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I was blessed with a free copy of this book, and I have chosen of my own volition to share my review with you The tale continues in book of The Last Sanctuary Series This book s only disappointment is that it ended The characters are so complexly developed that they seem like some of my closest friends The story line moves along at a decent clip, but there is adequate embellishment to make the story seem life like.I cannot wait for book 3 Falling Stars is a thrilling apocalyptic survival adventure centered on Amelia and the team of the Grand Voyager Betrayed by her boyfriend, Gabriel Ramos Rivera, Amelia and Micah, Gabriel s brother Amelia and Micah find themselves in battle of the fittest, where their friends and family is now their enemies, and no place seems safe at the moment This small group went through hell, watching they their loved ones die from either from gunshot wounds or from the Hydra Virus that seems to be plaguing them It appears they couldn t run far enough or fast enough to escape it.Told from alternating point of views, the store is fast paced and action packed It s a great thriller for anyone who loves thrillers. @READ DOWNLOAD » Falling Stars (The Last Sanctuary #2) ⚢ They Survived The Grand Voyager They Believed They Were Safe They Were Wrong After A Violent Ambush, The Survivors Find Themselves Thrust Into A Harsh, Unrecognizable World No Communications No Shelter No Food All They Have Is Each Other A Ragtag Group Of Elites And Misfits Amelia Faces Her Deadliest Test Yet Guilt Ridden Willow Must Save Her Brother At Any Cost Gabriel Seeks Penance For His Crimes, While Micah Wrestles With His Conscience Even As He Vows To Protect His People With No Rescue In Sight, They Begin A Perilous Journey In Search Of Safety Dangerous Enemies Lurk On Every Side And Someone Or Something Is Hunting Them To Stay Alive, They Ll Need Answers What Is The Hydra Virus How Can They Stop It And Who Can They Trust When They Can T Even Trust Each Other In A Hostile World Falling To Pieces Around Them, The Only Way They Ll Survive Is Together Heart pounding Continuation I gobbled up the first book, Rising Storm The Last Sanctuary Book One yes, it is a must read for you to understand the story, and to meet all the characters I devoured it As I did with the second book I could not wait to see where the band of heroes were headed And boy did they take me on an adventure I smiled I laughed I cheered as I again became captivated by this heart pounding continuation All the characters are there, and some new ones some nice, and some not so nice Perfect combination The details Kyla gives us, as the reader, are exceptional I can picture everything happening I cannot wait to read the next book What a great follow up to the first book, Rising Storms Kyla Stone s action packed adventure could be read as a stand alone, but why miss the first book, when the writing is so gripping The characters are real, gritty, and hurled into an action packed chase from the outset of the story.If you are looking for a page turning exciting dystopian tale, read this and read the first book Five well deserved stars I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of Falling Stars The Last Sanctuary Book Two I really liked the way the plot changed from the first book Still suspenseful, but in a different way The characters develop so muchin this sequel, but it still is difficult for me to pick a favorite I m almost there though The story is believable, which is important to me in a futuristic, apocalyptic novel It held my attention from the very beginning of book 1 You ll enjoy this if you like novels about survival in difficult environments and circumstances. Again, a great story Such insights into the characters who are flawed and vulnerable The balance between action and retrospection was much better However, I found the constant changing of character perspective a bit jarring I had to keep looking back to the beginning of the chapter to see who was talking as the pronouns weren t always defined. I thought the bar was set high after the first book, but this one exceeds that previous standard You could read this as a stand alone, but I wouldn t recommend it You d miss important pieces of the backstory This book picks up where the first one left off and takes us on a wild ride filled with drama and emotion The characters are so dynamic, and the scenes are descriptive and vivid I cannot wait to see what will happen in the next book.I received a complimentary copy of this book. Read NO SAFE HAVEN That s where I started with this series and I LOVED it Maybe if I had started with the first book of the series, I would feelconnection with these characters I like them, but I read this to learn what happened next for Raven, the shero of NO SAFE HAVEN.This dystopian series uses the horrendous mutating virus the bring on the apocalypse There s a power sect inside the corrupt government and a bunch of terrorist organizations who are trying to stop them, or at least kick them out of control.Stone s ideas aren t unique but she does a good job mixing rich versus poor themes with the poor unloved rich kid tropes I picked up the next book in the series mostly because I wondered if Raven would ever join them , so you know it s well written with somewhat relatable characters in gripping situations. Amazing story and can be read as a stand alone This is the first book I ve read in the series and I found it to be a great stand alone Even though there were references made to the previous book, I could still follow what was happening The main characters took me on a heart stopping journey that had me wondering what will happen next You got a feel for each character as their bravery and determination to survive became clear at each obstacle and I must say I held my breath as death crept closer to many of them.Overall this action packed dystopian novel is sure to take you through a range of emotions that will leave you wantingI would recommend this to anyone who enjoys an end of the world science and action story.