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Hmmm An artful, semi poetic script conveys a boy s feelings for what he calls his forest, which is both the wonderful woodland outside his home, and the recreation of it through artwork, collage, and random finds he has made in his bedroom The whole family doesn t seem to mind the mess he s made, but I m not so sure they would love this book The fixation of the lad doesn t seem to include reading, so we re using a book to discourage the use of books, and I didn t really find his compulsion realistic Still, if you can instil a perfect balance of indoors and a love of the outside world, then you will have done well I guess in the meantime there is a nicely evoked child being creative for us to enjoy. This book is perfect for both a classroom library and a home library A young boy living in an urban setting explores the woods outside his window The text uses a wide variety of adjectives to describe texture and sounds and visual aspects of the forest, providing great vocabulary for young readers The young boy is extremely observant, and provides a great fictional role model for how to view the wild spaces around us Not only does he NOTICE things in his forest, but he notices that they change Additionally, he then uses various artistic methods bark rubbings, cut paste, paint, collage, etc to record what he is observing So not only does the story provide strong vocabulary, excellent information about woodlands and forests, it also demonstrates creativity and imagination All within a lovely flowing prose Excellent While I not completely understand if this book is suppose to mean something or not, I still really enjoy it It has beautiful artwork and can be helpful to learn new vocabulary with you child activities, shapes, colors andSimple, but well done I would love to own this beautifully illustrated and creatively written picture book of a boy in the city He observes and explores all that surrounds him and brings the forest into his home with his artwork His forest is many things, it is short, crunchy, wet, dense and sometimes even snowy Lebeuf perfectly illustrates that all we have to do is go outside to see the forest I absolutely LOVE this one Thank you to Kids Can Press and NetGalley for sharing this ARC with me My opinions are my own.This book will be featured on my Cole Campfire Blog on Friday November 30, 2018.www.colecampfireblog.comLanaLCole yahoo.com WOW I loved this children s book The pictures are amazing and the message is so wonderful This little boy saw in his forest all the colors and variations of colors, all the textures, all the shapes, all the different sounds We should all be like him and see nature all around us through a child s eyes I highly recommend this enchanting book The main character of this story is an artist, as well as one who makes many observations of the forest he explores outside his window Colors of plants, textures of trees, the size of everything in it, big and small, translating it to art projects back home This book does a great job showing how to observe and describe the things they come across with all five senses, as this boy does when he engages with nature Gorgeous mixed media illustrations add beautifully to the text A boy looks out from his apartment into an urban forest nearby He considers it his forest, but his forest is also all of the art in his room that depicts what he sees outside As he walks in his forest outside, he sees tall trees, short insects, fluffy seeds, prickly thistles, rough bark, and muchThere are heavy and light things, wide and narrow tree trunks As he explores the forest in person, he also makes art pieces back at home that represent what he has seen He incorporates found items like rocks and sticks He paints and creates paper collages He sketches in his book while seated in his forest Every day his forest is different and he finds new sources of inspiration there.This Lebeuf s debut picture book His writing is simple and celebratory He encourages children to get out into their own forests and explore While this forest may be large, all of the things that the boy encounters can be found in smaller urban forests too It s all about taking the time to slow down and notice the details The added encouragement to make art from what you see is highly appreciated The boy uses all sorts of media to explore the forest back at home This book could be used as inspiration for an art class very nicely or in a story time unit to encourage making art from bits of nature.The art by Barron is very effective She uses clean lines and layered paper collage to create a forest that is varied and worth exploring Her illustrations fill the page with deep colors of nature and offer an inviting look at the world around us Her inclusion of an Asian American family in the book is also appreciated.A call to head outside and make art, this picture book is a gem Appropriate for ages 3 5. This charming book documents a young boy who is an observer and an explorer He focuses in on the urban forest near his home He then uses different techniques charcoal rubbings, rock art, photography, sponge painting, snow sculpture, and cut paper collages to express himself as he records what he sees all around him in his notebook Using his artistic skills he visually takes the reader on a journey through all four of the seasons The words he uses to describe his forest observations fluffy, prickly, dense, sparse, crispy, soft, scattered and soggy are sure to enhance and expand a child s vocabulary David Lebeuf is a Canadian award winning photographer whose mission is to get young children to interact and appreciate the beauty and importance of nature that surrounds them The illustrator, Ashley Barron has done a wonderful job of enriching the text with her amazing, colourful, almost animated illustrations This would be a lovely book to add to a classroom shelf or an elementary school library The story provides an excellent depiction of nature based education in an outdoor classroom The specificity of the concrete and abstract adjectives used in the text works as a perfect complement to primary science lessons on investigating, comparing and identifying the physical characteristics of plants and animals This book also makes for an enjoyable lyrical read aloud Kids Can PressBeing an educator myself I endorse this book whole heartedly in hope that it will inspire and incite excitement to all the budding artists out there, both young and old, and open their eyes to the marvel of nature. This is a beautifully written and illustrated picture book about a boy who lives in the city He loves nature and observes and explores all that surrounds him When he looks out his window, he sees his forest and he brings into his home with his artwork He is extremely observant and not only notices what is in the forest, but how things change The text uses a wide variety of adjectives to describe texture, sounds and sights of the forest His forest is many things, such as, short, crunchy, wet, dense and sometimes even snowy His artwork uses different artistic methods such as, bark rubbings, cut paste, paint, collage, etc to demonstrate what he sees The illustrations themselves are all beautiful cut paper illustrations This is a wonderful book with some great lessons and uses There is a strong message about nature appreciation and creativity, using observation to describe the things they come across using all five senses, and just getting outside For parents and teachers there is a great opportunity for vocabulary development, teaching various artistic methods and again developing the powers of observation When I read this book with my grandson, he was quite interested in the forest and was ready to get outside and in the garden to see what he could find My granddaughter loved the illustrations and wanted to go and paint Each child will take something from this story The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book upon request The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own. `Download Pdf ↙ My Forest Is Green ↼ With Art Supplies In Tow, A Young Boy Explores The Urban Forest Near His Home, Then Interprets What He Sees With His Art The Boy Is A Keen Observer Who Uses Poetic, Rhythmic Language To Describe The Diversity He Finds Through All Four Seasons His Forest Is Both Fluffy And Prickly, Dense And Sparse, Crispy And Soft It S Also Scattered And Soggy, And Spotted And Foggy His Forest Is Made Up Of Many Colors But He Decides That Mostly It S Green Each Aspect Of The Forest Inspires The Boy To Create A Different Kind Of Art Charcoal Rubbing, Rock Art, Photography, Sponge Painting, Snow Sculpture, Cut Paper Collage To This Artist, There S Always Something New To Discover, And To Capture In This Delightful Picture Book, Darren Lebeuf, An Award Winning Photographer, Encourages Small Children To Look Closer At And Appreciate The Nature That Surrounds Them And By Providing Such A Broad Range Of Ideas For Artistic Expression, It S Sure To Awaken The Nature Artist In Every Child Bright, Deeply Textured Illustrations By Ashley Barron Bring The Forest And The Boy S Artworks To Vivid Life This Story Provides An Excellent Depiction Of Nature Based Education In An Outdoor Classroom The Specificity Of The Concrete And Abstract Adjectives Used In The Text Works As A Perfect Complement To Primary Science Lessons On Investigating, Comparing And Identifying The Physical Characteristics Of Plants And Animals This Book Also Makes For An Enjoyable, Lyrical Read Aloud