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@Read Book è Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil ⚢ A Sublime And Seductive Reading Experience Brilliantly Conceived And Masterfully Written, This Enormously Engaging Portrait Of A Most Beguiling Southern City Has Become A Modern ClassicShots Rang Out In Savannah S Grandest Mansion In The Misty, Early Morning Hours Of May , Was It Murder Or Self Defense For Nearly A Decade, The Shooting And Its Aftermath Reverberated Throughout This Hauntingly Beautiful City Of Moss Hung Oaks And Shaded Squares John Berendt S Sharply Observed, Suspenseful, And Witty Narrative Reads Like A Thoroughly Engrossing Novel, And Yet It Is A Work Of Nonfiction Berendt Skillfully Interweaves A Hugely Entertaining First Person Account Of Life In This Isolated Remnant Of The Old South With The Unpredictable Twists And Turns Of A Landmark Murder CaseIt Is A Spellbinding Story Peopled By A Gallery Of Remarkable Characters The Well Bred Society Ladies Of The Married Woman S Card Club The Turbulent Young Redneck Gigolo The Hapless Recluse Who Owns A Bottle Of Poison So Powerful It Could Kill Every Man, Woman, And Child In Savannah The Aging And Profane Southern Belle Who Is The Soul Of Pampered Self Absorption The Uproariously Funny Black Drag Queen The Acerbic And Arrogant Antiques Dealer The Sweet Talking, Piano Playing Con Artist Young Blacks Dancing The Minuet At The Black Debutante Ball And Minerva, The Voodoo Priestess Who Works Her Magic In The Graveyard At Midnight These And Other Savannahians Act As A Greek Chorus, With Berendt Revealing The Alliances, Hostilities, And Intrigues That Thrive In A Town Where Everyone Knows Everyone Else The writing was great, the story was led into in an interesting way, but the trial was trivial and so were many characters that were introduced in the first half of the book But, I liked reading about them anyway and, while the book came together well in the end, the whole thing wasn t cohesive That said, I feel like I should have good things to say about a book I enjoyed reading so much. Extraordinary story and characters, slow read, some parts for me were a bit hard to get through, that s why four stars and not five A classic though Loved it Now I want to go to Savannah too.Another early review of mine coming up how times flies.Oh my, I loved this book this book has a lot of fans that makes some sense magazines are certainly very popular, and this is magazine writing at its most polished Berendt knows how to create an atmosphere he knows how to describe things in a style that is careful, subtle, and enfused with a deadpan but rather mischievious irony he can certainly describe the way a rich man s house looks so well that you could then describe it to someone else as if you ve been there characters are sketched with an expert s hand using a combination of physical details and the telltale mannerism or two objective but rather sympathetic the mystery at the heart of this novel is an absorbing one and the book s central figure the maybe a murderer felt like he was an iteration of the film JFK s Clay Shaw, as played in an unusually fancy style by Tommy Lee Jones which i liked, at first.so why only 2 stars well, it is polished magazine writing it does not transcend, it does not delve deep there is the slow but increasingly annoying realization that Berendt sees our anti hero as a kind of social peer, which for some reason really bothered me who knows, maybe i just automatically hate the rich parasitic Berendt writes about a whole gallery of characters, all characterized briefly but adroitly, and eventually i realized i was reading a classier version of a tourist eye s view of Southern grotesques, a drive by tour of weirdos how aggravating who knows, maybe i just automatically empathize with the weirdos and am annoyed by the normals and then there is the sad fact of THE LACK OF BLACK PEOPLE WHO COME ACROSS AS REAL PEOPLE yes, they are there several but for the most part they are part of the gallery of grotesquerie this novel takes place in a part of the country that has a huge black community and i found the lack of this demographic even ones who, i suppose, Berendt would consider non grotesque to be perplexing and troubling. Note, February 2014 I was just rereading this review, and FUNNY STORY, I moved to a small town Not so much a big city person as I had originally thoughtOriginal review, circa 2007 I love this book to the point where I don t even really know what to say about it, because nothing I can say about it will be good enough to explain just how incredible this book really is.After reading this book, I had to restrain myself from booking a flight to Savannah It makes you want to be there, it makes you want to know the people, it makes you want to pick up and find a place just like it so you can move there I am a city person through and through, but this book made me want to move to a small town The characters are so remarkable, so interesting that you can t believe they are real people This books makes you proud to be a human being as much as it makes you laugh at our ridiculousness.A NOTE ABOUT THE MOVIE don t see it before you read the book but if you have seen the movie and haven t read the book, please read the book because it s so much better while the movie essentially leaves no doubt about the actual account of the murder that it focuses around, the book does not and the book is also not nearly as centered around Jim Williams as the movie is.