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{Read Pdf} õ Pillar of Fire (The Promised Land, Vol 1) ⚛ Set In BC The Novel Centers On A Brusque, Unsavory Character From Nephi, Laban, Who Has Come Into Possession Of Hebrew Ancient Texts Brass Plates And A Mystical Sword Symbolizing Jewish Lineage After The War With Babylon, Laban Has Risen To Captain Of The Guard And Has Ambitions To Become King Of Israel Opposing Him Are Lehi And Uriah, Leaders Of A Sect Who Prophesy The Coming Of A Messiah Woolley Interweaves Biblical, Mormon, And Fictional Characters In This Sprawling Though Effective Tale, Of Great Appeal To Mormon Readers But Likely To Seem Obscure To Non Mormons I have read listened to this book before I really liked it, of course I liked listening to it better thanr eading it but the narrator can by annoying.It really helped to bring the Book of Mormon to life for me, even though it is a fictionalized novel. 601 B.C The Babylonians have come and gone, leaving Jerusalem plundered, weak, and broken The power hungry Elders in the city council have banished and murdered the prophets Anyone foolish enough to voice their support for the prophets is labeled a Rekhabite, a dissenter, a traitor worthy of death In the midst of this turmoil, Jonathan the blacksmith has moved his family from Sidon to Jerusalem, bringing with him knowledge of the new alloy, steel Torn between heeding his wife s warnings and a fear of not providing for his family, Jonathan becomes a pawn in the hands of the Elders and Laban, the captain of the guard Aaron, Jonathan s crippled son, receives a blessing and a promise of healing, and is told that he will save the life of a prophet When he is hired by the oil merchant Lehi, Aaron s life changes forever So begins the first volume of The Promised Land series a sweeping epic, telling of the incredible beginnings of the Book of Mormon Goodreads.comI LOVED this book Brother Woolley s impeccable research and ability to tell a fascinating story have combined to create an excellent historical novel He weaves the non fictional and fictional characters together in a way that is very believable The world of the Book of Mormon and its people came even alive for me as I read, and I found myself hoping that the fictional characters were real I think that the situations described in the book also parallel with many dangers in our day of course, because the Book of Mormon was written for our day Wonderful book This book is a historical fiction prequel to The Book of Mormon My mother and sister recommended this series to me and i m really enjoying it It is a good book to read no matter what religion you are It has a great story line that will get you reading every spare minute The twists and turns in the story are great The characters in the story will soon seem to be alive and it will be like you re in Jerusalem in 600 B.C.This is a fantastic book and I highly recommended it to everyone wanting to read a good book Thenext book is even better than the first so don t stop once you ve read all four. This book is helpful to make what life was like before Lehi left to the Promised Land I didn t realize how corupted the Elders in the City Council of Jerusalem were It really opens your understanding of Jerusalem back in 601 B.C I loved the Documentation of each Chapter Lots to learn and very detailed I liked and have read all three David G Woolley the Author had gotten sick after Volume Three and he just now announced that Volume Four Day of Remembrance Volume IV will be out September 2008 and Volume Five Compass of God will be out September 2009, I loved being put back in time of the Book of Mormon Lots to Read.Donna