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~Read Pdf ♜ A Quick Bite ⚈ That Hot Guy Tied To Lissianna Argeneau S Bed He S Not Dessert He S The Main Course Lissianna Has Been Spending Her Centuries Pining For Mr Right, Not Just A Quick Snack, And This Sexy Guy She Finds In Her Bed Looks Like He Might Be A Candidate But There S Another, Pressing Issue Her Tendency To Faint At The Sight Of Bloodan Especially Annoying Quirk For A Vampire Of Course It Doesn T Hurt That This Man Has A Delicious Looking Neck What Kind Of Cold Blooded Vampire Woman Could Resist A Bite Of That Dr Gregory Hewitt Recovers From The Shock Of Waking Up In A Stranger S Bedroom Pretty Quickly Once He Sees A Gorgeous Woman About To Treat Him To A Wild Night Of Passion But Is It Possible For The Good Doctor To Find True Love With A Vampire Vixen, Or Will He Be Just A Good Meal That S A Question Dr Greg Might Be Willing To Sink His Teeth Intoif He Can Just Get Lissianna To Bite Lissianna Argeneau has hemaphobia, she faints at the sight of blood It s not the worst of phobias, you d think, but Lissi is a vampire, so this phobia makes her life extremely difficult Vampires don t feed the old fashioned way any, they use bagged blood But Lissi can t stand the sight of it, so she has to feed off the hoof She hates the hunt, let alone the dangers of it It s not easy to find someone healthy to feed off, someone who is not on drugs or alcohol So when Lissianna finds a hot man tied to her bed, she thinks he s her birthday present from her mother Except, Dr Gregory Hewitt is here to cure her phobia, not to be a dessert But when someone is that delicious and tempting like Greg, it is impossible to resist taking a quick bite I used to read a lot of PNR, and I probably would have liked it years ago Though the origin of the vampires is very interesting and unique, I expected from the story humor, steam, action, and a much better developed romance true life mates oh, come on haven t we heard this enough Of course, this book was published than ten years ago, and by now the destined mate thing has got old All in all, it s not bad, but I don t think I ll continue the series for now Originally posted on my blog on May 14, 2016. I think I read this one a looong time ago GRINLynsay This story is marketed as being funny, light and cute I prefer my PNR books to be on the dark and dangerous side, but I needed to read a Q book to finish the RRRC s A Z Book Challenge and A Quick Bite was the only one I had on my TBR for years, I might add so I decided to finally give it a chance.Lissianna Argeneau is a 202 year old vampire who happens to be, gasp , hemaphobic That s not a good thing considering what she is Concerned about her future, her mother Marguerite decides to give Lissi the best birthday gift ever Dr Greg Hewitt, a 35 year old psychologist who specializes in phobias Marguerite is sure he ll be able to cure Lissi s phobia so she can leave a normal vampire life.From the awkward moment they meet, Greg and Lissi feel attracted to each other, but nothing good can come out of it because 1 she s a vampire, 2 he s a mere mortal and 3 he ll have his memory erased as soon as he cures her phobia Naturally, nothing goes according to Marguerite s plan, and Greg and Lissi find themselves running for their lives But who s after them Her wacky family An unsuspected vampire hunter That wasn t a bad setup, but I m afraid Ms Sands didn t make it work for me I didn t laugh at any of the attempted jokes, I hated Lissi s silly cousins to the point that I lost track of who was who , I didn t care for the numerous one dimensional secondary characters and I didn t feel any sexual chemistry between Greg and Lissi They were both nice enough well, they weren t annoying but I didn t feel any love between them They had a strong connection, I grant you that, but it only veered into the friendship zone at least, that s how I felt.Simply put, there was no character development in this book Lissi was unbelievably imature for her age I don t care if she was considered extremely young in vampire years Come on, she was 202 years old She should have been way wiser than she was I just don t get it Unless Do vampire brains develop at a slower rate than mere mortals Does vampire blood affect their learning curve so bad that 200 year old vampires act and talk like teenagersgroans Greg was another problem , as I couldn t understand his actions He was kidnapped, tied up and left without food or water for hours, and took it all in stride Sure, he had a hissy fit at first, but then calmed down and became the most complacent kidnapped victim of all times Puh lease And when he found out that those deranged people who had kidnapped him were vampires, did he freak out Of course not He simply sat down with Lissi actually, he was tied up to the bed, but at that point, he couldn t care less and listened attentively while she recited History of the Vampires Origin Evolution Gah To be fair, I thought the explanation for the origin of the vampires devised by Ms Sands was unexpected and interesting, but I didn t like the way she explored that concept When all was said and done, I got the feeling that the Argeneau vampires were just like any regular mortal human with a few enhanced characteristics to make them different For a PNR, this book was the most un PNR I ve ever read.So, as you might have guessed by now, I didn t like this book It had some good parts mainly when Greg and Lissi were on their own and away from her wacky family but those few and far in between moments weren t enough to make up for everything else Overall, this was a very disappointing read to me. Loved this one I have so many new series to read cos of developing a love for yet another romance genre, but I have to say this will be one of my favourite series if they are all the same as this It was a light refreshing read, with none of the usual formula romance angst etc Unlike other reviewers, I liked the concept of the vamps coming from Atlantis I am completely new to this genre and it s all fantasy paranormal romance to me anyway, so if the book is entertaining and keeps me reading I m not too hung up on the details of their world as it s all make believe anyway I loved the humour I am always a sucker for a book which is fun to read and this was I thought the whole phobia thing was hilarious, but would have liked to have seen it resolved not sure if it is in upcoming books Overall I loved the whole thing The sex was hot, the romance was yummy and the characters were entertaining No one in the book annoyed me which is great from mpov Anyway, I loved it and will definitely be continuing with this series I have SOOOOOO many to start I know I may talk a little than is healthy normal about the coming robot apocalypse It s just that I don t think people are taking this whole robots are going to kill us all thing seriously enough They keep making creepier robots every day Did anyone see that robot on The Tonight Show Holy crap That thing is definitely planning on murdering someone Probably Jimmy Fallon By the way, can we talk about the fact that Sophia s designer must have been male Is there any other reason that she had to have such large breasts I m guessing they aren t extra battery packs, or any other reasonable explanation Just a robot designer who had a dreamWhy am I on yet another robot rant when I am talking about a vampire book Because this vampire world has the best explanation for the existence ever nano robots in their bloodstream These tiny robots cure disease, make them stronger and faster, stop cell degeneration, but feed off of their blood So, they need to drink blood to replenish.In other words The robots have transformed the humans into blood thirsty killers See It s part of the master plan that all robots have I knew it So, although the romance was okay, but a little bland because the two main characters were about as exciting as milk NOT chocolate milk I loved the world where tiny micro robots were the real killers.I also loved the Argeneau family and their dynamics, so I will continue this series happily See The robots have gotten to me I m totally on board. A Quick Bite was a quick read Fun enough, but not exactly fang tastic.I have wanted to take a bite out of this series wink, wink for years I was swept up in the paranormal craze of the late 2000s, from True Blood to the Immortals After Dark, and I heard that Lynsay Sands offered a lighter take on vampires.The book was humorous, both tongue in cheek Lissianna, our heroine, is a vampire afraid of blood and laugh aloud when Lissianna and Greg need to make a quick getaway, she says that they will take the bike and Greg, expecting to fly away on a motorcycle, is dismayed to instead find an actual bicycle I didn t feel that the main characters or their bond were very well developed, likely due to ample introductions of supporting characters and explanations of the unique vampire mythology That said, I appreciated that Greg was a different type of hero cerebral, easy going, a good cook, a Beta male who still took charge in the bedroom And while I thought that Lissianna s bulb was sometimes too dim her attempted murderer was the most obvious suspect in the history of obviousness I did like how she was alternately shy and protective of Greg All in all, it was enjoyable enough, but I m not rushing to read the next installment Read for SBTB Best Picture Quarterly Challenge A paranormal romance. A Quick Bite is the first installment in Lynsay Sands s vampire paranormal romance series titled Argeneau I had never read anything from this author or this series before and I have to admit the popularity and impressive ratings had me pretty excited This book ended up just being OK for me I never really felt engaged in the storyline or connected with any of the characters It was too easy to put the book down while reading and I kind of had a take it or leave it outlook I considered adding it to my DNF shelf, not because it s bad but because there are too many books and too little time to read something that isn t completely capturing you But I stuck it outI mean have you seen how many books are in this series It s obviously working for plenty of loyal readers I should note there were things I did like about A Quick Bite I liked the fact that the female lead is the vampire while the male lead is the mortal Usually it s always the man who wears the fangs I also thought the blood phobia was an interesting addition to the vampire world I mean, who would have thought lol But like I said, overall it was just OK I finished the book but didn t like it enough to continue the series Two stars The Argeneau series includes the following installments as of June 2015 1 A Quick Bite 2 Love Bites 3 Single White Vampire 4 Tall, Dark Hungry 5 A Bite to Remember 6 Bite Me If You Can 7 The Accidental Vampire 8 Vampires are Forever 9 Vampire, Interrupted 10 The Rogue Hunter 11 The Immortal Hunter 12 The Renegade Hunter 12.5 Bitten by Cupid 13 Born to Bite 14 Hungry for You 15 The Reluctant Vampire 15.5 The Bite Before Christmas 16 Under a Vampire Moon 17 The Lady is a Vamp 18 Immortal Ever After 19 One Lucky Vampire 20 Vampire Most Wanted 21 The Immortal Who Loved Me 22 About a Vampire 23 Runaway Vampire PROS A few solid ideas like the anemia thing in the beginning Great opening.CONS Cringe worthy writing Hasn t been proofread edited enough too many errors Terrible at foreshadowing Chekhov s gun much Thesaurus abuse and neglect Very little showing and too much telling After page 13, the story dipped Poor character development and male protagonist is a moron Too many useless minor characters Story was as bland as the characters Trying too hard Obvious villain was obvious No chemistry between Greg and Lissianna love interest and protag respectively Misogynistic, sexist, and objectifying Cringe worthy dialogue.COMMENTS Let me preface this by saying that I love porn, smut, and sex I am very pro sexual freedom for all so I am in no way a prude However, poorly and irresponsibly written porn, smut, and sex is where the problem lies I normally finish books but I already put myself through too much halfway through and received a massive migraine because of the book This rarely happens and it would have happened with Twilight At least that book was so bad, it was lulzy This book was just plain bad I expected a lot out of it because of all the high ratings it was given Even so, who wouldn t be interested in a vampire book where the vampire suffers from hemaphobia I was excited when I started but was disappointed after the thirteenth page when the cousins were introduced It felt like Sands was trying too hard to give them unique personalities but it didn t take They all had inauthentic characteristics and, quite frankly, they were a little cheesy.What I meant by showing vs telling was that I want to be shown what the characters look like versus just telling the audience that they re attractive I can pull a 1 line description out of my ass and that will show you of how a character looks than Sands can write in a novel Observe His auburn hair peeked out from under his cream colored beanie, perfectly sculpting his sharp cheekbones How s that compared to he looked good The only character that was shown was Lissianna and her mother The description was very vivid and I could already imagine how they looked throughout the book without having to try yay eurocentricism because western features are the only features that are beautiful sarcasm However, I was told that Greg was attractive but I still couldn t put a face on him Which is odd because isn t this supposed to appeal to horny, heterosexual women instead of being male gaze y Why does Lissianna and her mother get to be fully described as beautiful creatures and not Greg or anyone else for that matter The women in the book were described to be overdeveloped and whatnot but all I got for Thomas was that his eyes were just as piercing as Lissianna s There were so many things wrong with this book that played on double standards For instance, it hinted how women should be dependent on men but not too dependent or else they ll look desperate There was also absolutely no chemistry between Greg and Lissianna after their first meeting and Greg was objectifying her throughout the rest of what I read He was kidnapped by strangers and, instead of worrying about his life being tied up and all, he d fantasize about being a sex slave to his offenders.The closest thing to a non sexual connection they had going on was when he wanted to hold her when she was sad the cheesiness in this book has just gone through the roof BAD WRITING Another problem the writing reminded me of an adult Twilight That s a bad thing I m sorry to make the comparison but it couldn t be helped Twilight had useless minor characters like Mike, Jessica, etc as does this book the cousins It felt like the cousins were just there to fill in some extra pages it wasn t even to move the story along Chapter 5 was especially painful to read Each of the eight cousins went into Greg s room to ask that he not be mad at Lissianna for keeping him hostage and each begged him to cure her phobiaONE BY ONE None of them explained what the phobia was until Lissianna went to him last Even then, after about a hundred pages in, Greg was still unable to guess the glaringly obvious fact that Lissianna and her family were vampires Even when they spoke about feeding, mind reading, and Greg being dinner IN FRONT OF HIM Lissianna even bit him during their encounter prior to the conversation which was actually very well written so it was a nice break from the shitty prose but it was also a shitty plot device and what did he think He thought it would leave a nice little hickey.He should have at least thought they were cannibals or feared for his life or something THIS IS NOT GOOD WRITINGI was ready to throw the book out the window but I like to give every book a chance and I wanted to return the book and get my 8 back so I kept reading.The book was trying too hard in all areas possible Tried too hard to make the names aesthetically pleasing, feeble attempts at humorous dialogue which ended up sounding dull , poor foreshadowing it justtried too hardPeriod Never even thought to refine any of it not even the language There were errors in every single chapter as well as incomplete sentences and argh There were times when she abused the thesaurus and times when her thesaurus collected dust quit with the mental kicks and grimacing and use different words or don t use it at all Did I mention I wanted to throw the book out the window It s also incredibly unrealistic Yes, vampires not real maybe Well, neither is Hogwarts and yet I can still imagine what it would be like to live in the world of magic I don t have as big of a problem with nanotechnology in Atlantis look at Disney s Atlantis The Lost Empire I think that s pretty advanced but there were so many other things that drowned out the sci fi idea The historical explanations sounded ridiculous and diluted the vampires personalities even I have a huge problem with the language and characteristics You d think that after a few hundred years, these people would learn to grow up and mature a little Thomas was annoying I felt like Sands was trying to make him out to be some kind of hilarious flirt If I were sitting in a room with him, I d think he were a stupid ass wannabe pimp He s the kind of person who thinks pickup lines like So, you re a girlwould work.The other cousins were also annoying because of how bland the dialogue between everyone was and how useless they were They were just there to meddle They spoke like they were still in kindergarten I remember Greg saying that they had accents as well as the mother but their languageif you were that aged, the new culture s language wouldn t take on nearly as quickly I d imagine old habits die hard I just couldn t stand it Lissianna being over 200 years old and still suffering from hemaphobia because of something that happened when she was 13 and no one ever thought to get a therapist for her that s unrealistic I was overwhelmed by how ridiculous the book was getting, I had to stop halfway I didn t even have to think to know who the villain was I will withhold this information for anyone who wants to read it buuuut HINT HINT Less than halfway through the book, you re told that they have a room full of crosses and that they put garlic in Lissianna s foodall on one page.Great marketing device cover, synopsis, etc but the actual product was a huge disappointment I think Sands was just writing it as she went along and had no idea how the story would end She slapped together a lackluster book with cliche blond vamps with bodies meant to be on the cover ofMaxim and cliche men with six packs and a big dong It ll teach me not to read through reviews with low ratings as thoroughly as reviews with high ratings Now if you ll excuse me, I m going to return the book for something that s actually entertaining. 4.5 Quick Fun stars A one time read.Though I did throughly enjoy reading the book and its characters Looking forward to reading the rest.