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~DOWNLOAD BOOK ☾ We are all legends ☤ In The S, The Heyday Of Swords And Sorcery, A Deluge Of Bad Heroic Fantasy Flooded The Market As A Result, Since The Early S, Hardly Any Swords And Sorcery Books Have Been Published Outside The Conan The Barbarian Series, The Fafhrd And Gray Mouser Books, Michael Moorcock S Eternal Champion Series, And Marion Zimmer Bradley S Feminist Sword And Sorceress Anthology Series The Derivative S Swords And Sorcery Deserved To Be Washed Away, But Some Worthwhile Works Disappeared As Well Two Lost Series That Deserved Far Better Are Karl Edward Wagner S Kane Books And Darrell Schweitzer S Sir Julian Stories Both Series Are Well Written And Intelligent, And They Share An Even Rarer Trait The Dark, Brooding Sensibility That Helped Make Robert E Howard S Sometimes Purple And Always Scarlet Conan Stories So Popular And Memorable Now The Wildside Press Has Reprinted We Are All Legends, The Long Unavailable Collection Of Linked Stories About Sir Julian, The Crusader Damned By God After A Night Spent With A Satanic Witch Julian Roams Europe And The East, And Strange Lands Not Found On Any Map, Seeking To Escape His Fate In The Lady Of The Fountain, Julian S Encounter With A Lamia May Destroy Both The Knight And His Closest Companion In The Veiled Pool Of Mistorak, Faerie Lords Send Julian On A Grim Quest To Find A City That Exists No And A Man Doomed Ever To Live In The One Who Spoke With The Owls, The Penniless Knight Accepts A Job Before Learning Its Terms And Wakes To Discover He Has Been Hired To Slay A Pagan Witch The Castle Of Kites And Crows Presents A Vision Of Cosmic Reality That Will Chill The Soul Of Anyone Raised In A Christian Faith While The First Person Narration Occasionally Makes Julian Sound Self Absorbed Than Accursed, We Are All Legends Is A Fine Entertainment That Merits The Attention Of Fantasy And Horror FansCynthia Ward A very quick read, this book is an anthology of short stories edited together to form a coherent narrative of the lifesuch as it isof doomed knight Julian the Apostate.While the adventures ostensibly take place in history around the time of the Crusades as opposed to a fantasy world there s nothing in the book to really identify any real time or real places They are a series of wierd adventures most of which take place off the edge of the map.Fans of Elric or Solomon Kane will feel right at home in this world of 1970s drug induced hallucinatory wierdness Those of us who prefer historical leaning adventure fiction like say Khlit the Cossack will be less enthused.While I did enjoy the stories, my biggest disappointment was that the protagonist was really fairly lame He suffered and struggled and refused to diebut he was also really stupidso stupid that he was convinced of his own damnation and so did nothing to save himselfeven AFTER traveling to end the world to consult a demon who after sacrificing his hand to it told him the truth that his salvation was simplehe had merely to ask for it.So instead of asking and being saved from a life of ongoing emo misery, he chose to disbelieve the demon despite his earlier convictio that the demon had to tell him the truth if the sacrifice was made and continued to wander in misery.He pretty much deserves whatever fate he got.The book does vear into fairly rascist portrayals of the unknown and exotic east, but those are so buried under fantastic allegory that it isn t immediately clear exactly who is being stereotyped beyond a general oriental demon worshippers pattern.Fun, but clearly a product of their decade and not exactly my cup of tea.If such stories ARE your cup of tea, then this collection is probably like 4 stars. This is a solid collection of weird sword and sorcery tales I wish I could give it a 3.5 I m not quite sure it warrants a 4, but it s definitely not as low as a 3 It gets an A for the dark, vivid atmosphere that envelopes each tale and a C for characterization You never get to truly know Julian the apostate knight or any of the secondary characters for that matter but the lands through which Julian travels are fully realizedand spectacularly creepy I ve seen comparisons of Julian to other ill fated protagonists like Wagner s Kane and Moorcock s Elric, but I see a major difference In my somewhat limited exposure to Kane and Elric, I never came away with the sense that they possessed any conscience, so I could never really root for them In fact, I just didn t like them Elric especially came across as narcissistic and lugubrious Julian, however, clearly has a sense of morality, but the vast majority of the time it just seems to kick in too little or too late to rise above his obsession with escaping from his past sins to a place of peace that is neither Heaven nor Hell As a result, I think readers can feel for him a bit than they can for a couple of devious, immortal killers. 4.5 Schweitzer s protagonists is Julian the Apostate not the Roman emperor of that name but Sir Julian, a Christian medieval knight who fails the first test of his faith and now, terrified of death or damnation, wanders the world finding it both bleaker If God is mad, his adversary is mad also and weirder than he ever imagined it s heavily influenced by the film The Seventh Seal This doesn t get five stars because like a lot of short story series, they don t always mesh together well Nevertheless, this is quite awesome and very well written This highly overrated book was a crushing disappointment Yes, it contains seeds of numerous stories images which could should have been developed into proper stories with a fast pace, robust narrative, occasional humour, and dollops of horror The whole stuff read like some medieval manuscript perhaps that was the aim, above all which was unbelievably droll boring The protagonist s procrastination lamentations went on on, until it actually started resembling masturbation where one only f s oneself If only a past master like the great REH or a modern master like Adrian Cole had handled the stuff.Not Recommended, unless you are looking for some ideas to develop a story of your own. We Are All Legends is a wonderful esoteric collection of stories about the unearthly and spectral wanderings of a medieval knight who is disowned by both God and Satan Sir Julian is run through a gauntlet of apocalyptic trials and tribulations, and in some cases inadvertently bringing death and destruction with him The stories read like a series of nightmares I suppose I could easily describe the book as Lovecraftian, but to me, it brought to mind the Book of Revelation Sir Julian faces demons in various forms, sees the end literally, the end the edge of creation, unknowingly unleashes evil forces, sacrifices himself for others, and summons aid through dark arts He suffers in paranormal landscapes of parched deserts, fire, bitter cold, total darkness, and a state of non existence, only to then meet yet another strange trial Each chapter almost seemed like Sir Julian was witnessing the Lamb from the Book of Revelation opening another seal of on the scroll, unleashing bizarre judgments upon the world.Superficially, the book seems to be a statement about the folly of religion and man s short sidedness or even blindness about the chaos and organization of the universe When reading this book, however, I had the growing feeling that Darrell Schweitzer was using Sir Julian to work through his own personal doubts and sort through his own spiritual development Sir Julian may be lost, but his sense of self and duty never die in the book In fact, he expressly fights off all of his innate desires to find peace or rest, if the cost is to lose his sense of self in a void of collective consciousness Perhaps one day I will write a long article touching on the various esoteric and mystery school references in this book gnostic, alchemical, Freemasonic, astrological, numerology, eschatology This book will be something I come back to later I recommend without hesitation.