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I was completely charmed by this book Coming off of two decades of military service, Skaife applies and eventually gets a position as a Yeomen Warder at the historical Tower of London He now has the additional title of Ravenmaster as he is responsible for the six ravens that reside at the Tower It s a job that was voted strangest in England, but the way Skaife describes it shows it to be a strictly regimented yet hands off position that allows the birds to be as wild as possible But his careful husbandry keeps the birds safe from urban foxes, from the massive crowds of tourists who visit the tower each year, and also from each other.Skaife is a lover of stories and history which is what attracted him to his position in the first place He not only cares for the ravens but gives tours to the public, detailing the long and often grizzly history of the Tower In this book you get a front row seat to this history as well as Skaife s own background Then, of course, there are the birds fiercely intelligent creatures called by one scientist, apes with wings because of their huge brains The author may not be an ornithologist, but he s well read on the subject while having one on one experience with the birds than any of us would have at our day jobs.His love for the birds and his job rings or should I say squawks and clicks through this book Let this storyteller talk to you about his birds for 250 pages You certainly won t regret it. [Download E-pub] ♊ The Ravenmaster ☤ For Centuries, The Tower Of London Has Been Home To A Group Of Famous Avian Residents The Ravens Each Year They Are Seen By Millions Of Visitors, And They Have Become As Integral A Part Of The Tower As Its Ancient Stones But Their Role Is Even Important Than That Legend Has It That If The Ravens Should Ever Leave, The Tower Will Crumble Into Dust And Great Harm Will Befall The KingdomThe Responsibility For Ensuring That Such A Disaster Never Comes To Pass Falls To One Man The Ravenmaster The Current Holder Of The Position Is Yeoman Warder Christopher Skaife, And In This Fascinating, Entertaining And Touching Book He Memorably Describes The Ravens Formidable Intelligence, Their Idiosyncrasies And Their Occasionally Wicked Sense Of Humour The Ravenmaster Is A Compelling, Inspiring And Irreverent Story That Will Delight And Surprise Anyone With An Interest In British History Or Animal Behaviour Months ago, I read a blurb about The Ravenmaster in The Week magazine and I had been trying to get to it since then Admittedly, it took a while Totally worth the wait This book amused delighted me as I read it, and again whenever parts popped into my head Mr Skaife seems to be a natural story teller I know I hung on to every word, but by the end I still had not gotten my fill of the seven ravens that call The Tower of London home You can easily imagine my enthusiasm when I realized they have their own Instagram Turns out my procrastination was a perk In the essay collection, Mr Skaife shares hopes for the future of the ravens at The Tower I recently saw on the social media site that one of his goal has been met So cool I have a new go to gift and it is uniquely excellent in that it is universally appealing I cannot wait to share it with my students and to hand it out to my friends No need to be into ravens, or even birds at all the history of The Tower and the evolution of the post that is now The Ravenmaster is incredibly interesting The bits about Mr Skaife as a mischievous boy and later, as an eager sponge in the military are equally entertaining. Ravenmasterby Christopher SkaifeThis is an audible book I requested and the review is voluntary This is one of the best non fiction books I have read this year I enjoyed everything about this book The book is laid out wonderfully simple and efficiently This is a book about taking care of the 6 7 ravens at the tower of London The author is the Ravenmaster It is his job to keep the ravens safe and healthy and at the tower This sounds simple but as he tells it, there is a lot to this job and it is also fascinating I would love to be an assistant He tells the history of the tower, of the job, we meet each raven and their personalities, odd things the ravens have done, odd things people have done including the assists and Ravenmaster , ghosts, life in the tower, and so much Each chapter is truly amazing I was spellbound I really think he has an awesome job because I love ravens He also discusses famous visitors, death of some ravens, what they do then, and I imagine the physical book might have pictures but I googled it The author s love for these birds, his job, his humor, intelligence, and pride in his country really shines through I giggled a lot while listening to this He also narrated the book which was wonderful to hear it from the Ravenmaster himself I recommend this book to everyone Some might have already seen my review for this book.As mentioned before, this edition here is actually the one I wanted because the cover is much beautiful, showing raven Merlina as well as the Ravenmaster and the Tower, hinting at the history theme that also permeates this great story along with the anecdotes about Christopher Skaife s life and his many adventures with the ravens.Thus, although I already have the red UK edition, I had to have this one as well When it finally arrived today, I discovered that the cover wasn t the only thing different about this The US CA version also features colour photographs unlike the UK s b w ones and there are photographs overall Oh, and there s a historical map of the Tower in the front and back you know you can always get me with maps Yes, this is a group photo with Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II The bottom one is quite important for three reasons view spoiler Reason 1 being that it s the art installation that was erected as a commemoration to WWI reason 2 being why that art installation was is so dear to the author s own heart and reason 3 being that the Ravenmaster even named the newest Tower raven after it Poppy hide spoiler Rtc Grab yourself a cuppa, perhaps a couple of chocolate biscuits, and relax into the company of The Ravenmaster, Mr Christopher Skaife I absolutely loved the conversational feel of this fascinating and very enjoyable biography of Skaife s careers past and present, and the genuine passion and enthusiasm he has for the headstrong, noble and beautiful ravens in his care Skaife s storytelling, both serious and humorous is filled with information, anecdotes and moments of hilarity, all with the easy charm that I suspect that The Ravenmaster employs in his daily life with the, at times, testing general public With a real sense of wonder and fascination for the raven, and references to the most interesting works about them, the evolution of his employment, and his unique workplace, this is a highly enjoyable and entertaining read Recommended. I vividly remember the day of Brexit Nobody knew what the hell was going on and the pound fell off a cliff and we saw the leading Brexiteers looking nauseous and terrified as they realised their actions had catastrophic consequences, and the Prime Minister s resignation only made it to 3 on the news agenda It was chaotic and terrifying in the days when that wasn t standard practice I was on Twitter of course, and there I saw a tweet from the Ravenmaster with a picture of the Tower ravens that read, simply, We are still here I welled up It meant a lot This is a marvellous book about a bizarre job Mr Skaife is a Yeoman Warder and in charge of the Tower ravens because if they ever leave the Tower, the country will fall He actually shows that to be a relatively recent myth, but that doesn t make it any less true IMO it s deeply embedded in the national consciousness and every story has to start somewhere This is very much a book of stories, one of those reads that feels like you re in the pub with a really interesting bloke Chatty, discursive, a lot about the life that brought him to this point, and loads about the ravens he adores You learn about raven flight feathers and bird distribution globally and raven myths and Army drumming and what it was like to be on Army duty in South Armagh or Belize and how the Warders cope with the visiting public taking the mickey, basically , and it s all just a really interesting slice of human life I m now desperate to go to the Tower again, tourist trap that it is, just to check out the birds A lovely book. I ve been a fan of ravens for a long time and always detested their bad reputation thanks to silly old superstitions that seem to mostly derive from their physical appearance and the fact that they are omnivores Especially the latter seems only yet another sign of their extreme intelligence because all of us who ve paid attention in biology know that highly specialized picky animals are much likely to die out yes, I m also talking about you, sabre toothed tigers.It all began with Sir David Attenborough, as is often the case Yes, I adore the man and always will He is the prime example of a human not caring about looks but ability and he was the one telling me through one of his BBC programmes about the intelligence tests Kerplunk games for ravens that most of them seem to ace every time.Then, some time ago, I somehow heard about the Ravenmaster on Twitter I didn t know anything about the man or his job but the tweet had the picture of a gorgeous raven so I clicked and scrolled and became addicted to the man s updates Through his photographs and little videos I got to share his enthusiasm and see some of the quirky birds almost every day.My plan had been to see London eventually, the plans having been thwarted by a lack of money for a long time, and those plans only got invigorated by the prospect of meeting these special corvids personally when visiting the historic site And this year my dream finally came true I had the money and didn t care that I d had to go on vacation on my own, I could do this Thus, I booked tickets and made plans and got really excited.Imagine my delight, therefore, when I heard that the man was going to publish a book about his life at the Tower and the ravens there So when I was in London this past week, I had to get a copy before making my way to the Tower and I did It wasn t the edition I had originally wanted but I didn t care unusual for me Packed and ready to go, I got there early and went on one of the apparently famous Yeoman Warder tours like an idiot I hadn t known much about the Tower in advance except for some juicy historical bits.Following the sarcastic elderly and rude his words Yeoman Warder and listening to his take on the history of the fortress was delightful Afterwards, I met a raven posing for tourists when exiting the exhibition of the crown jewels I took some pictures, moved on After walking through yet another exhibition the Fusiliers Museum , I made my way to the raven enclose, heart set on meeting the Ravenmaster and getting my book signed And he was there I only noticed by a complete coincidence despite his uniform I chatted him up and However, like a complete idiot, despite him being so nice and friendly and us chatting for a few solid minutes about everything from the ravens themselves to our shared admiration for Sir David Attenborough, I forgot to ask for a feather because it is mentioned in the book that the Ravenmaster sometimes has some that he hands out doh He had to leave, however, because despite it being his day off, he had to watch some students who were researching and filming the ravens behavioral patterns and talking to some journalists I was lucky he was there at all Thus, I made my way to yet interesting sights around the Tower there is no shortage of those , tried kicking myself for not having remembered to ask about the feather, kept watching the birds and even entered the gift shop where I got a cute raven pin and pencil with a raven on top I was contemplating my chances of finding him again when I noticed him while walking the battlements and made a split second decision to stalk the poor man So I descended the stairs, keeping an eye on the Ravenmaster and the reporters filming him, waited in front of the enclosure where Poppy youngest member of the raven staff promptly entertained me when a student entered her enclosure and tried to take one of her toys away yes, pure Schadenfreude, but the woman deserved it she wanted to take a toy away , which prompted the cheeky bird to show her who the boss was and chasing her out Yes, I chuckled, I may have even laughed loudly no, I m not sorry because even the bird looked at me BWAHAHAHAHAHA The Ravenmaster then walked down and out of the enclosure with the journalists, I followed yes, I know, but I wanted a feather , waited until the journalists had said goodbye for what must have been the fourth time and then I made my move If you ever read this, Ravenmaster, I really am sorry lol Anyway, I found the courage to chat him up again, inquired about the feather an lo and behold, I didn t get one but TWO But that isn t the end of this glorious tale, nope I was so incredibly happy after leaving the food preparation rooms where he kept dead chicks and the afore mentioned feathers that I had to sit down I opted for one of the benches around White Tower, hoping for a good shot of one of the ravens And suddenly there was Poppy She was walking from left to right and left again behind my bench, probably trying to scare me so I d drop some food Alas, I had deliberately nothing on me Instead, I turned around, facing her and started talking to her Yes, I talk to animals, I don t care what you think about that But here is the amazing thing she cocked her head, hopped onto the litter bin and from there onto my bench next to me AND STARTING CHATTING BACK no idea what else to call it She came so close, I could have easily stroked her feathers but of course I didn t I wasn t scared or anything, I just figured she wouldn t like that imagine if even only a quarter of all tourists tried that, how annoyed she would have to be So I sat there, eyeing her, talking, listening to her sounds Then I took the picture below yes, she was definitely posing when she wasn t cleaning her beak and then she took off.Nothing and I mean NOTHING could compare to that during my vacation I wasn t walking, I was floating for the rest of the day.Tonight, I finally finished this compelling, funny and insightful book that gave me historical information as much as some great insight into the Ravenmaster s military career and the mischief of these extraordinary birds I am no longer surprised that they actually are working the crowds two of them did after my encounter with Poppy, first performing for one side, then turning around and doing the routine on the other, it was glorious to watch.From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU, Ravenmaster, for a book that isn t only entertaining though it definitely is but also moving and THANK YOU for spending some of your precious free time with this fan and being so generous to her.And THANK YOU, Poppy, for not doing to me what you did to that female student she totally deserved it P.S This hardcover edition has nearly 300 pages, by the way, not only 208 as Goodreads claims.