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Hanif s new book is a solid fusion of cultural criticism as he works his way through Tribe s discography, influence, and dissolution and personal reflection as he charts his own relationship to Tribe s music and what it s meant to him over the years, complete with moving letters where he addresses Q Tip and Phife directly It s perhaps a little stronger in the latter than the former, and Hanif s digressive tendencies occasionally lose me, but I can t wait for his fourth book. If only every writer approached their subjects with the generosity, humility, respect, and honesty that Hanif does. #READ E-PUB Ú Go Ahead in the Rain: Notes to A Tribe Called Quest õ A New York Times Best SellerA February IndieNext PickNamed A Most Anticipated Book OfBy Buzzfeed, Nylon, The A V Club, CBC Books, And The Rumpus And A Winter S Most Anticipated Book By Vanity Fair And The WeekStarred Reviews Kirkus And Booklist Warm, Immediate And Intensely Personal New York TimesHow Does One Pay Homage To A Tribe Called Quest The Seminal Rap Group Brought Jazz Into The Genre, Resurrecting Timeless Rhythms To Create Masterpieces Such As The Low End Theory And Midnight Marauders Seventeen Years After Their Last Album, They Resurrected Themselves With An Intense, Socially Conscious Record, We Got It From Here Thank YouYour Service, Which Arrived When Fans Needed It Most, In The Aftermath Of TheElection Poet And Essayist Hanif Abdurraqib Digs Into The Group S History And Draws From His Own Experience To Reflect On How Its Distinctive Sound Resonated Among Fans Like Himself The Result Is As Ambitious And Genre Bending As The Rap Group ItselfAbdurraqib Traces The Tribe S Creative Career, From Their Early Days As Part Of The Afrocentric Rap Collective Known As The Native Tongues, Through Their First Three Classic Albums, To Their Eventual Breakup And Long Hiatus Their Work Is Placed In The Context Of The Broader Rap Landscape Of The S, One Upended By Sampling Laws That Forced A Reinvention In Production Methods, The East Coast West Coast Rivalry That Threatened To Destroy The Genre, And Some Record Labels Shift From Focusing On Groups To Individual MCs Throughout The Narrative Abdurraqib Connects The Music And Cultural History To Their Street Level Impact Whether He S Remembering The Source Magazine Cover Announcing The Tribe SBreakup Or Writing Personal Letters To The Group After Bandmate Phife Dawg S Death, Abdurraqib Seeks The Deeper Truths Of A Tribe Called Quest Truths That Like The Low End, The Bass Are Not Simply Heard In The Head, But Felt In The Chest 3 books by Hanif and all 3 have made me cry This book was everything I wanted from a music history and has really got me thinking about writing about music I ve been feeling dreamy all week thinking about this book, made a playlist for it on Google Play Abdurraqib said he made a playlist on Spotify of songs sampled by Tribe, so you should definitely check that out , and wish now that Abdurraqib could write all history for me This was great, too, because I think I may be a hair older than the author, but we re essentially the same age, so it was cool to get his take on things as someone who came of age in the same era Anywho, if you love music, love reading about music, love Tribe, are only a little familiar with Tribe, have no idea who Tribe is, love history and social commentary, love memoir, love beautiful writingthis book is for you. I m not crying I swear I m Not Crying I..I. just have something in my eye. Yo, Hanif Abdurraqib is a BRILLIANT writer He really knows how to put you into his life He fits you right in there with his schoolyard friends He fits you right in there with him playing the trumpet in his bedroom as a young boy He fits you right in there with the tape decks and the cd players You really get into his head and his exploration of music, but he always leaves a little mystery You get into his life and you can see it with the way that he writes, he paints pictures so clearly and in such a poetic manner Really it just shocks me how seamlessly Hanif weaves in his personal stories into the life and legend of ATCQ or any music that he s talking about I recently ish read his previous effort, They Can t Kill Us Until They Kill Us, which was a 5 star effort and realized that the man is a genius level music writer In Go Ahead in the Rain, Hanif s illuminations of learning about what it meant to be cool from the perspective of the uncool and how cool people don t know they re cool but still change the game, shook me I really liked how he illuminated the ups and downs, highs and lows of brotherhood and what it means to be a friend and stick together and how not all the people who are talented and who create waves get accredited through popular channels, but they re accredited in the communities they helped create and develop I also liked how he broke down that Tip, Phife, Ali and Jarobi are just huge nerds who like to experiment with music and create fun shit filled with inside jokes, but how much hard work goes into that and who really rides when it s time to go for gold It all really got to me As much as Hanif s ability to draw you in is a gift, it s also a curse Being that this is a love letter to A Tribe Called Quest, it was bound to border on the inappropriate at points All love letters are slightly inappropriate I hate even using the wordinappropriatebut yo, real talk this book felt mad inappropriate at times let me get into it There are moments where he s talking to Phife s mother via his letter format asking questions that as a fan friend, it s hard to digest due to the question s personal nature Personal on both sides, personal from Hanif s point of view and personal from an inquiring minds point of view You know she s going to read it and it felt real personal and yeah she okie doke d it, and I don t want to reduce it to the fanboy nature of things, but it really felt too personal for someone s mom s real life It felt really fucked up to me due to the fact that yeah we may feel like we know a lot about our favourite artists, but do we Can we Should weReaching out to their parents, etc etc to share what that person meant to you, it can be difficult and invasive on so many levels and maybe I m just taking it to a level I mean, maybe I m taking it in some type of way But it didn t sit right with me Yes, it is a personal story, a love letter, and yes he s pouring his heart out but I mean, I don t know. It seems like a fine line is walked here and only the brave walk it On a relational level I really struggled with the passing of one of my best friends, and that person was my best friend, not just someone I heard about, they directly greatly influenced my life At their untimely passing, I had so many questions, so many things I wanted to say to his family Did I There are some boundaries that you try to maintain out of respect and not interjecting your own shit into someone else s pain It will feel uncomfortable to do so But that s just me there are people willing to go above and beyond that call because it means something to them to do so something different on a different type of level and you can see that s what this book is, but it doesn t make it any less uncomfortable at those points Hanif s ability to be candid and intimate with his inquisitions was something I loved and hated maybe because I was too afraid to do it at points in my own life, trying to reserve something, preserve the feelings of others, I don t know. that s what troubled me about the book but also what I found brave and beautiful and intriguing and apart of what makes Hanif such a great writer It made me cry when he wrote to Phife s mother It made me cry when he wrote about how the snub for Thank You 4 Your Service hit Tip on an emotional level because his heart wasn t all that into performing at the Grammys or on stage without his friend, his brother, the five foot assassin, right there beside him but he did, and they got snubbed and it hurt It brought about so many different kinds of pain the pain of growing apart from family, growing in different directions from friends, which all of us have before. it illustrated how growing apart from someone can affect those left behind when that person has departed from this life Overall, Hanif Abdurraqib carved out a space for his story, directly relatable to Tribe s music and also completely fitting of the juxtaposition of the group and their impact on an era of music For some people, telling a story about a band group that crisscrosses your own personal life history would be a fatal writing flaw because it would be easily susceptible to many lazy writing traps giving too much over to your own self interests, straying too far from the base, but for Hanif that is absolutely never the case It s what makes his writing magnetic, in my opinion He s the kind of music writer, music writers should aspire to be I love how he delved into the history and importance of having a crew I love that he gave us some backstory on the formation and influence of the Native Tongues as a unit and on each rapper that joined during that period of time I love that he doesn t disparage anyone, including those who could definitely be disparaged I love how much he clearly highlighted the talent of the influential femcees present in those days and times Go Ahead in the Rain, the shit was powerful, it was mesmerizing, it took you on a journey through the origins of hip hop s fab 4 It really brought you into Hanif s evolution and understanding of the role that A Tribe Called Quest played in his life and the lives of so many I really felt the magic of the words here There were beautiful segments where he talks to each artist directly and it s hard hitting to read but he doesn t pull any punches he really gets into his emotional bag with this one It s a fantastic read. not trying to be all hanif is the premier music critic of our time or anything but hanif is the premier music critic of our time The tiny yet mighty to gives the book a great deal of its magic The to is the difference between reading a wonderfully written biography of A Tribe Called Quest and reading this book This book is an intimate conversation overheard, a love letter found, a confession, a confrontation, a monument, and an ode in addition to being a wonderfully written biography of A Tribe Called Quest Hanif talks to ATCQ across time and through impassable thresholds in a manner as earnest as it is trenchant.Hanif s deft layering of contexts situates the reader in the room where the crew reunites to reminisce, recapping and revealing new glimpses into what happened all those years ago After learning about earlier approaches to sampling from this book, I can situate Hanif s world building in that lineage Hanif gives us a trajectory and analysis of A Tribe Called Quest and its impact while contextualizing the music trends, social climate, political events, and his own experience The book has a noticeable rhythm to it, which felt both right and necessary. Abdurraqib is a very gifted writer With amazing elegance and verve, he weaves the story of the early rap group A Tribe Called Quest with observations on race and culture The group was an important part of his childhood There are aspects of memoir as well when he relates how the group s music impacted him at pivotal points in his youth I am not a music lover and certainly don t listen to much rap, but the language and passion of the author kept me rapt 4.5 When this book arrived Monday I sent a pic of my daughter holding it to my sister that introduced me to Hanif s writing I said sometimes fans can t wait until drop dates Tuesday I was home sick and played Tribe s whole discography for comfort It s Wednesday now and I just finished it Shift your plans Friday and go get this.Abdurraqib released my favorite book of 2018 He may have just done it in 2019.