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Pros It s short.Cons Everything else. I actually really liked it Initially I wasn t all that impressed with the writing or the plot then about 100 pages in and the little twist occurred and I was hooked for the remainder Some of it really resonated with me too, which I think probably contributed to how much I liked it I just loved the added complication It was just a fun little read despite not particularly liking any of the MCs, being a little cheesy at times and ugh those inner monologues A perfect and awesome Christmas read. With someone to keep you warm, might as well get If you re looking for the perfect read to curl up by the fire with this winter, Snowed In is the perfect book for you This wintry book takes place on a perfect island and the main character is so sweet This book is so cute and pretty short.Snowed In is short and sweet, what I would consider pure fluff This story is about a girl who moves to a small island with her mom and the adventures she has along the way There are plenty of cheesy moments in the book, but they actually work well with the story and aren t unpleasant at all This is also such a quick read that I was able to read in one sitting.I loved the small island setting in the story Everyone is friends with one another and there are less than 10 kids per grade in the school Since it is set in the winter, there are also romantic sleigh rides and cross country skiing described in the book that made me smile The main character owns her own bed and breakfast, and that is honestly a dream for me This whole book just gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling.I liked Ashleigh as a character She is very considerate and thinks of how her actions will affect others before carrying them out She has a good sense of humour and such a fun personality I also found Ashleigh to be relatable since she is definitely not a morning and can t go without a cup of coffee Her last name, Sneaux, is also, while cheesy, super festive, which I enjoyed.Snowed In is a wintry book set on a small island during the winter I enjoyed the main character and her sweet personality I would definitely recommend this as it is such a cute and quick read Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadToo.comHow would you like to move from Texas, where an ice storm is a major news story, to a remote island in the Great Lakes that has no cars, but does have store signs that say Return after the first thaw And to find out that the junior class will have a mere six students when the winter break is over Ashleigh s parents are recently divorced, and to make a clean start, Ashleigh and her mother have moved to a small island to open a bed and breakfast named Chateau Ashleigh Their first day in town, Nathalie and her mom come and introduce themselves Ashleigh immediately has a new friend Through Nathalie, Ashleigh explores her new town and meets various kids her own age Of particular interest is Chase, who works at the local fudge shop Nathalie warns Ashleigh that Chase is a player, but Ashleigh isn t too worried about that She s just looking to make some new friends and fit in One morning, Ashleigh wakes up to find a strange boy knocking on her bedroom door In enters Josh, the son of the local handyman Ashleigh s mom has hired them to help do some general repairs around their new house to get it ready for patrons Ashleigh is immediately drawn to Josh, and a tentative friendship forms However, it turns out that Josh is actually Nathalie s boyfriend Nathalie, however, never refers to him by name, only as my boyfriend Ashleigh finds this odd but respects the boundaries and doesn t pursue Josh As the story develops, Ashleigh suspects that Chase has romantic interests in Nathalie, Nathalie might not really like Josh, just the idea of a boyfriend, and could Josh possibly be interested in her As the winter months on her new island home pass, Ashleigh finds that she likes the quaintness of her new life, and maybe the move might just have been the best thing for her I always enjoy Ms Hawthorne s stories, and this was no exception I ll admit that I would never want to live on such a cold island during the winter But Ms Hawthorne has a way with describing all the charm of the village and almost makes me want to go there, too Watching the tentative romance develop between Ashleigh and Josh make the story very appealing to all. A perfect vacation read A light hearted romance set in the winter on lonely Mackinac Island.I became intrigued by this when I read that it was set on Mackinac Island I went there once on vacation as a child with my parents and my brothers It s a beautiful locale and very remote And the no cars rule adds a historic feel to the island that s quite unusual Of course my most vivid memory of that particular vacation was on the mainland, with my dad driving from gas station to gas station looking for a reasonable gasoline price He was refusing to pay the 50 a gallon that they were gouging tourists for when gas was only 27 a gallon back home I said it was along time ago As I started reading this I was intrigued by the parallels and the differences between this and Twilight The girl protagonist is new to a unique area There s the small town feel, the forbidden boy aspect The way that the setting plays a role in the story But no supernatural here This is a sweet light hearted romance that entertains but doesn t go any deeper than a mild sunburn It s as comfortable as old flannel And it is sweeter than the fudge that island seems so fixated on What minor difficulties arise may be easily resolved as with any good vacation read This is a fast fun guilty pleasure read but be warned it may cause cavities. *Free E-pub ↠ Snowed In ⇻ From Beach Read Favorite Rachel Hawthorne, Author Of Caribbean Cruising And Love On The Lifts, Comes Another Winter Romance Perfect To Get Snowed In With Great For Fans Of Stephanie Perkins, Lauren Barnholdt And Susane ColasantiSeventeen Year Old Ashleigh Is About To Experience A Lot Of Things For The First Time Snow She And Her Mom Are Moving From Sunny Texas To An Icy Island In The Middle Of Lake Michigan, Which Is Completely Snowbound As In, No Cars, Just Sleighs Small Town Life The Icy Island Yep, It S Tiny Like, People In The Whole High School Tiny And Scariest Of All Boys Of Course They Had Boys In Texas But None Of Them Were As Irresistible Or As Hard To Figure Out As Josh Wynter And Before The Snow Melts, Ashleigh Might Also Be Falling In Love I wanted to read this while I was actually snowed in at my house, but I was waiting on Books a Million to order it I was going to wait for another snow, but idk if well get one When I picked this up, I was shocked by how thin it was Love on the Lifts was a lot thicker.This didn t start out that good It didn t suck me in I wish these books had to them Not so stereotypical and corny Parents are divorced Your dad s getting remarried You feel like he s betraying you both Ashleigh lost major points with me when she said she likes dating lots of guys She doesn t wanna be with one, while another guy comes along, then you d have to break up with your bf and go out with him Enter Nathalie That is so touristy some stuff Still She shook her head I shouldn t take pictures Not if you want to fit in I didn t like that she told her that She ll take pics if she wants to People that live there could take pics, too that wasn t good news I knew there weren t many guys on the island and if one was already identified as a jerkonline dating was back on the agenda girls are like fudge, chase said, like he was reading my mind You have to sample them all before you settle on your favorite He winked at me I felt an instant connection because that was the exact same way I felt about dating How convenient My cheeks here warm, and I wondered if it would make me look cheap slutty even to go out with Chase just to get free fudge But then, I wanted to go out with him anyway, even without the freebie OMG.It s her first day there, she s only been there for a few hours, and Nathalie really stupid name btw suddenly asks if she can find her way home and ditches her for her bf Ashleigh doesn t find anything wrong with it.She sees a couple walking in the snow, huddled together, and says it s definitely a couple town So any cold place means it s for couples The very next day, she meets hot guy 2 Ok, I HAD been unfriendly, rude even, but he was so unexpected And so hot And I already had a date for Friday night What was I supposed to do Flirt with him Would that make me the island slut Was that how that worked here She s going out with one guy wants to flirt with Josh The island is not the place to be if you don t have a boyfriend What does that even mean How do u go from like 6 ppl in the junior class to everybody has a bf Nathalie has a bf Shanna and the other girl do Nathalie just told her friends they could have a sleepover at Ashleigh s house That s not charming so tell us about the guys in Texas They re hot, right Oh, yeah Especially in the summer when the temperature is, like, a hundred degrees That s not what I meant Shanna said That was almost word for word like the joke in Love on the Lifts I know she said she isn t a morning person but she was unnecessarily rude to Josh Seeing as how your mom s renovating the inn you see a worker in the house, obviously your mom hired him.The last name Wynter is too much in a cold town like that She got tired of the winters You mean, the winters like the cold and snow, or the Wynters, like father and son Both, I guess I didn t know what to say Id been teasing, but apparently No crap Then she says she thought his mom left for Florida for a short term getaway So not only are you tactless but you re an idiot What a tactless thing to say about someone s mom leaving them.She just met him is having these deep feelings, that she s never had with another guy.She tells him her dad left them and josh says how could he have left you when he was never here Don t make Josh stupid, too Obviously he left them BEFORE they moved here Seeing as how they came here alone and have only been there like 2 days idl when characters have similar backgrounds just so they can relate to each other well, I m having a bit of a problem seeing the point to winter He arched a brow The season, I added I was beginning to see a point to Josh WYNTER He was someone to talk to Obviously she didn t mean him This is annoying What does that mean why was his name italicized and then her saying he was someone to talk to so is he hot Tara asked It s too cold for anyone up here to be hot, I said, digging out a shirt.She groaned Stop making the same joke over and over so why are you still on the phone Tara asked Because Shouldn t you be trying to hook up with him chase and josh had to be friends Dating both of them wouldn t work OMG Personally he cleared his throat I prefer the swirl Haha Talking of paint techniques, but it sounding like a kissing move I wondered if he had a gf He hadn t mentioned one But would he get this close to another girl if he did On the other hand, I hadn t mentioned my date with Chase But a datewell, dates came and went in my life This is happening too soon He gets on the ladder with her, and stares at her lips and looks like he wants to kiss her Then says I like your laugh.I found it irritating that Nathalie saves Ashleigh from sandwich tasting with her mom It s just her and her mom, if you take her away, she ll be alone I mean, really, what were the odds that there wouldn t be any dorks around here Let s hear it for gene mutation That s mean Josh turned He saw me He grinned I grinned back, raised my hand Nathalie leaped at him, her coat opened wide Wrapping his arms around her, beneath the coat, he lifted her up and kissed her WHAT THE HECK I just knew it.Then what the freak was that on the ladder for this didn t really get interesting until Josh showed up Especially the second visit which around page 70 That s not good in a book this short The characters are just weird sometimes Touchy, difficult, and sort of stupid, just missing what someone says I hear you ve been hanging out with my sister, he said Not really hanging out We went to the mall together Like I said, hanging out That IS hanging out all of a sudden Ashleigh says Nathalie keeps saying my bf like he s a possession I see where this is going then Chase makes a comment that Nathalie just ran out and got a bf before anyone else could date her I remember their talking in the chocolate shop They obviously have a past like each other Chase said I mean, couples hook up when they re kids, and then no one else gets a chance to date So, in a real small town, couples hook up when they re kids This is the worst representation of small town life I ve seen It goes from 6 people being in the Junior class, to all these girls having bfs The chances of everybody dating in that tiny group of people is very very slim So it s completely unrealistic that everybody has a bf and they re all good looking Let s make this a little believable Better yet, forget this tiny population stuff and just do a larger group of ppl, so u can avoid this unrealistic stuff her friend calls josh a jerk I happen to agree Idk why I grimaced at her harsh tone What did I care if she liked Josh or not I didn t Still, I felt compelled to say, he thought I knew I d been friends with lots of guys Dated lots of guys Even if he didn t have a girlfriend, I d only go out with him a time or twookay, maybe three times All right, a maybe four Four tops But he did have a girlfriend So he wasn t dateable, but I did like him this character has issues a small part of me okay, a large part was glad that it was just the two of us Not that I wanted Nathalie to be sick It was just that I d really started to like josh I was comfortable around him I liked watching the way he moved through the woods HES DATING SOMEONE I didn t say anything because if she hadn t or even if she had I didn t want to talk about her I wanted to find out everything I could about you I wanted to get to know you And I guess I felt kinda guilty about that I like you a lot, Ash A whole lot, he said in a low voice And then they kissed Wth Had I just become the other woman This has no place in a YA book It isn t until AFTER the kiss that she remembers Nathalie and that they re friends maybe I didn t intentionally mention Nathalie because I thought you d put up barriers I know it makes me sound like a jerk, but I don t want to hurt Nathalie I mean, she s been my girlfriend since I was 12 I care about her I ve nvr kissed another girl I swear, I never have I ve never done anything like that before I ve never wanted to So she s just so desirable he wanted to kiss her after being with the same girl for like 5 years So we ll have some fun Then he ll move on to the fudgies and I ll I sighed move on to online dating what is it w this girl dating what HS student online dates It was sure an experience I ll never forget Sure should be before was I wanted to believe that the attraction had taken him completely by surprise and that he wasn t a jerk that he wasn t like my dad What does that make you, then I ll see you around, he called after me.Not if I see you first A totally childish thing to think What does that even mean this is annoying Josh sees her at the movie store And realizes she likes horror movies, which isn t like most girls Nathalie keeps her eyes shut the entire time Idl when authors give the MC character traits to put down other characters Just because she likes horror movies doesn t mean she s better than Nathalie that def doesn t mean Josh should cheat on her Exchanging DVDs Does this mean we re going steady Did I really say that I didn t say that He laughed awkwardly and took another step back No, we re notI mean, I m already going steady with someone And you don t DO steady SHUT UP already this book is on repeat Why would she joke like that we know you re DATING you OBVIOUSLY DON T The problem was, it would give the impression we d be going to the mainland together which we never would Ever Besides, it bordered on that whole are we hinting at a date thing again So on the very next page you say I ll have to show you sometime Okay, so I fell into the date comment trap But it was just there, waiting to be used You DONT use it Because he has a GIRLFRIEND.He s talking about walking on the frozen strait and she thinks I waited a heartbeat to see if he was going to say we d walk together sometime I was surprised when he didn t Maybe even a little disappointed I would have liked to have had one real date with him He has a f% GIRLFRIEND Would you back the % up Somebody needs to smack the crap out of this girl She s twisted and sick Remember the friend you have that you said you wouldn t betray again And if someone has a gf you don t make comments about freaking going on dates with them stop thinkin every freaking outing is a date You guys said you could be friends, so why don t you act like that Asking him to see bridges in Texas I hope you meant on the internet and not actually taking him to Texas, but with this idiot there s no telling doesn t have to be a date I m feeling guilty That s good I mean, I respect that you feel bad about what happened Yeah, well I do too She s been so nice to me Do you, Ashleigh Do you really feel guilty Because you don t act like it If you felt guilty you d stop thinking about dating him and saying things about dating I can t stop thinking about you, he said He asks if she thinks about him If you re going there, you need to break up with your gf Look, there s another woman in my dad s life, and Idl the way it makes me feel or makes my mom feel, so I m not going to do that to someone else Then what have you been doing If you ve felt that way the whole time, why did u let him kiss you Why are you thinking about going on dates with him Obviously you don t mind being the other woman so, you going on the hayride tongiht Is there a reason I shouldn t Or a reason that it s any of your business He s asking a freaking question You know what, this makes no sense If Nathalie and Chase have liked each other, why haven t they dated I hate that all this is happening literally a few days of being there We need a longer time frame here Actually we need a new storyline and characters.She was supposed to go out with Chase on Friday When the heck is Friday arriving I thought it was maybe a few days away Then suddenly there s enough time for a volleyball game, walk to the caves, and now a hayride I d keep you warm if I could Shut up, Josh so you would have missed it if she couldn t come He studied me for a long moment Yeah It would have beenbest, probably Not to come if she couldn t You re a good boyfriend Ahahaha he is the WORST bf I d filled her in on the past two days of my life What a player, she said with obvious disgust He seemed as surprised as I was I mean, I don t think he really meant to kiss me It just happened He is Don t make excuses for him all this has happened over TWO DAYS Idl Ashleigh because of her rules on dating and because she would seriously get with someone with a gf And Idl josh because he cheated on his gf Actually they might be perfect for each other.Comparing the fudge just seems like an older person thing to do It says they took a tour of the lighthouse which would have been interesting to hear about But we get to hear about fudge.Shaun of the Dead is funny Reminds me of Psych s Shawn of the Dead I can t tell you how many nights I ve stood up here and thought about leaving this island for good I shifted my gaze over to him Getting off this rock Okay, I was showing off Knowing the lingo, I felt like a true islander Can t you tell he s serious Why are you making stupid jokes don t you get it A new girl moves to town and suddenly you re thinking greener pastures It s not like that Sure, it is You were perfectly happy with Nathalie before I moved here Was I Well, you ve been together since you were twelve, so yeah I mean, it s just I didn t know what it was I ve gotta go Could you finish your thoughts He needs to hear this why would Nathalie say she could dance with her boyfriend if she wanted She knows she s seeing Chase our unwritten code is that we don t talk to babes about it Guys don t say babes Apparently there s a guy code for breaking up with girls.It s weird how they were going to the dance, then Tara didn t feel like it So her and Shaun go on a sleigh ride And Asheligh says she s in the mood to walk and then just walks home What was the point they re only there a few days so why don t they all hang out In fact, why did Tara even bring Shaun Oh boy, her and Shaun want to come back, and then get summer jobs at the inn That s assuming her mom can afford to hire two ppl This reminds me of Love on the Lifts, they want to move there.Idk why she asked her mom if the woman his dad is marrying broke up their marriage Why would she think that I nvr thought that I assumed he was marrying her after they got divorced I guess that if that woman didn t wreck their marriage Ashleigh would feel better about herself this is not a date I know Shaun needed a car I ve got a car Why the Would it be a date when he has a GIRLFRIEND This girl is a freaking idiot kept telling myself that this wouldn t be a date I wouldn t be the other woman He was a guy, I was a girl We were friends The other woman sounds so old What high schoolers talk like that Forget other woman, which you still are But we have another word for that Slut Home wrecker.He has the exact car she wants eye roll I was very aware that Tara and Shaun were holding hands, while Josh and I weren t BECAUSE YOU RE NOT DATING Josh grabs her hand to go into the mirrored maze or whatever and she says it felt right Well it shouldn t It should feel WRONG Then he grabs her hand again and she knows she should pull away but doesn t This is why I don t respect her for not pulling away him for grabbing it in the 1st place It s one thing if you have feelings about someone, it s another to act on them Maybe sometime He left it unfinished, but I knew what he d been about to say That dangling date thing again A date that would never happen, because he had a girlfriend OMG we beeping know that YOU RE the one that keeps forgetting I want to bang my head against something.She has too much focus on dates, dating, and other women It s so freaking repetitive I now hate the word date, boyfriend, girlfriend and other woman.I m surprised the word bitch is in here.It s pg 228 and she still doesn t want a boyfriend When the heck is she gunna change her stupid rules on that In the beginning I was complaining about how short this was Now I m grateful.Are you kidding me Josh and Nathalie have gone out because she sent him a note asking if he ll be her boyfriend with a yes or no box Once she started calling him boyfriend he thought it would be mean to say no it was easier dating her than breaking up with her You ve gone out with someone for FOUR or FIVE YEARS because of a beeping PAPER I m losing it she still doesn t wanna date Josh, even if he asked So you ruined someone s relationship for a guy you don t even wanna date Just go on a couple dates with Congrats on being the most screwed up person ever Nathalie s dating Chase now Wow, that was quick, I said Not really, Nathalie said Her voice was sharp, impatient He s liked me for a long time and I liked him It s just that I had a boyfriend Until you came to town So we owe you big time, Chase said WHY didn t you BREAK UP with your BOYFRIEND if you wanted to date someone else.Nathalie is now dating Chase But is still mad at Ashleigh for ruining her relationship But admits that if Asheligh didn t break it up, then something was wrong with her for josh to dump her Then says if she didn t date Josh, she was afraid she wouldn t have a bf she really wanted one she realized she liked Chase until he came over and they started talking to each other Does that mean came to the fudge shop Or like came over last night then says when she stops being mad at Josh she ll write a recommendation letter.wondering why Ashleigh wasn t with him Why is everybody so screwed up She was unnecessarily mad and rude when he showed up during the storm he says come here and she s like what is it And he s like I just wanted to hold you Deep down, I knew I should have been mad about being manipulated, but I just couldn t seem to work up the anger The truth was I wanted him to hold me, too Why would you be mad about that he didn t manipulate you why would you need proof Because my first girlfriend was a girly girl when we watched horror I don t went my next girlfriend to be Well that s nice Someone being scared during horror films is not a reason to not date them I realized earlier in the book when it mentioned her name again, that her last name was Sneaux and his was Wynter Like snow and winter Which is just too corny.I can t believe he used a check yes or no paper to go out with him like his old gf did.This book was awful Boring Characters with horrible morals It s amazing an author can write something you like, and then something you absolutely hated I didn t like any of the characters So many things were inappropriate for this age group I m so mad I bought this So not worth the money Idk how anyone could like this This was infuriating and enraging. Who wouldn t like to experience snow As a girl who lived on a tropical island all her life, I really do love to experience it even a bit besides I m the type of person who is fond of the cold season I wanted to cuddle on my bed and comforter, read books and drink hot chocolate, So, this book is definitely fun fun fun read for me.Ashleigh s parents are recently divorced, and to make a clean start, she and her mother moved to a small island and decided to open a bed and breakfast Then she met Nathalie, her first friend And through her Ashleigh explores her new town and meet various people of her age Then, One bright morning, she wakes up and find a strange boy knocking on her bedroom door After several encounters, she develops a crush on him but hey, the guy is in a relationship Will they get the chance to be with each other and love happily ever after As the winter months on her new home town pass, Ashleigh realize that she likes the quietness of this new life she have and maybe, just maybe, this move might have been the best thing for her I never really know what s with this short stories that I loved about One fact is that, I always enjoy reading Rachel Hawthorne s stories and I guess this is my 3rd book of hers that I have read and its still enjoying.Even the story and characters are not that particularly memorable and unique on its own, I still love its easy, feel good read Above all the other Rachel Hawthorne novels I ve read, this is the one that loved so far It s pretty sweet and simple I never noticed that I m halfway through it A very enjoyable read indeed.