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Middle readers will enjoy this action packed robot escape story Cog, short for Cognitive Development, has already learned that making mistakes is a good way to learn So he goes for it With the help of a robot sister, dog, car and trash collector, Cog manages to save both the day and Gina the brilliant engineer being held prisoner by the evil Nathan at uniMIND corporation As the robots learn about free will freedom of choice, kids will find some interesting concepts to think about. (((Read Epub))) ☞ Cog ↷ Five Robots One Unforgettable Journey Their Programming Will Never Be The SameWall E Meets The Wild Robot In This Middle Grade Instant Classic About Five Robots On A Mission To Rescue Their Inventor From The Corporation That Controls Them AllCog Looks Like A Normal Twelve Year Old Boy But His Name Is Short For Cognitive Development, And He Was Built To LearnBut After An Accident Leaves Him Damaged, Cog Wakes Up In An Unknown Lab And Gina, The Scientist Who Created And Cared For Him, Is Nowhere To Be Found Surrounded By Scientists Who Want To Study Him And Remove His Brain, Cog Recruits Four Robot Accomplices For A Mission To Find HerCog, ADA, Proto, Trashbot, And Car S Journey Will Likely Involve Much Cognitive Development In The Form Of Mistakes, But Cog Is Willing To Risk Everything To Find His Way Back To GinaIn This Charming Stand Alone Adventure, Greg Van Eekhout Breathes Life And Wisdom Into An Unforgettable Character And Crafts A Story Sure To Earn Its Place Among Beloved Classics Like Katherine Applegate S The One And Only Ivan I loved living in the brain of Cog, a robot I would said android, but deference to the author , who is designed to learn As Cog goes on an adventure any young reader would love, he learns about the values of family, friendship, free will, not over eating, cheese, and so much I laughed a lot And it inspired a lot of deep thought about the use of robots in our world. Cute, cute, cute Kids will think the way Cog interprets the world around him is HILARIOUS, but there s also a ton of heart in here too Sweet, funny, robot dog, robot car, robot janitor, robot siblings, very clever. DD