want to end up like his father in jail he wanted to be better than that Tyrell father wasn t the best example but he wanted the best for his children With all this negative act surrounding Tyrell what was he going to do, be out on the streets a make drug money, or be a real man and make clean money.This book is good because it open you eyes to the urban life of some teenager s life Not many people know what they go threw, in many people eyes young teenager s seem as through they don t care about nothing, but with Tyrell it s a different story Tyrell is someone who wants to make a difference he wants to se an example not only for himself but for his little brother This book shows you to make a better judgment When it seems hope is all gone, there s always a light at the end, and it brings you happiness The kind of people I think would read this book would be mostly teenagers In today s society, that s what most teenagers is face with this decision to sell drugs just to have money in their pocket Not only would teenagers be interested but I also think adults would love the way Coe Booth is so real with the characters in the book Each character in the book someone can relate to, that s why it s so real to many readers When I first read this book I couldn t put it down from the moment I pick it up I didn t put it down I was hook since day one I was so intense to Tyrell I wanted to know what decision he was going to make and how would it affect it life and family Tyrell is a powerful book It s a life lesson book you can learn so much from it.I recommend it to everyone young and old Take a walk with this young man who is stuck in a world of confusion See where his life would take him, see if he can overcome this tough situation and be a better man Megan Williams Tyrell is heavy on plot but not much else Coe Booth sets up several potential themes but lets each one fizzle There is no redemption for the characters, no catharsis for the readers A lot of good has been said about this novel that it is highly engaging, especially for reluctant readers, and that it is highly authentic but I m surprised it hasn t receivedcriticism for its presentation of young manhood similar to the criticism the Twilight series gets for its presentation of young womanhood and for its lack of resolution.Booth said in an interview that Tyrell was written, in one sense, to explore how teenage males must decide what it means to be a man, but I find her presentation of this journey pretty troubling Sure, the book is pretty darn realistic her use of Tyrell s spoken and narrative voice is solid , yet it only acts as a mirror to the very basic and incredibly patriarchal concepts of manhood Tyrell Green is only 15 but he is expected by his irresponsible mother and an unforgiving world to act way beyond that He is highly aware of how others view his masculinity and repeatedly resorts to violence even against the girlfriend he loves Yet Booth offers NO ONE or NO THING to counter this view of masculinity No one challenges Tyrell or offers him a way out of the standard patriarchal narrative That is, except Booth herself, who gives him a little victory near the end of the book with the help of his father s DJ equipment So while she gives us some thin hope that Tyrell will be able to make it on his own, she gives us none that he will despite his best wishes turn out much differently than his father.One final word about Tyrell s mother I felt like she was supposed to be villain of the book, yet she comes off so despicable that she doesn t even qualify as a villian just a despicable character Like the film Precious as opposed to the book Push it is based on , Tyrell ends up demonizing the mother, not the system that keeps her down.If I worked a little bit, I could probably analyze the exaggerated use of cockroach descriptions in this book, but I ve already said enough for now about a book I didn t even like.