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4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum crime mystery and thriller genres are full of protagonists who claim they will go to any lengths to stop a killer, but computation biologist Dr Theo Cray will give them all a run for their money in this totally insane and off the wall third volume of Andrew Mayne s Naturalist series Once our hero is on the trail of a serial killer, but this time, he may have met his match You might even say that Theo is hunting for a dark version of himself, a difficult quandary that forces him to confront some uncomfortable truths about his own psyche.Shortly after the events of Looking Glass, Theo has resumed his work on top secret projects for the government However, the repercussions of his last investigation haunt him still One day, he is approached by an FBI agent whose colleagues had been working on the site of where Theo had tracked down his last target, which was also where the murderer had buried all his victims remains Now two of the agents are dead, and a third one is missing, presumably having gone on the run after killing the others But when they catch the suspect, the man appears in shock with no memory of what happened His erratic behavior, and the fact that those closest to him say they can t even recognize him as the same person they once knew, led to MRI scans of his brain And the results are terrifying.Now Dr Cray finds himself faced with the prospect of a literal mad scientist who is using their vast genius and knowledge to kill Whoever it is, they re also an expert in virology and pathological behavior, as well as a master at concealing their identity and not getting caught And, Theo fears but is loath to admit, they might even be smarter than him.Our protagonist has always been a driven man, motivated by problems to solve because they allow him to design models and exercise his intelligence, not to mention his work also saves lives and puts murderers out of commission This time though, his ego is also a major driving force, and while he may be cognizant of the fact, his competitive streak stills gets him into all kinds of trouble Of course, Theo being Theo, he s no stranger to trouble, and half the fun of these books is watching him try to mentally MacGyver himself out of some super tight spots.Things do take a slightly dark turn though, as Theo is pushed to the limits Our boy takes vigilantism to a whole other level in this one, and if you thought his law flouting and risk taking was extreme in the previous books, just wait til you see what he does here There s a lot I love about this series, including the thrilling action and fascinating science, but a big part of the enjoyment is also in watching the main character grow over time In The Naturalist, Theo was a fledgling serial killer hunter whose naivete was a weakness that almost became the death of him As a result, he hardened his heart in Looking Glass and welcomed the darkness By the end of Murder Theory, however, we may be witnessing another change in Theo as he realizes he may have taken things a little too far and that his by any means necessary attitude might be swiftly leading him down a dangerous path.For this reason, I highly recommend starting the series from the beginning, though one could probably get away with reading Murder Theory as a standalone A thing to note is that the book does make many references to Theo s past investigations, in essence forming a thematic link between the serial murder cases in each book that only someone familiar with all three can fully appreciate Plus, these books are just so much fun, it would be a shame to miss any of it by jumping in at a later point I continue to be impressed by the scientific aspects, as well as Theo s knack for spotting patterns in the data Mayne s storytelling is also once again on full throttle in this fast paced no stops thrill ride boosted with plenty of humor and straight up crazy twists.That said, Murder Theory probably wasn t my favorite of the series an honor that still belongs to Looking Glass due to a couple minor faults One, I found the early parts too heavy on the scientific jargon Two, this book didn t make me laugh nearly as much as the previous ones did I guess I m just going to chalk it up to the darker, macabre direction of the story And three, though technically this isn t a real criticism, I found it way too short Talk about leaving me wanting this was a book hangover that hit me even before I could finish It s no exaggeration when I say I would have happily gone for another hundred pages or two following Theo on his pursuit of the killer, and I was practically distraught when the book ended, because damn, that last line What can I say, but I just loved this I love this series I love Theo Cray Yes, things can get a little bonkers sometimes, but that s what makes these books so amazing Every time I pick up something with Andrew Mayne s name on the cover, I know I ll be in for a hell of a good time, and he hasn t let me down yet Can t wait for the next one. In Murder Theory, Computational biologist and serial killer hunter Dr Theo Cray is back after slaying dragons and killing monsters in the previous two novels Well, okay, no dragons and the monsters were serial killers Now there is something strange lurking in the dig around the last murder site, something that is making seemingly normal people kill and kill violently While the local cops and even the FBI are quick to write this off as a one time psychotic break, Cray begins to see a pattern of behavior that could be viral based and, if it is, could spell potential problems if it falls into the wrong hands aka WMD used by any government or military As Cray searches for the causes, the how and why of the virus and how it could be spread, he begins to trip ever so lightly over the line of good and evil and, at times, appears a little closer to the monster he once was chasing Has the virus affected him or is this just part of his mad genius working overtime Mayne is an excellent story teller His writing style and quick chapters propel the story along at a rapid fire pace making this a thrilling ride to the finish There are times when the story could get bogged down in the scientific jargon, and there is a lot of that, but Mayne makes the science so interesting that it lends to the excitement of the tale rather than detracts from it It creates substance rather than has the reader skimming over the dry parts because, quite simply, there are no dry parts I have no idea if any of the science is real but it certainly sounds authentic to me and I love it And let me tell you I m a sucker for last lines that make me go WHAT and the last line of the book had me doing exactly that I would read this book all over again just to get to that last line You know me well enough by now that when I write that, it s a killer ending And in this case it may very well be just that Murder Theory could be read as a stand alone There is enough back story that a new reader could pick up and carry on without reading the first two installments I do, however, highly recommend the first books as well as his Jessica Blackstone series They are well worth reading and highly enjoyable Murder Theory is available today at your local book seller or library Many thanks to Netgalley, AndrewMayne and ThomasMercer for my copy of this great thriller @Download Book à Murder Theory (The Naturalist, #3) è The Desire To Kill Is Becoming Contagious In This Riveting Novel Of Conceivable Mad Science By The Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Of The NaturalistComputational Biologist And Serial Killer Hunter Dr Theo Cray Receives An Off The Record Request From The FBI To Investigate An Inexplicable Double Homicide It Happened At The Excavation Site Where A Murderer Had Buried His Victims Remains In Custody Is A Forensic Technician In Shock, With No History Of Aggression He Doesn T Remember A Thing His Colleagues Don T Even Recognize The Man They Thought They Knew But An MRI Reveals Something Peculiar And AbnormalWhat On Earth Made Him Commit Murder After Discovering That A Mysterious Man Has Been Stalking Crime Scenes And Stealing Forensic Data, Cray Has A Radical And Terrifying Theory Now He Must Race Against Time To Find A Darker Version Of Himself A Scientist With An Obsession In Pathological Behavior Who Uses His Genius Not To Catch Serial Killers But To Create Them A virus that turns normal everyday Joe s into a murderer Sign me up I loved this book Dr Theo Cray is not a cop, detective, or F.B.I He s a sometime teacher, who also works in a lab He s good with numbers and computational stuff that boggles my mind He occasionally finds murderers that others can t find, or sometimes don t even know are active But, Theo sees patterns that others can t see It makes for one heck of a ride I also enjoy that he s always spouting facts It s all very informative and never boring.This book wasn t as scary as the last book, but it s definitely one worth reading I m looking forward to the next Author Andrew Mayne is someone I d be willing to bet is either fascinating to talk to, or very long winded My thanks to Netgalley and the Publishers, Thomas Mercer for allowing me to read and review this book. 3.5 stars I enjoyed this book but it wasn t as good as the first two in the series It wasn t as funny and it was science laden Theo does go above and beyond to solve the crime particularly at Butcher s Creek. I am not a Minion of Evil I am Upper Management Unknown Andrew Mayne has sliced open quite the watermelon here Thickly separated into juicy portions with a trail of sticky seeds Dr Theo Cray wears his newly found reputation of serial killer killer like an impressive tattoo It ventures into a dark universe well beyond his usual territory of computational biologist Mayne introduced us to Theo in The Naturalist which is the first book in this series I had Looking Glass 2 up at bat, but so like me on Christmas morning, I couldn t wait and jumped into Murder Theory 3 Mayne fills in the missing pieces with just enough backstory.Our story opens with a crew of FBI forensic agents sifting through the crime scene in the aftermath of a previous serial killer The agents have reported flu like symptoms Two of them die within days and one of them goes missing Eventually the agent shows up, but everything about him seems altered An MRI will reveal something jaw dropping.Theo runs his own government backed lab in Austin, Texas He s been known to fly aboard a State Department jet now and then to investigate hush hush sites Theo had even been presented with the challenge of pursuing a common genetic thread for terrorists Mayne ladles on mighty layers of scientific secret sauce within these pages Never fearhis explanations are thought provoking and easily understood while avoiding the deer in the headlights look It s amazing to think of the scientific horizons within arm s length for the future in crime investigation.Is it the nature of the beast to become a monster without even realizing it or is it a so called fine art gleaned from experiential life episodes Andrew Mayne will crack the door open a bit and we, as readers, step into this bizarro world at a fast pace If you get a chance to pick up The Naturalist, this will set the tone Murder Theory ends with a gaspand we ll be hyperventilating until the next one gets here Hunka Munka time, people.I received a copy of Murder Theory through NetGalley for an honest review My thanks to Thomas Mercer and Andrew Mayne for the opportunity. Solid story, but missing the creepy factor I loved from the other books This is the 3rd book in The Naturalist series and while it is still enjoyable, it is my least favorite Basic Plot Dr Theo Cray finds himself embroiled in another case of trying to find a serial killer He is just coming off finding the Toy Man and now something bad has happened at the site of the Toy Man s killing ground A couple people are dead and a forensic tech is a suspect The tech would normally be the least likely person to be suspected of violence, but Theo suspects that something or someone has altered his brain And whatever caused a violent streak in this tech, might be effecting others.Starting with the positive, I really like the Theo character He is smart and quirky and doesn t shy away from getting involved in some dangerous situations The science element that is added to these books is really interesting and it s what makes these books different from other crime mysteries I often find myself trying to decide whether the science stuff is real or even possible and for me, it s kind of fun In this book, Theo finds himself breaking a lot of rules in his quest to find out what is driving people to violence Some of what he does just isn t well thought out I am ok with some reaching in order to drive the plot and make a good story, but Theo is super smart and it just didn t add up My biggest disappointment with this book is that the book just doesn t have the scare factor or creep factor of the other books Without the creepy factor there was just a lot of inner Theo monologues and a lot of sciencey making up a word stuff The sciencey stuff works out well when it is balanced with the proper amount of creepybut, just not enough creepy in this one Overall, I like this author and this character and I would read another Theo Cray bookhopefully one with a lot creepiness. I ve read all the books published in the Jessica Blackwood series by Andrew Mayne But, Murder Theory is the first I ve read in The Naturalist series And, I have to admit that at first didn t Dr Theo Cray, a computational biologist and serial killer hunter, rock my boat the same way that Jessica Blackwood does Not a bad story at all, just not on the same interested level and it got a bit scientific now and then Then, BAM one of the best scenes ever happened that pretty much changed how I felt for the book And, I can t write about it since you know spoilers However, I will just say this, this is by far the most interesting way to capture a serial killer Seriously, totally mental and I loved it After that, I just felt that yup this is a series for me Any guy that can do something like this is my kind of guy to read about So, kudos to Andrew Mayne for the worlds greatest how to catch a serial killer scene I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy through NetGalley for an honest review OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFGHoly cliffhanger. Dr Theo Cray is a very different protagonist than I typically see in murder mysteries He s a computational biologist and in the prior two books, he s used his scientific methods to track down serial killers As someone working with him says You re like a time traveler trying to explain forensics to a bunch of medieval monks who still think in terms of humors and vital essences Also, the premise of this book is very different than the normal murder mystery Something at the burial site for the victims of the prior book is causing the technicians working there to become violent Then Dr Cray finds another situation of what he starts calling the Hyde virus as in Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde What is the same and is starting to wear thin is the whole Dr Cray against the government scenario Andrew Mayne doesn t make it easy on his readers There s lot of scientific theory in all his books I can t imagine the amount of research he must do For those that like to be made to think, these are enjoyable books And despite all the science and AI, this is a fast paced story Mayne has added some enjoyable secondary characters to this book and it ll be interesting to see if they come back in book four This one ends with a big cliffhanger This is the third in the series and I think the reader would benefit from having read the prior two My thanks to netgalley and Thomas Mercer for an advance copy of this novel.