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Clever and perfect for grades 2 6 Adventure and camaraderie galore, with terrible lizards and much humor Read this with my son. Imagine combining Knights of the Round Table, dinosaurs, and Magic Tree House and you will end up with this eminently readable action novel by Matt Phelan.Writing notes While the format and subject matter are going to likely appeal to reluctant readers, the knightly writing style while enjoyable and not over done is going to be a bit challenging than the format suggests However, your students who are heavy superhero comic readers may not be as put off as you might suggest and will likely pick up and enjoy it anyway and isn t that the point Format notes Is this a graphic novel Is it a picture book or chapter book In this case the story truly defined the format and while I may have wished on occasion for a bit of one or the other, it was pleasurable in its own right. This story included a mash up of my son s favorite things Knights and Dinosaurs It was so imaginative and fun the perfect summer read aloud. This was 100% the perfect book for me to share with my 10 year old Four knights from King Arthur s court one of them the mysteriously silent Black Knight and the other three massively boastful but useless get sent back to dinosaur times by Merlin to teach them all a lesson and the results are genuinely hilarious The book is full of fantastic dinosaur knight action sequences that had both of us laughing like mad, along with surprising sweetness in the development of a real created family There are some really funny graphic novel sequences scattered throughout, and some wonderful character moments.About 15% of the way through, I thought it was all great except that there weren t ANY female characters Because I know I have friends here who also aren t fans of all male adventures without giving away any spoilers, I just want to reassure you guys that by 25% of the way through, those proportions had seriously changed in some really fabulous ways and this became a five star book for me It also got the HIGHEST POSSIBLE mark of approval from my 10 year old, who not only took turns reading the book out loud with me, but when I was too busy to keep going snuck it off to read by himself because he COULD NOT WAIT to find out what happened next And then later I went back and read those bits, too, because I needed to find out, too We both laughed a lot throughout, the ending made me really happy and my 5 y o overheard us reading the last few chapters and demanded that I read it to him next I just finished reading this swashbuckling adventure of knights of the round table battling instead of dragons, surprise dinosaurs After the knights gather to report to King Arthur their brave feats, especially the 40 dragons Sir Erec reported vanquishing, Merlin dangles a quest The quest is to slay the Terrible Lizard Instantly regretting his bragging, Sir Erec has no choice but to accept Of course all of the other knights compete for this challenge too, and thus begins the expedition to find dangerous creatures the knights must conquer Told with humor, surprising twists and turns, and page flying high action battles, this is a title I can t wait to hand out to our kids looking for an exciting tale Especially one with loads of paneled illustrations beautifully depicted in ink to ignite their imaginations and increase the pleasure this story brings I love the combination of knights and dinosaurs so original, quite brilliant. An utter delight King Arthur s Knights of the Round Table love to tell tall tales of their adventures, but they are all lies There just aren t enough mythical beasts for them to battle When Sir Erec brags that he d slain forty dragons, he knew that he d pushed the storytelling too far It caught Merlin s attention and Merlin suggested that Sir Erec, Sir Bors, Sir Hector and the Black Knight explore one particular cave As they did so, along with Bors brave squire, they are transported back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the earth Now there were than enough dragons to battle But they may just prove to be too much for our hearty knights The question becomes who would win in a battle, a knight or a dinosaur Phelan clearly has had a ball writing this book It is filled with jaunty references to King Arthur s court and has a humor that children will love The knights have distinct personalities from one another and beautifully grate on one another s nerves The knights enter a world of real peril where Phelan creates moment after moment of battles, dangers and sword swinging good times.There are a couple of reveals here that invite young women to see themselves as knights too In fact, the female knight completely rocks The dinosaurs who battle one another with a joyous abandon add so much to the tale, something that dinosaur fans will love to see The book has illustrations sprinkled throughout, breaking up the text for young readers.A boisterous, battle filled book that will appeal to young knights and young dinosaur experts and anyone looking for a good read Appropriate for ages 6 9. &Download Pdf ☠ Knights vs. Dinosaurs ↟ An ALA Notable Title Absurdly Entertaining Victorious On All Fronts Booklist Starred Review Renowned For Their Courage, Their Chivalry, And Their Ability To Fight Mythical Creatures, The Knights Of The Round Table Must Face Their Most Dangerous Opponents Yet DINOSAURS This Heavily Illustrated Middle Grade Novel From Award Winning Author And Artist Matt Phelan Is A Hilarious, Rip Roaring Tale Of Derring Do Perfect For Reluctant Readers And Fans Of How To Train Your Dragon And The Terrible Two Let Me Tell You A Secret About The Knights Of The Round Table They Don T Have Much To Do The Realm Is At Peace And Dragons Are Few And Far Between So Merlin Decides To Send The Knights Out On A Real Adventure To A World Filled With The Most Terrible Lizards Of All DINOSAURS Knights Vs Dinosaurs Is A Highly Illustrated, Fast Paced Adventure Full Of Uproarious Knightly Hijinks, Surprising Secrets, And Terrifying Dinosaurs With Art On Nearly Every Page, Including An Epic Fight Scene Depicted In Several Graphic Novel Style Spreads, This Engaging Story Is Monty Python For Young Middle School ReadersA Great Choice For Reluctant Readers, Aspiring Knights, And Fans Of Peter Brown S The Wild Robot This Rollicking Story Is Suspenseful And Silly An Excellent Choice For All Readers School Library Journal Starred Review Absurd fun for the 2nd 5th set and kids looking for short chapter books Kids will love being on the inside of the joke and knowing than the knights In King Arthur s court, the bored knights mostly fight among themselves or invent battles to boast about because real battles are pretty scarce When Erec carries the exaggeration a bit too far, Merlin challenges him to take on a terrible lizard and some of his fellow knights join in the quest Merlin send the unsuspecting group back to a time of dinosaurs and the battle is on Lots of comic silliness ensues but there are is also a gender role theme and a wonderful pointed jab at the value of actually reading the book sent along Lots of illustrations including action panels make this a great choice for fans of graphic novels or needing short chapter books with plenty of clues.Read in galley and am really eager to see the finished copy Looks like there is to be some back matter on the various dinosaurs along with a note saying these various species of dinosaurs didn t all live at the same time. As you can tell from the 4 stars I gave this book, I really enjoyed it It was fast paced, funny, and filled with Phelan s quiet and amazing illustrations This books follows four knights of Sir Arthur s Round Table on a quest to defeat a terrible monster Merlin sends these four knights, and squire Mel, to a time when dinosaurs roamed We see many different dinosaurs, some which lived at different times, but Merlin explains at the end that this was done to add excitement An underlining point to this story is that when you work together to accomplish something, or defeat a monster, you will have success than if you tried to do it alone The other reason I really enjoyed this book is I can see myself handing this to patrons and them also enjoying it I am excited to see the final illustrations, and with the ending I know I ll get to see adventures of these knights