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Ich wollte ja schon lange mal was von Hiaasen lesen, und jetzt, da ein ganz neues Buch von ihm erschienen ist, habe ich dieses Vorhaben endlich in die Tat umgesetzt.Und es stimmt Es ist klasse Der Typ kann schreiben Spannend, witzig, intelligent, liest sich runter wie nix.Hat mir echt gut gefallen Carl Hiaasen s juvenile books are never as whacked out as those he writes for adults Still, he manages to get a pro environment and anti development message into all of his books, as well as his love of Florida This time, Billy Dickens is a middle school kid who likes snakes, sticks up for downtrodden classmates and has absolutely no relationship to his long estranged father That all changes when he discovers his father s address and embarks on an adventure that involves bears, snakes and drones.This is a quick little read with enjoyable characters and a mildly written tension filled plot filled with snakes the kind that squirm on the ground and those that squirm on two legs. Ahoy there me mateys A while back I was introduced to this author because of a cat on the cover of scat I enjoyed that book so much that I decided to listen to all of Hiaasen s other juvenile books This be a review of the other four books hoot, flush, chomp, squirm These books have some common themes All of them involve a young boy who lives in Florida, gets bullied, loves animals, has a quirky sense of humor, makes new friends, and saves the day Weird names also seem to be a trend While the bad guys are very two dimensional, the good guys are quirky and fun Also there tends to be loving, if odd, parents involved which is nice.hoot This was apparently a best novel nominee for the Newbery medal I also think at some point I watched some of the movie with me nephews In this one, Roy Eberhardt moves to Florida He is chosen to be the school bully, Dana Matherson s, new punching bag It is while being smashed into the school bus window that Roy first sees the running boy who is running away from the school bus and appears to be wearing no shoes Roy is pulled into a mystery to find out who the boy is and what he is doing The running boy is called Mullet Fingers and is on a quest to fight a pancake house and save the owls I loved Roy and the girl Beatrice I loved the pancake house actress.flush In this one a boy named Noah is determined to help his dad stop the local casino boat from dumping sewage into the water His sister Abbey joins in Me favourite character was Shelley There are side plots about the kids trying to save their parents marriage Also this is one of those books where the dad actually acknowledges faults and takes steps to improve I particularly loved the family dynamics in this one.chomp This was me other favourite This book follows a boy named Wahoo worst name ever as he works with his dad as an animal wrangler for a wildlife reality tv show His friend Tuna second worse name ever joins him on location This was a tongue in cheek look at reality television and made me laugh The reality star, Derek Badger, is something else It is over the top and ridiculous and I loved it.squirm This book was slightly different in that part of it takes place in Montana and there is an absent dad who certainly doesn t win any awards for best parent In this book, Billy is determined to meet his father and gets answers to his questions Like in hoot, snakes are a major theme For me this plot was the strangest There is supposed to be a mystery in terms of what the exactly Billy s father does for a living The answer was not that interesting to me and the dad seemed to be an idiot in general I did like Billy though.I was very glad to read these books They are rather lighthearted and silly but I can see the appeal for younger readers They certainly appealed to this older one too Me personal preference of reading order be scat, chomp, flush, hoot, then squirm Scat and chomp in particular had some laugh out loud moments I highly recommend Arrr Check out me other reviews at Filled with colorful characters leading atypical lives, Carl Hiaasen s junior novels never fail to keep me guessing In Squirm we meet Billy Dickens, a Florida boy with a love for snakes but less affection for people His mother, a fanatic for baby eagles who refuses to live than a short distance from an eagle s nest, packs up and moves her family to a new place whenever the nearest nest goes dormant This lifestyle inhibits Billy from making friends, but his older sister hates moving than he does Belinda is at the breaking point with their mother, who shows no signs of changing her eagle watching habits Billy s father left when Billy was too young to remember him, and the man s whereabouts are a secret closely guarded by Billy s mother So curious has he become over the years that when he pieces together enough information to locate a home address for his father in Montana, Billy tricks his mother into letting him travel there with no confirmation on the other end that his father is willing to receive him Let the adventure begin Billy s father has a new wife, Little Thunder Sky Lil , and a stepdaughter, Summer Chasing Hawks Both are Native Americans of Crow descent When Billy arrives, his father isn t there he s on a mission for his secret job, which Lil and Summer are tightlipped about Whatever it is pays enough to send good money to Billy s mother every month Billy isn t content to meet his stepfamily and not see his father, and his father has no intention of letting that happen Soon Billy is entangled in a plot that involves poaching, high tech drones, and a rich man named Lincoln Chumley Baxter IV who s used to getting what he wants Baxter s current shenanigans won t go smoothly if Billy or his father can help it, though their own relationship is in serious need of mending Can Billy s skill at handling wild animals tip the scales in favor of the good guys, and can two halves of a broken family heal into something resembling a whole Squirm leans heavily on coincidence and is less cohesive than Hoot or Scat, but I like Carl Hiaasen s style The protagonists of his junior novels face long odds with humor and dignity, opposed by villains older and experienced than they In the end, though, most everything turns out right You won t come across big emotional scenes or a climax spilling over with tension, but that s not Carl Hiaasen s game, and I m all right with that I d rate Squirm one and a half stars I would round up to two if not for a specific plot element in the closing pages that I won t disclose for the sake of avoiding spoilers I enjoyed this book, and the author s fans will probably find it a pleasant read at the very least It s worth your time. Y all I m doing better in 2019 This review is only weeks late as opposed to months, or a year cough cough SPOILER ALERT This is not a review It is a rant There will be spoilers I Ok So let me just say this book made me VERY uncomfortable to put it lightly I wanted to DNF so many times, but I was 62% in and I couldn t let all my strife be for naught.So first I read all of the previous books in the series It s been a while give or take eight or so years But if I remember correctly the books were all kinda cooky, happened in Florida, everglades esque, the main character was also always kinda weird, obsessed with one animal or another, but it was what it was I remember seeing the book had come out and being interested Just so happens I m scrolling through the kindle shop they got me with that.99 three month kindle unlimited thing and I see that the book is on sale for 1.99 there was a reason so of course I buy it I mean, come on I don t know if I m just getting on in my years twenty will do that to you or if this book was just a wreck, but I m banking on the latter.So basic gist main character s name is Billy, he obsessed with snakes, a loner Strange But expected He lives with his mom and his sister, dad is a dead beat who left when Billy was four three but he sends a check every month Okay not so bad Will say that I was not believing this skinny little twelve year old picked up a whole grown woman to stop her from getting trampled by a bison Like boy let her do her, take her selfies and get trampled Now, Billy s mother is a bit of a weirdo also She s obsessed with eagles As in they literally move every few years so that they can be near an eagle nest Weird But not unexpected Also the mom is also quite taken with animals especially birds who mate for life May or may not have to do with her failed love life, but I dunno.Billy s sister has really no character She s just a catalyst through which the author mocks social media through the clueless Billy She s just there to take selfies and use facegram or instatube or whatever Billy mixing up the names of social media sites was not remotely funny.Now here s where it gets messy The dad So dead beat walks out on his wife and his two kids and moves to Minnesota correct me if I m wrong didn t really try to commit any of this to memory to save animals with a drone Yes you read that right Like he legit scares off animals with a drone so they won t get offed by poachers Like I said I might just be too old Maybe it was supposed to be funny or something And this is where it gets worse The Native American aspect The book series on a whole kind of speaks towards animal conservation, endangered species and all that good stuff In THIS particular book, however, the author puts this same idea towards Native Americans And it just feels off Like he s putting them in the same place as the bison that almost got killed off I dunno it was just weird all around So, any who, drone boy, who, as I said left his whole family in Florida and moved to Minnesota is now married they don t actually get officially married they just go on a camping trip along with the new step daughter and call it a day, which also left a bad taste in my mouth like okaaay to a Native American woman whose name is something like Thunder Sky Hawk something to that effect who also has a daughter around the same age as Billy Somehow this guy inherited some money so he s well off, nobody knows or he thinks they don t so he lies and says he has a job with the government so they won t know that he really is still an idiot This guy has no good characteristics The new wife , Lil, okay so now I think I have her name Little Thunder Sky don t take my word for it , which Billy s mom remarks is simply beautiful The dynamic was all kinds of weird here cause the author was giving all kinds of vibes that Billy s mom still wants to be married to his idiot dad Y all it s a mess The stepdaughter, Summer So this girl is sooo annoying She s so happy that their white savior rescued them from the rez , but at the same time feels so separated from her people the Crow as she lets us know MULTIPLE times throughout the book She s also complete with a full indian abusive dad who is now rotting in jail At one point they are scaring off an animal so the poacher they re following around won t bag it Drone Boy is blowing a whistle, snake boy is blowing a car horn and full blood Crow Summer is out here banging on a tree like a mad woman It just made me so uncomfortable Also she thought it made sense to tell a man with no morals, a stinking rich poacher with A GUN, that he better not do anything to her cause she is FULL CROW HUH I was legit waiting to see that the author was a LEAST 1 16 Crow cause he just went and exploited these people so much Belittled them Equated them to animals Tried to act politically correct by saying that the white man really freaking messed their lives up, but then turns around and has them looking up to this lying, dumb behind man , if he can be called that He s not stable Like whyyy Also was VERY surprised by the amount of inappropriate words in this book I mean a few words were starred out, but I can t believe this is being sold as MG This whole book is just wreck I regret everything. Carl Hiaasen does it again This is a delightful book that unites a couple of Florida kids with their AWOL father who has a new family in Montana Dad goes out on secret missions and the Florida boy and Montana native American girl team up to find out what s actually going on Both of the youngsters are incredibly intelligent and wise for their ages each with knowledge that helps all out of dangerous situations Typical Hiaasen, the situations have an environnmental ecological origin. It was a lot of fun and with a good message, but felt like it lacked a lot of Hiaasen s usual humor. Billy Dickens is not your typical middle grader Not only does he have a thing for snakes and is fascinated by them, but he also has a penchant for the underdogs in his school and the world around him The child of two avid nature lovers, the boy has already lived in six different Florida towns, moves spurred by his mother s fondness for bald eagles When Billy figures out where his long gone father is, he travels to Montana to meet him But in the beautiful state, he finds questions than answers and falls in love with the place When the truth about what his dad does for a living finally comes out, Billy and his stepsister, Summer, head off on a wild ride through parts of Florida as they try to protect an endangered species there and a different one back in Montana I have no idea if there are actually wealthy bounty hunters out there like the villainous Lincoln Chumley Baxter IV, out there, eager to kill species that are steadily dwindling just for the thrill of it, but the author has captured the essence of what someone like this might be like and how determined he was to bag his game, no matter what he had to do to succeed As I finished the book, I couldn t help wishing there were folks out there like Billy The wildlife and environment need eco warriors like him Although the ending of the book might be a little over the top, I have to say that I was pleased that nature got the last word when it came to justice All the characters in this novel are interesting and complex, and it was encouraging to see one man use his wealth for good Middle grade readers will enjoy this one just as much as the author s earlier books. I really enjoy Hiassen s books, preferring his adult fare This book is written for tweens, not even young adults The humor is pretty dumbed down e.g., MeTube and other misnamed social media platforms The basic story made little sense Father abandons family, but sends a monthly check Mother is kind of cuckoo and moves around Florida to be near bald eagle nests The son decides to track down father despite his simmering anger, and finds him with a new Crow Indian family in Montana, where he has a mysterious job involving nature and drones Somehow he gets over his anger Highlights of the book were the son s unwavering war on bullies, and affinity for nature very Hiassenesque Just didn t work for me. `Free Kindle ⇠ Squirm ☊ Some Facts About Billy Dickens He Once Saw A Biker Swerve Across The Road In Order To Run Over A Snake Later, That Motorcycle Somehow Ended Up At The Bottom Of A Canal Billy Isn T The Type To Let Things GoSome Facts About Billy S Family They Ve Lived In Six Different Florida Towns Because Billy S Mom Always Insists On Getting A House Near A Bald Eagle Nest Billy S Older Sister Is Dating A Jerk It S A Mystery Billy S Dad Left When He Was Four, And Billy Knows Almost Nothing About Him Billy Has Just Found His Dad S Address In MontanaThis Summer, Billy Will Fly Across The Country, Hike A Mountain, Float A River, Dodge A Grizzly Bear, Shoot Down A Spy Drone, Save A Neighbor S Cat, Save An Endangered Panther, And Then Try To Save His Own Father