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This book is for privileged white women with no real problems but the ones they make up for themselves I was told this book was inspiring But let s be real, it s easy for a rich lady to tell me or anyone that I m in control of my own life Any woman with a husband who makes enough money that you find yourself on the red carpet can say that I found this book to be very unrelatable and full of humble brags It was like social media in book form Also, if I hear one white woman call other white women her tribe I m going to throw up.This book ended up in the trash after reading 50 pages and countless eye rolls. Girl, stop preaching at meAt the end of each chapter, Hollis tells us what worked for herwhat helped her master something in her life Wow We re the same age and I certainly feel like a constant work in progress And she s this wise, worldly woman who seems to think very highly of herself and her progress in life I d be sooooo annoyed if she were sitting around at a party and kept talked about what worked for her, like some wise old grandma reflecting on her youth I would have connected if she finished each chapter with a active statement, such as, What s working for me now. Because, if I don t think it s worth five stars, what hope is there Some parts of this book spoke deeply to my soul, and others made me want to punch someone in the face I struggled with every word she said about diet and body image what was meant to be uplifting and inspiring was preached as scientific fact from someone with no medical dietetic credentials She had nothing to back up her claims, but she preached it like doctrine I also really really really struggled with the story of how she met her husband I realize have no business being bothered by it, but she says herself that people may have issue with her sharing it and that it isn t meant for it to be used to condone an unhealthy relationship But.she married the man from her super unhealthy relationship Guys, don t marry the guy who brings you to bars and ignores you while he hits on other women Don t marry the guy who only calls you at night when he s been drinking but ignores you during the day Don t marry the guy who you give your virginity to because you don t know how else to keep him interested I mean, really She gave so much time to how terrible their first year was and then gives a quick but now everything is great And it just doesn t work for me.I think the point of the husband story was that when she told him she needed to be respected and she didn t want him calling any, he realized she was worth respecting She had to respect herself to get respect, yada yada Buuuutttt telling someone you don t want them to contact you any and then having them show up on your doorstep the next morning is literally the opposite of respect I love it when I set boundaries and people totally ignore them romance Edit I have to come back and discuss things that are not okay The diet pills She essentially tells everyone that she and her roommate survived off of diet pills to the point that they were hallucinating, so they stopped taking them and gained back 40 lbs She doesn t discourage this, if anything the quick oh and then we gained weight and became less attractive seems like a subtle I can t recommend this BUT if you want to lose weight here s how to do it NOT OKAY Additionally, when people come to her her diet advice why is she giving diet advice Is she a dietician Does she have any medical knowledge she tells them to start by drinking water, and when they ve mastered that start cutting out foods Here s an idea listen to your body Thin worthy good important.Another edit I was on a plane with my young exhausted kids today and was thinking how an outsider would totally judge my parenting skills, but I gotta do what I gotta do and my in flight parenting techniques are totally different from day to day Then I remembered how Rachel went off on the totally exhausted mom for giving her kid candy on a plane Maybe there was to it that I m not remembering But honestly, anyone who has flown with their kids knows the struggle is real. Girl, just don t read this book Bless your tiny little bunny heart if you can make it through this entire book Like seriously, girl, how many times can you contradict yourself I had never heard of this women in my life, apparently, according to her, she has is an extremely successful entrepreneur Immediately my perception of the author was that she read a few really good books about women how have ACTUALLY struggled and then put her Reese Witherspoon in legally blond spin on it, adding a few Good Christian Girl references to increase her wholesome persona and obvi to make points with her Christian publisher The use of self deprecating humor in effort to create the notion that she s gone through some shit was annoying, patronizing and way over the top I won t even go into the annoying references to exercise and diet, wine drinking, and constant references to her years of hard work this chick is like 34, come on, girl, you ve got at least another decade of life until you can say you have done anything for years This book could have been a short story if she d left out all the filler fluff and strange tangents I could go on, but I won t If you are a privileged women who has some insecurities, this book is for you If you are a regular women who was interested in finding a deeper and authentic sense of joy in your life, this book is not for you. Nope Belittling people by saying you can pick yourself up by the boot straps and CHOOSE happiness is irresponsible and uneducated It just isn t that simple Her approach to body image and dieting is downright scary She seems very self centered and looking for her 15 minutes as opposed to helping anyone let alone women Throwing in a scripture here and there does not a Christian based book make This should not be considered self help I would not recommend this book to anyone It s uncomfortable, frustrating and ignorant. Ok, maybe I m the wrong audience for this Or maybe I shouldn t have chosen the audiobook narrated by the author But I just couldn t finish thisMostly, I found the author s supposed revelations to be really obvious and unenlightening It s important to have self worth by dumping the guy who uses you as a booty call but oh yeah I ended up marrying the guy Hey girls, we should support each other instead of judging each other And on top of all that, her anecdotes were way too long and self aggrandizing So I used to make fun of this girl for shaving her toes, when actually I also shaved my own toes And unbelievably, right after her chapter on how women shouldn t judge each other, she makes fun of people like Kim Kardashian for how they got their successwithout acknowledging that she comes from an enormous place of privilege herself Thanks but no thanks To top it off, the audiobook narration by the author had way too much preacher coddling guru let go and let god vibes I m not sure what s worse Her romanticizing of an abusive relationship, her dangerous diet advice, or how condescending and appallingly tone deaf she is. *KINDLE ⇱ Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are so You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be ☠ With Wry Wit And Hard Earned Wisdom, Popular Online Personality And Founder Of TheChicSite Founder Rachel Hollis Helps Readers Break Free From The Lies Keeping Them From The Joy Filled And Exuberant Life They Are Meant To HaveFounder Of The Lifestyle Website TheChicSite And CEO Of Her Own Media Company, Chic Media, Rachel Hollis Has Created An Online Fan Base Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of Fans By Sharing Tips For Living A Better Life While Fearlessly Revealing The Messiness Of Her Own Now Comes Her Highly Anticipated First Book Featuring Her Signature Combination Of Honesty, Humor, And Direct, No Nonsense AdviceEach Chapter Of Girl, Wash Your Face Begins With A Specific Lie Hollis Once Believed That Left Her Feeling Overwhelmed, Unworthy, Or Ready To Give Up As A Working Mother, A Former Foster Parent, And A Woman Who Has Dealt With Insecurities About Her Body And Relationships, She Speaks With The Insight And Kindness Of A BFF, Helping Women Unpack The Limiting Mind Sets That Destroy Their Self Confidence And Keep Them From Moving ForwardFrom Her Temporary Obsession With Marrying Matt Damon To A Daydream Involving Hypnotic Iguanas To Her Son S Request That She Buy A Necklace To Be Like The Other Moms, Hollis Holds Nothing Back With Unflinching Faith And Tenacity, Hollis Spurs Other Women To Live With Passion And Hustle And To Awaken Their Slumbering Goals 5 stars Rachel Hollis s newest book Girl Wash Your Face is just the book I needed to read to start my new year It s one of those books that made me think about my life, the things I do, and it was a highly entertaining read A few months ago, one of my facebook friends posted about this thing called The Last 90 Days I read up on it, and I was inspired to make changes to my life and not wait until the first of the year, but do it now I started getting up earlier, drinking water, going to the gym , and most importantly, I started making a gratitude list daily It really changed my perspective on a lot of things Since then, I started following Rachel Hollis I love her personality and she has great tips and advice When I got the opportunity to read this book early, I jumped on it Each chapter is about a lie we re told, and why that lie isn t actually true It s a motivating read that made me want to go out and conquer the world or at least my own life I found Rachel s stories inspiring This book inspired me to be better, but also not to be so hard on myself when I fail Laced with humor, relateable stories, and things that will actually resonate and help most of us, I recommend this book to all women It s a must readarc provided by publisher Get ready for some flames, folks Are you an upper class, skinny, Christian, white, mother Well I ve found the self help book for you If you re looking for a light dose of fat shaming disguised as the kick in the pants you may need, girl, to take control of your life Love ya , it s in here If you want someone who has lived through a close family suicide but remains highly shame ridden about mental health issues and how to discuss them, please visit this book Because the challenge of being an adoptive parent is given at least triple the airtime here than the suicide, which I find very very weird There s even a whole chapter on not judging gays, and how you should even hang out with them And people of color, hang out with them too Like, y all, I m disgusted But this book happened, and Hollis means well enough but this book is tone deaf at a high level I m sure this speaks to a certain audience, but it sure as hell isn t me.