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When you want to write a review but have no idea how to do the book justice John Marrs never disappoints.What an amazing book 4 Stars The Passengers by John Marrs is a scream, I promise Eight driverless cars Eight passengers, all of whom have a secret and a specific plan for that morning None arrive at their intended destination There is a Hacker who knows everything about everyone and he has decided to take control There are five members of the jury whose sole purpose is to decide who lives and who dies The fear is real my friends The Passengers will scare you Yea, The Jetsons made the idea of a futuristic car look cute, The Passengers, not so much What this is, is a thrilling ride down the fast lane, going 100 mph Can you say EEK This is the 3rd novel I ve read by John Marrs and it is definitely my favorite so far It s crazy, insane and scary to boot I had high hopes for a five star read but had to dock it one star for the ending, which left a little to be desired I highly recommend this one for thriller fans as it contains a very unique premise which is sure to entertain This was a buddy read with Ms Kaceey We really enjoyed discussing the premise of this one and think all of you will too.Thank you to Elisha at Penguin Publishing Group, Edelweiss, and John Marrs for an arc of this novel in exchange for an arc Published on Edelweiss and Goodreads on 7.6.19.Will be published on on 8.27.19 #DOWNLOAD PDF õ The Passengers ⚢ Eight Self Drive Cars Set On A Collision Course Who Lives, Who Dies You DecideWhen Someone Hacks Into The Systems Of Eight Self Drive Cars, Their Passengers Are Set On A Fatal Collision CourseThe Passengers Are A TV Star, A Pregnant Young Woman, A Disabled War Hero, An Abused Wife Fleeing Her Husband, An Illegal Immigrant, A Husband And Wife And Parents Of Two Who Are Travelling In Separate Vehicles And A Suicidal Man Now The Public Have To Judge Who Should Survive But Are The Passengers All That They First Seem It may have come to your attention that your vehicle is no longer under your management From here on in, I am in charge of your destination The only thing you need to know is that two hours and thirty minutes from now, it is highly likely that you will be dead In the not too distant future, eight automated vehicles are taken over by an unknown hacker with an unknown agendaall broadcast for the whole world to see Soon, the social media voting begins Who lives Who dies Spending time in the mind of John Marrs has always been one of my favorite places to be but whoooooooo, he outdoes himself in this one I was so impressed by the research he must have done to execute this book so capably This is not one to miss Five billions, need an urgent brain transplant cause my old one is just blown away and out of order stars My head still hurts like I tossed it against the wall thousand times and I started to see cartoon stars on my head as soon as I finish this one I cannot say I m speechless because I forgot four languages I ve known including my native one right now so I m out of words This is so revolutionary, innovative, creative book makes you think a lot, thrill a lot and numb your mind It makes me you question your values, morals On some parts I felt like a jury member and thought which one was worse To be a decision maker of someone s mortality or stuck inside a death trap car when all of your skeletons in the closet reveal one by one I m really doubtful that Mr Marrs is from this planet because he outsmarted most of the genius writers with this book He is so talented, knows how to deceive the readers with his conspiratorial moves and amazing twists I liked One a lot but I liked Passangers sooo much This is the most surprising, exhilarating book I ve really enjoyed It really exhausted me because it was not easy adventure for everyone Spoilers beyond here, you ve been warned There s nothing that makes you question yourself than when your opinions are the polar opposite of others In this instance, there are several issues which made this book somewhat mediocre, in my opinion of course One, did Libby actually need to be in the room with the other jurors Her presence felt like a big fat deus ex machina utilized to ensure the reader would care about the ensuing events It was lazy and unimaginative.Two, why mastermind an act of revenge, against the system that not only cheated your family of a fortune but also was complicit in the death of three generations of the same family, when other innocent citizens lives would be in peril In addition, why those 8 passengers and what were the criteria for choosing them More importantly, why did the author choose to eliminate, Bilquis and Shabana, the only POCs in the entire story Did Marrs not understand the racial undertones surrounding that decision, especially in this Brexit nationalistic period, and considering there were several other white characters who could similarly have been eliminated Three, why did Noah pretend to be Jude and for that matter, why go through the convoluted process of their initial meeting It made no sense other than Marrs using that and numerous other coincidences to piece together the fracture within the story That Libby happened to have witnessed the aforementioned deaths just seemed too convenient Idk, something about the plot and execution seems convoluted and protracted Don t misunderstand I thought the premise, of an Orwellian society with driverless cars, was brilliant Likewise, the motivation for revenge, yet, the act itself was misplaced and unjustifiable IMO In comparison, consider Marrs other book The One which I loved wherein the motivation and justification for Matthew s revenge was without question It just made sense and the punishment for Ellie s complicity matched the crime Ultimately, it was certainly a great premise which was let down by the above issues However, please do not let this stop you from buying the book as this is no than the opinion of an outlier. John Marrs best, and most ambitious, book to date.Picture this It s the near future and you re cruising along in your state of the art driverless car You might be eating breakfast, applying makeup, reading a book, talking on the phone, or just relaxing, when all of a sudden your car deviates from it s pre programmed destination.Then a voice sounds from the centre consoleIt may have come to your attention that your vehicle is no longer under your management From here on in, I am in charge of your destination This is what happens to eight autonomous British cars carrying eight passengers And the worse news is still to come The terrorist who s taken control intends to crash the cars into one another at full speed Well, seven of them anyway One of them will be spared, and each passenger will be given the opportunity to plead their case.And who will ultimately decide their fate The internet public Because everything that s happening is live streaming.Exciting, high speed, pulse pounding, as well as frightening and unsettling This was the maximum tech thriller A timely and all too relevant insight into the potentially destructive nature of technology how reliant on it we are, how it s changing the way we connect with the world, interact and view one another, exposing us to dangers that used to be the stuff of science fiction The spread of social media features prominently, with mob and mass mentality, lack of personal responsibility and accountability, and vigilantism rearing its ugly head in judgemental and hateful ways.I was immersed in the story from the first sentence to the last, and the action was fast paced, and non stop, from start to finish There were gasp out loud moments, cliffhanger chapter endings, a satisfying, surprising conclusion, and relevant articles, newspaper clippings, paperwork, and internet posts preceding chapters Every character was unique and complex, their fear and anxiety all too real.The high level of detail and research the author put into his futuristic driverless cars the mechanics of how they operated, their features, governing rules, laws, and regulations, made this novel all the fascinating and impressive This was set in the same universe as The One, with Match Your DNA contributing to the plot.With just over a week left in May, The Passengers is in prime position to be crowned my top read of the month Everything about it was crazy good, and I have no hesitation in recommending it to all readers Fingers crossed, that like The One, this also gets picked up for a Netflix series I d like to thank Netgalley, Penguin Random House UK Ebury Publishing, and John Marrs for the e ARC.UK Release Date 30th May, 2019.US Release Date 27th August, 2019. I can t believe I was just able to binge read another 400 page book in record speed I recently read John Marrs s The One because I heard it was going to be a Netflix series, so I was very excited to pick up his latest Black Mirror esque novel, The Passengers The Passengers takes place in the not so distant future, and autonomous cars are now regulated and compulsory during UK s new plan to try and circumvent human error for fatalities, accidents, pollution, and other traffic related tragedies I m not going to give too much about this story, because it s fast paced and you ll need to be surprised as the story develops, but imagine eight people all trapped in their autonomous car with no means to escape We have a refugee woman, a woman who doesn t speak English and provides for her family, a wife and husband of ten years, a pregnant mother, a young man, a famous legendary actress, and a double amputee army veteran Each person is trapped, with their routes being taken over by a collective This collective is here to make a statement after two and a half hours, one of them will live, while the rest will die in a horrible accident When the news reaches five influential people tasked to help decide the outcome, people s bigotry, xenophobia, sexism, homophobia, and dark rooted socio economic opinions start unraveling I won t go any further on Goodreads with the synopsis on this awesome story, but if you want to know , let me know privately because I can go on and on about this story all day I enjoyed the social commentary that Marrs provides in The Passengers , that seems to be lacking in many thrillers that I ve seen before We get hints of ignorance and micro aggressions from people that we may not have expected, how society shames those that are different you ll know what I mean when you see the hashtags , and how as a society we still need to change and keep ourselves in check The Passengers is just light years ahead of it s competition when it comes to social intelligence and the surrounding environment I hope you ll notice it too A key aspect that I absolutely loved about The Passengers during the narrative was how shocking it was to see the misfortune of these eight passengers, and how it became a worldwide phenomenon How would this be something that all of the media, and the people watching it, be tuned into Then I realized, wait I fell victim too I couldn t put the book down I needed to know who was going to live, who was going to die, and how it was going to happen I m just as guilty as the portrayal of the spectators in the story While The Passengers does touch on some key social commentary, the book is a thriller so it s here to entertain You ll enjoy the pacing, and you ll enjoy that Marrs gives zero f s about who should, and who shouldn t die Everyone has a target on their back, and just because you may think they should live, doesn t mean life turns out that way The Passengers should be on your TBR, and expect to see big things when this book is released to the public. One of the reasons I m drawn to everything that John Marrs writes is that he takes the mundane and gives it a soapy spin I mean this as the highest of compliments, because there s nothing I adore than a unique idea that s brimming with drama, and I like for my psychological thrillers to contain not only the traditional aspects of crime fiction, but also the secrets hidden by our characters that pertain to their daily lives I was slightly worried going into this one that the overwhelmingly large cast of characters would cause me to lose focus, but I should have known better than to not implicitly trust that the author knew exactly what he was doing If you ve read the synopsis, then you know that the basic gist of the story is that manual cars are in the process of being outlawed, and the U.K is moving forward into an era where only automated vehicles will be legal on the streets That s right folks automobiles are no longer controlled in any capacity by the driver This is a scary, realistic premise, mainly because self driven vehicles are becoming popular by the day, and I m one of those old curmudgeons who is terrified of a world filled with cars not controlled by flesh and blood Drivers have now become referred to as passengers, and in the first part of the story, we meet a bunch of seemingly unrelated folks who s vehicles have been hijacked by an unknown entity, and they are all on a collision course that will kill each passenger in roughly 2.5 hours YikesWe also follow alongside Libby, a woman with her own issues who is on a board which reviews the black boxes of vehicles involved in accidents as per the Vehicle Inquest Jury She s our eyes and ears outside of the passengers in the vehicles headed for collision.Another reason why I love Marrs novels is because he includes varying multimedia inserts, such as case files, newspaper clippings, internet articles, and perhaps the odd email or text message In The Passengers, most chapters begin with information on how the laws have changed, how the vehicles are structured, and many other newsworthy tidbits Tie that in with the fact that this is just a dang good story, I had to give it 5 stars The pacing is quick and there is a growing sense of dread as the book progresses that gave me a difficult time putting the book down to do things like eating, sleeping, and just general adulting One of the reveals towards the end had a whopper of a twist all I could think of was how this would be the way Agatha Christie would pull off a reveal in the modern world If you re looking for a tense thriller that ll cause your fingers to smoke due to the speed you re turning the pages, look no further Highly recommended, friendsMany thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy. 4.5 It s dark, it s disturbing, it s chilling Yup, all that combined means you have an absolute must read We re beginning to see major advances in driver less car technology Now even being test driven across North America and all over the world So I ll pose the question we re all thinking Can you picture yourself as a passenger, with no control over your vehicle whatsoever No brakes, no steering wheel And it s not like leading technologies have ever back fired, right So if something goes wrong You my friend, are just along for the ride Hold on tight Eight seemingly innocent people set off in their driver less cars Each will program their personal destination into the cars computer, sit back and leave the driving to who, exactly Their cars are about to be hijacked.The virtual hijacking plays out across the world on social media Everyone has the opportunity to vote on who survives this nightmarish experience.As each passenger s secret is revealed I was picking my jaw up off the floor Wow This was going to be a hands down five star read for me until the momentum just dropped off at about 80% just fizzling across the finish line Aaahhh I was so close to sending up all the stars and putting it up in my favorites shelf alongside John Marrs previous sensation, The One.Is it worth the read Absolutely It s ingenious It will leave you horrified and white knuckling your reader A super fun, shocking buddy read with Susanne Thank you to Elisha at Berkley Publishing, Edelweiss and John Marrs for an ARC to read and review.