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This was a fascinating and highly accessible read which was informative and entertaining at the same time Recommended for people like myself who have a passing interest in the subject explored here, as well as working professionals. Essentially the book tells us this In the west, especially the United States, people listen to whoever has money, regardless of their experience or qualifications to comment on a subject In the rest of the world, intelligence and actual knowledge are required to get people s attention Which really comes as no surprise, and the situation is going to continue to escalate until no one in America even bothers to think for themselves although whether they do now is debatable The rest of the western world is going to have to pick up the pace if they want to be able to out stupid the United States at the Moron Olympics. The premise of this fascinating book is that we have a strong in built tendency to believe the messenger rather than the message It explains why self confident ignoramuses , even those with an axe to grind or pure self interest at heart, are believed over experts simply because we often can t separate the message from the messenger.The book is a detailed study of such people in two parts, namely hard messengers who have lots of wealth status, competence, dominance, attractiveness, or a combination of them all and soft messengers they have warmth, vulnerability, trustworthiness and charisma in various combinations Messengers also discusses when and why each type of messenger is likely to be successful.This book is remarkably well researched yet very readable It uses many case studies and has a comprehensive list of sources and references, many from reliable scientific sources, and frequently quotes published academic research.However, the book is a long way from a dry academic tome I found myself reacting emotionally, especially to phrases such as voters replace the question who is the most competent candidate with who looks like the most competent candidate It s sad that this happens, but it clearly does.Further, when a population experiences worry, hardship or fear, they are likely to look to dominant leaders this is certainly not an original idea, but it does show how the manufacturing of fear and crises e.g hordes of immigrants, increasing crime, etc act to promote or keep a strong leader in place We should all be wary of this.On a final note, it s well known that first impressions count but I was surprised by how much people are influenced by the most fleeting of glances I ll just have to upgrade my wardrobe with lots of red and get my hair done frequently I guess This was a fascinating book bringing together research about the people who influence our lives and who we choose to listen to, and why In Part One, hard messengers are discussed These are people who are seen as having socio economic status, competence, dominance and attractiveness In this context, it s explained why for example, celebrities are used to endorse high end products such as perfume, They are selling the illusion that by buying those products, the consumer can achieve status themselves Dominance is a trait that Donald Trump has in spades, and helps to explain his inexplicable rise to the presidency.In Part Two, soft messengers are examined These messengers still have influence over us, but tend to convey traits such as warmth, vulnerability, trustworthiness and charisma Various examples are cited from years of research and it is fascinating to reflect on the influences that shape us, whether it be in personal relationships, in our career choices, in who we vote for and the products we buy.Anyone who has an interest in psychology and current affairs, will thoroughly enjoy this well researched and well written book. A riveting and valuable insight into why people behave the way they do The information has been gathered through numerous scientific studies and presented as a readily readable anecdote, not only to past and current significant events and crises, but also as a useful reference tool in understanding our own psyche Thoroughly recommend. Thank you to NetGalley for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest review A really useful insight to the human psyche, who we listen to, and why Quick and easy read with lots of points that raise awareness not only on society as a whole but with helpful knowledge we can apply to ourselves as well, whether to be responsible about who we listen to, or in getting people to listen to us in turn. A broad survey and synthesis of research regarding the qualities that make for effective messengers Hard not to conclude that we re pretty much idiots when it comes to choosing to whom we will listen, believe, and follow Pub date 10 15 19 Recommended by Economist The Economist The eyes have it Messengers is a tour de force of information, illustrations and anecdotes about why we listen to some people but not others and the effect this can have regarding what we believe or don t There is a plentiful list of data from scientific research from which the authors draw their conclusions At face value it s an excellent popular level study and draws examples from the worlds of high finance, social media, celebrity and politics to name a few It should be required reading for anyone who wants to be better informed and aware of why we might listen to some people but reject others, of why we might reject a good argument in favour of a bad one depending on who is offering the argument It should help us understand our own subconscious biases as well The reason I m giving this four rather than five is simply because while there are plenty of referenced studies and data, I simply don t have time to check them to see if I agree with the studies themselves or the writer s analysis of them, so to some extent I m taking on trust the conclusions from these studies Definitely recommended though, well worth reading Review via NetGalley Random House UK Cornerstone ARC. `READ EPUB ⇨ Messengers ⇯ Why Are Self Confident Ignoramuses So Often Believed Why Are Thoughtful Experts So Often Given The Cold Shoulder And Why Do Apparently Irrelevant Details Such As A Person S Height, Their Relative Wealth, Or Their Facebook Photo Influence Whether Or Not We Trust What They Are Saying These Are Just Some Of The Questions That Behavioural Experts Steve Martin And Joseph Marks Tackle In Their Ground Breaking New Book Messengers Who We Listen To, Who We Don T, And Why Drawing Extensively On The Very Latest Research, They Identify The Powerful Forces That Result In Some Becoming Society S Prevailing Messengers, And Others Ending Up Woefully Ineffectual Or Under Represented They Examine The Worlds Of Punditry, Business And Politics To Show Why Being Right Carries Less Weight Than Looking Right And In The Process They Demonstrate Why In A World Of Ambiguity, Uncertainty And Fake News It Is Now Increasingly The Messenger Who Is The Message