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When it comes to Harlequin then can usually catch my attention with them doing so with this one This author has been on my tbr but finally turned a page on one of hers This also has a ingredient that caught my attention also is that they are exes which means a second chance yes indeed It carries with it some drama but also mystery is in the mix I do not often read on cowboys but it seems from this publisher and the authors Between the drama and the suspense you do have alot going on but the characters Wyatt and Bailey are able to carry us through it all even restoring the chemistry. I can t keep up with the large Colton family and don t remember if I have read about the Roaring Springs Coltons, or if this was the first in the series It is a second chance story, which is one of my favorites Bailey Norton left her husband, Wyatt Colton, 6 years ago, without an explanation and sent him signed divorce papers Is that legal Don t they both have to sign them Now she is back, with a request She wants him to father her baby When they had been married, she had wanted to have children and go to veterinary school, but Wyatt had told her to wait until their ranch the Crooked C was stable She felt like she was loosing herself but never shared that with her husband Now she is a veterinarian and wants a baby, and Wyatt is the best man that she knows She broke his heart when she left and he has since closed off his heart and trust Will he open his heart again to the only woman that he has ever loved She still loves him will she have the courage to tell him so Meanwhile, who is sabotaging the ranch The author creates appealing characters and provocative scenarios, in an action packed adventure However, it does end with a cliff hanger.I received a free advanced copy of this book from NetGalley.com This is my unbiased and voluntary review. Second chances and cowboys are among my favorite romance tropes, which is what made me pick this one up, but it completely missed the mark for me Actually, I spent time confused and or shaking my head in aggravation than I would ve thought possible for a book of this length As near as I can tell after looking this one up, this is not the first Colton story, but it is the first in this particular series Maybe I missed something from the other books about this large family, but there were a number of things here that just rubbed me the wrong way Now, I m going to try to be vague here, so I don t give spoilers, while still attempting to explain my issues with this story As far as the romance goes, most of the problems, both past and present, between Wyatt and Bailey could ve been non issues if either of them had bothered to communicate Six years have gone by and Wyatt still has no clue why Bailey left him in the first place because she didn t tell him She just left Then, she just shows up at his door and asks him to make a baby with her Really I can t be the only person that wanted Wyatt to show her out and slam the door Don t get me wrong, Bailey is a strong woman with a solid determination and drive Yet, she wasn t strong enough to tell this man she supposedly loves how she was feeling It s the same with Wyatt He has no problem speaking his mind with everyone except the one person he should be able to talk to Then we have the public reaction to things that happen, some closely related to Wyatt and some not, but either way, I just don t buy it He doesn t seem like a bad guy, yet everyone is ready to believe the worst on little to no evidence and based only on their feelings toward Wyatt s father The story does end on a cliffhanger with a lot of important questions unanswered Maybe some of my questions about the why s and how s will be addressed later in the series, but based on what I found here, I won t be reading further to find out For me, the story was a bit too simplistic, things happened way too fast in the romance even with it being a second chance, and there wasn t enough development of important aspects of the story. Colton Cowboy StandoffMarie FerrarellaSix years ago, Bailey Colton left her husband Wyatt without telling him why Now she has returned because she wants to have a baby and wants him to be the donor After Bailey left, Wyatt found the bottle Now he is sober and working on the ranch To say Wyatt was shocked when Bailey shows up is an understatement When she tells him that she wants him to father her child, he is even shocked Bailey had left because the ranch became Wyatt s primary focus He had to prove himself to his father Bailey always wanted to be a vet but put her life on hold to help Wyatt Both are now different people Bailey is self assured and her skills as a vet are invaluable on the ranch Wyatt is still leery of her but soon comes to admire and fall in love with the new Bailey as they try to figure out who is sabotaging the ranch.I gave this story a 3 I had a hard time with the characters When Bailey shows up after not hearing from her for six years, Wyatt doesn t ask her why she left I had other issues with his character as well Someone is harming his cattle and he automatically said it is the neighbor who wants to buy him out He goes over to confront this neighbor with no real proof instead of going to the Sheriff Bailey is the better character of the two She now has a sense of self that confuses Wyatt, she is no longer in his shadow but still helps and supports him It does have a HEA because Bailey and Wyatt end up together but I don t know if I would read the next Colton book in this series. 3 1 2 STARS With the first book in The Colton s of Roaring Springs series, Marie Ferrarella brings us Wyatt Colton s story He lost the love of his life, but now she s back asking for his help They find themselves knee deep in trouble when things start happening around the ranch that no one expected Overall, the story was an entertaining read There were several plot holes that could have made for a developed story had they been filled in, but the underlying story was laid to carry forward into the series I enjoyed it.Rancher Wyatt Colton can t believe his eyes when he opens his door to find his ex wife standing on his doorstep She up and left him six years ago with no explanation, but here she comes calling when she needs a favor if you can even call it that it s a life changing request Bailey Norton left the Crooked C to chase the dreams she left unfulfilled when she married Wyatt, it wasn t because she didn t love him any Now time is running out on her and she is here to ask the best man she ever knew if he will help her with the final thing she s missing in her life having the baby she always dreamed of A cowboy romance, sabotage, former lovers, and a request for fatherhood The Coltons of Roaring Springs delivers a romantic suspense to keep you hooked I found a need to disband disbelief with certain pieces of character behaviour but likely they just didn t make the story flow so they were scrapped Such as Wyatt not going to the authorities with the sabotage and harming of his cattle but rather goes after the neighbouring ranch owner Or that his ex wife disappeared years earlier, he became an alcoholic before pulling himself together and suddenly she reappears but rather than protect himself from repeating the cycle or even ask her where she went and why he not only gets involved, he has her working as a vet at points on his ranch I kinda get her She felt like she was fading and lost in a marriage to a man that was so intent on gaining his father s approval that he forgot to cherish what he already had So she went after her own dreams of veterinary school I m thinking the author attempted a cliffhanger with how she concluded the book but it didn t seem to feed into the next story like most would Overall it s a good story with the bones of an excellent one Perhaps the next story will flesh out the bones. Bailey wants a child and she has a condition that makes that window of opportunity sooner then she plan and goes to the one person she trusts to do this for her her ex husband, Wyatt Colton If that wasn t enough his animals are being hurt and a dead escort is found on his property Clearly someone is framing him and needs to find out who before he is ruined.This book was interesting enough to keep the readers wanting I loved that there was pretty much never a dull moment I really loved the characters I loved seeing strong women while Bailey being written where she was feelings like things were she felt like she was lost in the relationship and left it only to improve herself Things weren t bad for the two but they weren t all that great either I loved that Bailey left and did something for herself by getting that Vet degree and it was such a nice thing to see in a character I loved the mystery aspect of the book There was plenty to go around with problems and mishaps and things being revealed as the book progressed and I really enjoyed reading it. Just enough suspense and romance.I have loved Marie Ferrarella stories for a long time She has a way of blending romance and suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat There is always just enough left to link the next part of the story I want to know who the bad guy is.I like that Bailey is strong enough to come back to get what she has always wanted Wyatt is just the right mix of strong, smart hero to fight for what he wants too I like the Colton family There are plenty of members to keep these stories going for quite a while I look forward to the next book in this seriesReview by Laura An intriguing set up in the story, with the ex wife approaching the ex husband with a proposal that blew me away Wyatt Colton had his heart shattered by Bailey Norton when she walked away from him and their home, their marriage without an explanation Now, out of the blue, she s back, with an outrageous request I admit, at first, I could not understand how Wyatt let Bailey even inside into his home, not to mention let her present the request she did I wasn t sure if I admired him for it or not But I got over that quickly, and I was looking forward to a deep, edgy, emotional reconciliation, completely forgetting that this was romantic suspense by the halfway to the book, when the mystery of a dead woman was brought into the picture and all the marital and relationship problems were forgotten I wish the story would have stuck into the romance, and not tried to dip into the suspense that felt flat and unnecessary Because with Wyatt and Bailey, there was a chance to built the emotions and angst, making it into a great, passionate love story Now the reconciliation between the exes felt rushed, almost as an afterthought, to get to the end And the different aspects of the suspense and mystery it felt discrete, like two stories put together to make one ensemble A love story with great potential to be made into an epic romance tale interrupted by murder, mayhem, family drama, and vindictive townspeople Three Spoons ^DOWNLOAD ✗ Colton Cowboy Standoff ⇰ Two Exes Reunite As Danger Rocks The Family RanchA Coltons Of Roaring Springs RomanceYears After Ending Her Relationship With Her Husband, Wyatt Colton, Bailey Norton Shows Up On His Doorstep With An Unexpected Request To Father Her Child Unresolved Passion Sets Off Sparks Between Them, But Bailey Must Resist Wyatt S Undiminished Allure And Show Her True Grit When The Colton Ranch Is Mysteriously Sabotaged Can This Colton Cowboy Lasso The Culprit And A Forever Family