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Good fast readIt was short, and it started out a little choppy, but I still enjoyed the read I wish we had resolution on one of the characters, though. [Free Epub] ♊ Play Me a Song ⚖ ASIN BFMZ Moved To The Most Recent Edition HereAlicia Wishes She Could Be Anything Other Than Regular Living With Her Mom, Attending Night Classes And Working In A Diner, Her Life Is What Anyone Would Consider As Ordinary That Is, Until She Meets Gabriella A Shy Girl By Nature, Alicia Never Thinks She Could Be Attracted To A Woman Always Used To Dating Guys, The Thought Of Experimenting With A Girl Had Never Crossed Her Mind, Let Alone A Sassy Blonde With As Much Game As All Of Her Exes Combined When Alicia Meets Gabriella, Her Whole Life Is Turned Upside Down She Finally Decides To Pursue Music And Give Extraordinary A Shot, But It All Comes At A Price Disgruntled Mother, Friends Who Let Her Down, Drama In Her New World, And All Of A Sudden Regular Doesn T Seem Too Bad Now Alicia Had To Choose To Stay Behind And Remain Average, Or To Venture Into The Unknown Play Me A Song Series EBook Categories Lesbian Fame Modern Lesbian Romance Lesbian Romance Coming Out Contemporary Lesbian Coming Of Age Lesbian Artist Romance LGBT Music Romance Lesbian Drama Romance DNF at about 30% You know when you re reading a romance and the characters are finally spending a lot of time together and even kiss and it s all just completely not interesting to you that you re not going to enjoy the rest of the book either. Good bookI found this story to be interesting and enjoyed reading it I am interested to see where the story will go in the next book. This book could have been a love story for any gender couple It has a good beginning, a nice flow an ending that satisfies I enjoyed it as a straight woman. Excellent I really like reading this book It caught my attention right away and I am looking forward to reading the next book. Sorry, but this one really did not float my boat Just felt too unreal both the characters and the situation There are some really good YA FF romances out there look in the Goodreads lists or pickup one of Annameekee Hesik s books but unfortunately this is not one of them.If there are any in the series I shall not be reading them i read this book to fulfil the goal read a book with an lgbtqt protaginist this is not my favorite prompt ever, nor is this a great book it had a ok storyline, but was quite vulgar and contained explict sex sences.