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3.5 stars Skye Wolfe I think the title should give you all you need to know LOLLots of sex and stuff, but enough of a storyline to make it interesting. @Free E-pub ⛈ Climax È Wanna Hear A Dirty Little Secret No Guy Has Ever Gotten Me Off At Least, It Was A Secret, Until My Boss Saw My Journal Now He S Making Me A Promise I Can T Resist I Won A War, Lost A Wife, And Raised A Beautiful Baby Girl But I Left The SEALs Scarred And Broken I Swore Off Women For Good Until Skye She S Innocent, Curvy, And Makes My Company Tick But I Discovered Her Deepest Secret She S Never Had An O I Made Her A Deal You Fix Me And I Ll Fix You I M Gonna Fix Her, All Right, Right There In Her Own Office Skye S Gonna Learn Fast There S To This Contract Than Meets The Eye And There S A First Time For Everything It Won T Be Her Last Climax Is A Standalone Romance With Extra Steamy Bonus Content Included 3.55 StarsI liked this book that it was a fast paced book It was hot sure in the right places but some not so much Though the author did an amazing job something to me just felt a bit off.Hotness and SexyHappy Sexy Reading.I only read this story I would of given a 5 except as an ARC I thought we had time to send in errors Well we weren t given the chance and I read it in 1 day and burned 5 lbs of ribeyes.The story is great and she hit the Navy Seals and the private lives VERY well except the Navy doesn t have SERGEANTS A few sentences missing a word or too many words.As always her books are great and I can t wait for . 2.5 Stars Been seeing this everywhere, on , on my kindle so I thought why not, let s give it a try But boy, what a disappointment The blurb was really interesting but unfortunately I couldn t get into the story And apparently I m a masochist because I didn t dnf it.For me, the two main characters were not developed well Skye was so freaking immature, that I wanted to bash her against the wall Proof 1Harlan looks away from my body, and I feel a sudden surge of jealousy It s irrational, I know, but it s there What could beimportant than me right now And then I hear it the crinkle of a condom Harlan opens the package and discards the wrapperProof 2You know, Skye, Harlan says, looking down at me as I sink to my knees I like youandevery day I bury my outrage at the idea that he didn t just like me from the start by unzipping his pants, letting them fall to his ankles I half expect Harlan to laugh at me to call me ugly, to send me packing.Do all girls think like this, or is it just me But Harlan does none of those things I knew he never would This makes no freaking sense How can you expect someone to do something when you knew they would NEVER do so.I seriously hated Skye For being a psychiatric, she sure was dumb, childish and immature.Also I feel like the story was all over the place, a former Navy SEAL turned billionaire who just went into someone s office and started reading their journal A dumb and immature psychiatric who supposedly find it hard to give up control, gives up control easily and that too in a sex club Oh, and if you ve never had an O, maybe you could visit a sex club It might work out for you inserts eye rolls.Skye was supposed to treat Harlan, but we didn t see any treating the patient taking place, it was rather fucking the patient.Oh, my, what a waste of time This was my first read, by this author Honestly, I just couldn t get into this book I was not a fan of the writing style, and didn t really feel the chemistry between the H h This story was a miss for me Not your normal book very good Hmm an okay readThis was an okay read Didn t blow me away Wasn t bad by any means A boss and employee relationship with a bit of a unique spin as the boss isn t her direct boss, but anyway this story was cute and simple, but the author added in some unexpected depth to it further along The angst that came into play felt disjointed and thrown in at the last minute and that was my only true complaint about this book If you re looking for something that s pretty quick, and with quickly resolved angst then you ve found it Loved this book from beginning to end It had heat, a bit of drama but not the unnecessary kind and loveWolfe and Skye both have their own issues with control his with needing to much and hers with no knowing how to not over analyze things They are like two pieces of a puzzle that have to go together but at first you don t see why and then boom it makes sense that is this book