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Honestly I just picked this book up as I saw it and I love Lindsey Kelk but it was funny and cute and a wondeful fairytale retelling for young kids I d have loved it as a kid and I loved it as an adult. Magic at Midnight by Lindsay Kelk is the first of three titles in the Cinders and Sparks series planned for this year with gorgeous illustrations by brought to life by acclaimed picture book illustrator, Pippa Curnick It is a funny reimagining of the Cinderella story, combining adventure, magic, talking dogs who love sausages , and a feisty heroine Readers will also enjoy the cameo appearance of neighbours Jack and Jill and Little Bo Beep and her sheep As well as a lot of laughs and challenging of stereotypes it gives the message to children that as long as they can follow their dreams and hopes, and help others who are different from them to achieve their dreams and hopes, then the world is theirs It s a book about humour, magic, acceptance, difference and kindness.Suitable for 7 This is a fun fairytale retelling that makes Cinders less a victim abused by her step mother and step sisters, and an independent minded young lady whose step family really don t understand her There s also a talking dog, lots of wish magic and tonnes of other fairytale and children s rhyme folk thrown in Jack and Jill, Jack and the Beanstalk, Bo Peep, Hansel and Gretel, to name just a few.The story is okay, quickly disposing of the famous ball and slipper scenario, but it was kind of thin and definitely felt like one story cute into pieces rather than the first well rounded installment of an adventure It s fun enough and enjoyable, but it s not massively memorable compared to all the other alternative Cinderella s out there, and the abrupt ending is kind of annoying.Pippa Curnick s illustrations are great, though, and added a lovely extra layer of magical fun to the book In all, an easy and fun read, that looks good and isn t too complicated If you have a young reader in your life who loves all things fairytale, then they ll probably like this too Review copy provided by the publishers via Vine. In her first book for a young readership, Lindsey Kelk reinvents the story of Cinderella and tells it from the perspective of Cinders as discoveries about her family and the infamous prince s ball change her life forever Cinderella is one of my favourite fairy tales so I have to admit I was hoping for a few homages to past versions than what was there, but I did enjoy the ones that were and there were some really great mentions of other fairy tales that I liked a lot This was a really sweet, short read and I had a lot of fun while reading it I thought the story was well paced and engaging, and I quite liked the addition of Brian the mystery surrounding the fairies, which seems like it will continue into books two and three and has me fairly interested in picking them up at some point after they re out Finally, I also enjoyed Pippa Curnick s illustrations throughout, particularly those of Cinders dog Sparks 4 5 This is a children s book for readers aged between 7 9 but I must say, I really enjoyed it and found myself laughing out loud at certain parts I think this would be a great book to read with kids as there are some elements that not just for the kids, like getting in touch via DMs unexpectedly hilarious It s a fresh and up to date take on Cinderella and Cinder s has a talking dog it doesn t get much better than that Sparks, the dog in this book, is a very sassy character and I loved him One of my favourite things about this book was the other classic characters making appearances, Jack and Jill were her neighbours and Little Bo Peep and her sheep were even at the ball I loved how unique this was compared to other Cinderella retellings and I loved how she could use magic. A cute, humorous retelling of Cinderella which continues the story after the traditional they lived happily ever after Cinders ends up in the palace with her talking dog Sparks, an unreliable, scatty fairy godmother named Brian and mysterious magical powers which seem to respond to her every wish Life in the palace means no chores, but also no of many of the things she used to do for fun I want to find out about the fairies so I will be reading Book 2 I liked that Prince Joderick and his family were not white as it is nice to see the diversity of our society reflected naturally, without it even being commented upon.This would be perfect for readers aged 7 , particularly if they have previously enjoyed Witch Wars, Amelia Fang or Witch for a Week I just got an email to say I d been approved on Netgalley and I had to read it straight away.Cinders and Sparks is the book I wish existed when I was a little girl It s hilarious and adorable Full of action, adventure, intrigue, talking doggo, fairies and cake I mean, what could you ask for in a book Seriously though, this is a really great twist on a well loved fairy tale It s modern and fun and brilliant Bravo, Lindsey The Cinderella trope is a bit of a bug bear truth be told with me I dislike the surrendered nature of the original fairy tale with the doing as you re told Stepford domesticity message to being saved first by a Fairy Godmother then the Prince and then the factor of consent and choice in marriage to Prince and so much including beauty standards and it all gives this message that if you let people walk all over you a Prince will come and save you.Oh how wonderful it is that Lindsey and Pippa have turned ALL that on it s head quite literally and aimed it at the vulnerable group of Early Chapter books.Cinders doesn t do as as she is told, doesn t quite fit in, isnt conventional princess type with her sticky outrageous hair and constantly dirty clothes She doesn t enjoy parties and Balls even if she is curious about them and doesn t want to be a picture perfect princess she wants to choose and control her own destiny She offers much to the young reader whether it be self acceptance that you can be amazing, inspirational and magical even if you don t look like something out of Toddlers and Tiaras but also that it tells girls they don t have to settle for Fairytale tropes if it doesn t suit them AND that they CAN save themselves and are worthy of saving too just like Cinders Such a wonderful and fun filled book I cannot wait for the next instalment. In this reimagined version of Cinderella we meet Cinders and her loyal dog Sparks as they live with her palace designer dad, step mum and step sisters whom still the latter detest her and give her all the household chores.However as Cinders makes it to the ball thanks to her fairy godmother Brian showing Cinders she can perform magic, its there she meets Joderick, a young prince looking to marryThough, Cinders doesn t know the royals believe fairies to be dangerous and unkind to them and set about trying to keep them away and end them As Cinders battles with her mind over what to do to save the fairies and keep the royals happy, she can t hide the fact she can perform magic and soon trouble happens in the castle as she gets sent away she finds herself searching for help, her fairy godmother and a cast of other fairy tale characters may be able to help her, if she finds themCinders in this book has been touched with a modern edge that works, it s fun and fascinating to get lost in such an enchanting tale and is left open for a book two set to have adventure within for us Many thanks to the publishers for allowing me to review this book for them `Download Book ☘ Cinders & Sparks (Cinders & Sparks, Book 1) ☔ A Funked Up, Funny And Fabulous Twist On The Cinderella Story For Every Reader Of Who Loves Frozen And Shrek, By Bestselling Queen Of Comedy Lindsey Kelk She Will Go To The Ball But Nothing Will Go To Plan Cinders Lives A Boring Life With Her Selfish Stepsisters And Grumpy Stepmother So When Her Wishes Start Magically Coming True, And Her Dog Sparks Starts To Talk, It S A Surprise To Say The LeastThen Cinders Meets Her Fairy Godmother She S Magic, She Can Fly, And She S Called Brian Apparently It S A Perfectly Sensible Name For A Fairy But Brian Is NOT Very Reliable And Cinders Is NOT Very Good At Magic Soon, Cinders Finds Herself Living A Life That Is Not Boring At All It S Total Chaos