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What in the everloving world did I just read and I mean this in the best possible way Holy smokes, man, that was a firecracker of a book This is like nothing I ve ever, ever read before, but I m having a similar reaction as to when I read Caroline Kepnes YOU It s a little something like this I don t know if I liked it but I can appreciate it for being something completely unique and compelling, yet dark and disturbing In fact, I would give it a full 5 stars for sheer originality, creativity and literary merit, but would I recommend this Not so sure The character of Lavinia was hugely fascinating and once again, like nothing I ve ever seen I could read a whole book on her life story, and would love to see her portrayed on the silver screen in a film adaptation I honestly had to put this one down several times because it was giving me anxiety Which is kind of a compliment to the strength of the writing I don t want to get into the plot here do me a favor, skip the synopsis, don t read any reviews and just check it out If you have thick skin And are in the mood for a little darkness And now I need to go read something light and fluffy Thank you to Doubleday books and the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. [[ E-pub ]] ☟ Social Creature ↡ For Readers Of Gillian Flynn And Donna Tartt, A Dark, Propulsive And Addictive Debut Thriller, Splashed With All The Glitz And Glitter Of New York City They Go Through Both Bottles Of Champagne Right There On The High Line, With Nothing But The Stars Over Them They Drink And Lavinia Tells Louise About All The Places They Will Go Together, When They Finish Their Stories, When They Are Both Great Writers To Paris And To Rome And To TriesteLavinia Will Never Go She Is Going To Die SoonLouise Has Nothing Lavinia Has Everything After A Chance Encounter, The Two Spiral Into An Intimate, Intense, And Possibly Toxic Friendship A Talented Mr Ripley For The Digital Age, This Seductive Story Takes A Classic Tale Of Obsession And Makes It Irresistibly New Well now that was about as different as it gets Bizarre, shocking, dark, and did I mention bizarre If your interest is piqued, then this is a must for your summer reading Lavinia has it all She s young, rich and drop dead gorgeous She resides in the heart of New York City where the night scene is her own private play ground.On the other side of town, and calling Brooklyn home, Louise is living a very different lifestyle Somewhat older, not nearly as glamorous and surviving pay check to paycheck between her 3 jobs When fate intervenes and their paths cross, Lavinia strikes up a friendship with Louise But what starts out as something fun and casual, quickly becomes farthan a friendship It turns into a suffocating, inescapable relationship that sucks Louise in, ultimately changing their lives forever You know what they say about that mangled car wreck on the side of the road The one people can t resist slowing down for a closer glance The one they can t seem to look away from That s exactly how I felt reading this book Unable to divert my eyes from the mayhem.I think I can file this one away as one of the most unique, bizarre, yet addicting books I have ever read After finishing, I just sat there with the biggest smile on my face, shaking my head saying Wow, what did I just read A buddy read with Susanne Thank you to NetGalley Doubleday Books and Tara Isabella Burton for an ARC to read in exchange for an honest review. Louise is poor Lavinia is not Lavinia takes Louise under her wing Lavinia is young, lacking in common sense, with a very aggrandized sense of herself Louise sees an opportunity and takes it How much would you put up with to live the rich lifestyle And what would you do to maintain it First warning The characters here are all unlikable Lavinia, especially, was just so obnoxious, so pretentious, so needy it was hard to see why she was so popular The supposedly so desirable lifestyle comes off as empty I came close to putting this book down several times I really kept with it just to see how things would play out Second warning the blurb says the book is propulsive But I found parts of it a real slog And I found the ending extremely unsatisfying The book does an interesting job in presenting the digital life in all its fake glory Maybe I m just too old for this It s getting a lot of buzz and a lot of good reviews I am definitely in the minority My thanks to netgalley and Doubleday for an advance copy of this book. Social Creature by Tara Isabella Burton is a 2018 Doubleday publication Unorthodox but very effective Louise Wilson is one birthday away from thirty, working three jobs to stay afloat, living a dull, uneventful life Through a tutoring job, she meets Lavinia, a rich young woman taking a break from her ivy league education Lavinia pulls Louise into her vivid, and lavish world, all of which is expediently documented on social media Louise caters to Lavinia s every whim which earns her a chance to be her roommate and live a farcomfortable and exciting life But, keeping Lavinia happy is nearly a full time job, causing Louise to lose her real jobs, one by one To stay in Lavinia s world and maintain her new lifestyle, Louise will make some terrible decisions, getting in deeper and deeper, only to discover Lavinia may be looking to replace Louise with someone else There is only one option left for Louise, but will she really go through with it Can she pull it off and if so for how long I had heard a few wild and crazy stories about this book, which of course meant I had to read it to see what all the fuss was about While I knew going in the book was off the beaten path , I never could have imagined just how far off the path it would go First of all, the book gets high marks because of its originality We have an unusual, unnamed narrator who tells the story from hindsight, dropping big and small hints along the way about what will happen next This is a unique approach, very seductive, pulling the reader in, even if they aren t especially enthralled with the lead characters Social consciousness, sympathy, empathy, or the slightest regard for other people never even enters their minds They are all shallow, immature, greedy, and weak in one way or another But, despite that, I sat there turning pages, totally absorbed in the cat and mouse game that ensues, all the while thinking these people weren t really worth my time or effort But, of course, I did enjoy spying on these two women, and the inner circle of people surrounding them, as they posture and preen, backstab, and jockey for position, because it has an atmosphere of reality to it Our society is so fixated on social media and creating an impossible image of themselves for others to admire It s all so phony, and easily manipulated But, there really are lots of Louise s out there, too While we can view Lavinia and her friends with a certain detachment, for Louise, who is lonely and insecure, barely scraping by, this lifestyle that Lavinia as invited her into, isthan she could have hoped for and she s desperate to maintain it at any cost It s a sad commentary, and a very realistic one on many levels While the story starts off a little slow, the second half of the book is riveting, and the suspense is nearly unbearable at times However, there is a slight satirical tone to the story at times, with a touch of black humor thrown if for good measure For those who detest a novel filled with unredeemable characters, this one will test your patience, but the author takes it a step further by throwing in an unsettling conclusion that is sure to frustrate those who like everything all tidied up the old fashioned way But, then there are people like me who see the irony in it, the truth in it, and absolutely revel in all that darkness and uncertainty So, while this book may not be the right fit for everyone, and the writing was a bit uneven in some spots, I thought it was ingenious I ll be keeping my eye on this author 4 stars Remember the party girls, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Ritchie Their nightly exploits posted everywhere The beginning of the book reminded me of them, Lavinia, extroverted, larger than life, heavy drinker, partying nighlty Louise, quieter, introverted, attracted to Lavinia with her outrageous personality and lifestyle Constantly taking selfies, posting everything on social media, one outrageous scenario after another.Under the glitter and glitz, this is actually a dark novel These characters and the way they act is appalling, dislikable, and yet I couldn t stop reading Like a fly on the wall I observed these lives that are so very different than my own Then it takes a rather startling turn, though I realized afterwards,the clues were there, but I missed them After that I kept reading wondering how this could possibly end I have to admit I loved the way it ended.This took the use of cell phones and social media to a whole new level A warning maybe to those who live their lives, documenting it all, always on their phones Despite the fact that I probably shouldn t have, I found this novel fascinating.ARC from Doubleday. Omgggg I had the best night ever Tara Isabella Burton and I sat out on the porch with a box of wine while she told me this fucked up story about this chick she knew in college named Louise That s what it feels like reading this book, the author is speaking directly to you via a disjointed style of writing that is clearly purposeful and a genius way to get under your skin while building up an uncomfortable tension The cast of characters are straight from one of those annoying reality shows featuring entitled narcissistic trust fund fucktards.and then there s Louise, at home, watching this trainwreck and wishing she were the conductor She s willing to do anything, to endure anything, to be seen by and with this vapid crowd We cannot be known and loved at the same time Preach Louise, preach Social Creature is a deep look into a shallow world for fans of character driven psychological fiction.P.S The ending is perfection. 4 enthralling trainwreck stars to Social Creature Social Creature is a total trainwreck of a read, and I mean this in the best possible way Yes, it is absolutely addictive, and because of that, I could not stop reading More on that in a bit Louise is quiet, introverted, and mousy When she meets over the top socialite and party animal, Lavinia, her life takes an intense and even toxic turn The two become fast friends, and the story turns dark really, really fast The less you know about the rest of the story before reading, the better, because a big part of this story is its shock value That s where the trainwreck comes back into play You just cannot stop reading Please be warned if you need likable characters, you will not find them here If you need an uplifting read, this is most definitely not it For this one, you need to have the want to be entertained, and a completely open mind, while also not being afraid of dark Not dark in the scary way, but dark in the gritty, shock value way For me, I consider this an escape read because I was completely transported to this dark place and totally forgot about what was happening around me It was that absorbing Social Creature would make an excellent movie I would love to see this bizarre tale unfold visually, and if matches how my mind imagined it Thank you to Tara Isabella Burton, Doubleday, and Netgalley for the ARC Social Creature publishes on June 5, 2018 My reviews can also be found on my blog www.jennifertarheelreader.com 5 Stars.WOAH What in HECK did I just read Addictive, crazy and all out weird Social Creature is one of the strangest, most convoluted books I ve ever read Characters without a heart or soul, characters whose behavior completely intrigues and disgusts and whose lives you can t stop reading about What starts out as just plain weird quickly becomes totally engrossing I dove in head first and didn t dare come up for air till the very end Lavinia and Louise s friendship say what My thoughts ran along the lines of Oh no you didn t Entertaining, engrossing and simply wild, this is a read I won t soon forget I read this with Kaceey and both of us had the same reaction amazement, bewilderment, hysterics and well, horror It was an awesome book to read together and we had the best time ever Thank you to NetGalley, Doubleday Books and Tara Isabella Burton for providing me with an ARC of this highly entertaining read Published on NetGalley, Goodreads, Twitter andon 6.25.18. I don t know what this will say about me but I freaking loved this book Oh, man, it is so deliciously fucked up This story follows Louise, an almost 30 yr old New Yorker, and her budding friendship with the 23 yr old Lavinia Lavinia comes from money and Louise doesn t come from anything Louise becomes obsessed with Lavinia and in keeping her friendship with her alive Lavinia is everything she isn t She s a free spirit who lives off her parents money while taking a break from school There is no lack of drugs, alcohol, or swanky parties It s easy for Louise to adapt to Lavinia s lifestyle and Lavinia isthan happy to pay her way even giving her a place to live You see Louise is Lavinia s project The friendship doesn t come without tension though and finally cracks in the surface begin to appear This is when the book gets really dark and disturbing Who is using who is never quite clear I know we re not suppose to use quotes in reviews of ARCS but I love this one so much that I m just going to spoiler tag it and let you decide if you want to read it view spoilerThere are things it is better for a person not to know The day and the manner of your own death, that s one, or whether or not you re going to fuck your mother and kill your father What people say behind your back The names somebody you love has called somebody else There s a reason people are able to function, in this world, as social creatures, and a good part of that reason is that there are a lot of questions you re better off not knowing the answer to, and if your smart you won t even askhide spoiler