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Eeeeeppp awesome start to what looks to be a new series by Terri Reed That has me doing back flips of bookish glee because there are a number of secondary characters who need their own stories and the sparks flying between two of them in particular has me hoping they are the ones up next Not posting any spoilers, you ll have to read Buried Mountain Secrets to see who I mean.Ahem back to our current hero and heroine, Maya and Alex, since it is their story after all Initial attraction develops into a slow burn of awareness but is tempered by the harsh realities of their individual lives as well as the ever encroaching danger that continues to threaten Maya and her brother A lovely blend of sweet and wary.And I love the treasure hunting aspect of the suspense So unique and made for a page turning frenzy on my part Couldn t read fast enough to see how all the pieces finally fit together Not to mention how Maya and Alex reach their happily ever after And the mounted patrol including Truman the wonder horse brought an original twist to the plot as well Kind of put me in mind of my Trixie Belden days when ol Trix and company exercised the Wheeler s horses in the surrounding woods and got into all kinds of mischief And the logistical details of how a mounted patrol works was really interesting I m looking forward to books exploring the lore and the mystique of deputies and volunteers on horseback Dear Reader letter from the author at the end of the book. An awesome start to a new series by Terri Reed Taking place in the Colorado Rocky Mountains where an innocent treasure hunt turns deadly A search for young Brady Gallo leads danger right to the home he shares with his sister Maya With the help of mounted patrolman Alex Trevino, they must stop whoever is behind the attacks before any lives are at stake I love the premise of this with mounted patrol officers, something you don t see too often in books Not only that, but the draw and mystery of finding real buried treasure by following clues placed in a newspaper ad each week Reed brought the beauty of the mountains to life for me, painting a picture in my mind She also brought danger to the forefront with attacks blindsiding both Maya and Alex So many suspects I never knew who was behind them The strong family dynamics between Maya and Brady was refreshing to watch She wants nothing than to protect him from a world that doesn t always understand those who are different and he wants to push the bounds a bit to become independent There s a little push pull there but you can definitely see the love they have for one another Alex is a true gentleman and hero trust worthy, protective, loyal and has inner battles of his own he must overcome Those just make him appealing in my mind Both the hero and heroine resist falling in love for reasons you ll find out by reading this The suspense is just the right pace for me the level of mystery makes this a puzzle I wanted to figure out right along with them All in all, a great book for suspense lovers who also like a faith thread seamlessly woven throughout I can t wait for the next installment of this bang up start to a new seriesMy parents taught me to believe that God is in control, and when things work out in a way that seems.random or a coincidence, that really it was God orchestrating things. Maya pg 60 I received a complimentary copy from the author and was under no obligation to leave a favorable review All opinions are my own. I enjoyed this book Maya is an extremely devoted older sister Her brother is special needs but is trying to figure life out for himself I think her brother Brady was my favorite character The author did a wonderful job with him and showing how wonderful and scary things can be for these special people It reminds me of a favorite cousin of mine Alex is a deputy in town that may or may not be being groomed by the sheriff to take over when the sheriff retires He is given the lead on the case when Brady is missing and becomes very protective of the two siblings There was action, some romance, and plenty of suspects A few characters I wasn t sure of, one I didn t like at all and some that I loved I liked the secondary story with Alex s father and that the author set up some of the characters for another book I can t wait to read it It was a 5 5 for me Loved the story and there was plenty of suspense Thank you to the publisher for the review copy of this book via netgalley I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine. I ve missed reading Terri s books It was worth the wait With this story she starts with a little history then she gets the ball rolling I loved meeting Maya Gallo she is a very rich character She takes on a responsibility that many wouldn t at the age of 18 Go ahead 10 years later This story has mystery, suspense and some neat twists in it We also meet Alex Trevino and a whole police force I hope to see in books Its a blending of small towns I enjoy in Terri s stories and alot of action that will keep the pages turning We even have a eccentric person who just adds to the story I loved reading this story and look forward to the next one I wonder if it will be Kaitlyn and Ian We shall see Thanks Terri. ( Download Book ) ♫ Buried Mountain Secrets ♼ Nowhere To Run Nowhere To HideCan They Get Off The Mountain Alive Desperate To Find Her Missing Teenage Brother, Maya Gallo Ventures Into The Colorado Rockies Expecting Rough Terrain Not Deadly Treasure Hunters But When She S Caught In Their Crosshairs, Ruggedly Handsome Mounted Patrolman Alex Trevino Comes To Her Aid The Deputy Sheriff Knows What These Bandits Are Capable Of, So Getting Maya And Her Brother Home Safely May Be His Hardest Mission Yet Talk about suspense, treasure hunting, and romance, it s all here in this book Every time Alex, the handsome deputy sheriff, thinks he has Maya and Brady, Maya s special needs brother, safe, something else happens Maya s very protective of her brother, but he is very smart The man who started the treasure hunt refuses to call an end to it regardless of the dangers involved Brady is insistent that he finds the treasure.Buy this and see if Alex is able to keep Maya and Brady safe, and if Brady finds the treasure before the other treasure hunters do, and what the treasure is.This book was great.I received a copy for an honest review, and I have actually read it twice. awesome read A young woman runs the town hardware store along with her mildly disabled brother, but she drops everything when the lad doesn t return from following a treasure trail in the Rockies A mounted patrolman on his chestnut Tennessee Walking Horse heads up the trail to find them This is only the first section of the book and the young pair then have to be kept safe around town as desperate men are about This is an inspirational romance, with interesting points to consider such as how to help people with special intellectual needs live a full life while also helping their guardians to live normally I enjoyed the story I downloaded an e ARC from Net Galley and Fresh Fiction This is an unbiased review. I loved these characters Maya is a very loving sister to her teenage brother, Brady who has Downs Syndrome Brady was a wonderful young man and I really liked him He was sweet, kind and very determined to do the right thing There is a big treasure hunt in the mountains set up by an eccentric old man and things are going crazy up there in the mountains There are bad people who are willing to do anything to get that treasure Sweet Brady loves treasure hunts and he gets involved in all the hoopla He gets hurt in the mountains and Maya gets hurt trying to find him Alex is a deputy for the mounted patrol in the area I really enjoyed learning about the mounted patrol When a man is found dead in the mountains, Alex is assigned to the case The care that Alex takes with Maya and Brady is very special Alex has had a tough past but he s trying to get past it by having his dad live with him I enjoyed the whole story and the characters and I certainly hope there are books that will continue with the secondary characters in the sheriff s departments because I liked them too I was lucky enough to get an advanced reader copy of this story I am thrilled that Terri Reed is starting a new series This is a great small town with lots of fascinating characters I can see the series having many books Maya and Alex are a great couple and I loved the storyline about the hunt for buried treasure.