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Caricatures are formed and prejudices solidified when we engage people and events as if they exist and occur within a vacuum Engaging a person in light of that person s historical and sociological context is not an endorsement or excuse for the individual s misdeeds, and refusing to do so virtually guarantees a misunderstanding of the person and his context Parental Discretion Advised is the perfect example Seeking to understand the rise of N.W.A apart from the context of race, drugs, and violence in the last few decades, especially in California, would be impossible Thankfully, as Gerrick Kennedy charts the rise of Eazy E, Dr Dre, MC Ren, DJ Yella, and Ice Cube, collectively and individually, he does so in the context of 1980s and 1990s Los Angeles Extensive and engaging, unflinching and bold, if you have any connection to or interest in 80s and 90s hip hop or just enjoy well written bios about interesting people, this is a book worth reading.ARC provided. Another great look into N.W.A and even a few rappers I didn t know were connected to the group. Read E-pub ♂ Parental Discretion Is Advised ♔ Discover The Stunning Rise, Fall, And Legacy Of NWA, One Of America S Most Revered And Iconic Enduring Music Groups, Who Put Their Stamp On Pop Culture, Black Culture, And Who Changed Hip Hop Music Forever In This Comprehensive And Authoritative Work Of Music JournalismEazy E, Dr Dre, Ice Cube, MC Ren, And DJ Yella Caused A Seismic Shift In Hip Hop When They Decided To Form NWA InSuddenly Rap Became Gangsta And Relevant On The West Coast With Their Hard Core Image, Bombastic Sound, And Lyrics That Were Equal Parts Poetic, Lascivious, Conscious, And Downright In Your Face, NWA Spoke The Truth About Life On The Streets Of Compton, California Then A Hotbed Of Poverty, Drugs, Gangs, And UnemploymentTheir Hood Tales Offered A Sharp Contrast From The Cozy, Comfortable Images Of Thriving Middle Class Life Emanating From Television Screens Across America For The Group, Making Music Was Not About Being Nice Or Projecting A False Reality It Was All About Expressing ThemselvesGoing Beyond The Story Portrayed In TheBlockbuster Movie Straight Outta Compton, Through Firsthand Interviews, Extensive Research, And Top Notch Storytelling, Los Angeles Times Music Reporter Gerrick Kennedy Transports You Back In Time And Offers A Front Row Seat To NWA S Early Days And The Drama And Controversy That Followed The Incendiary Group As They Rose To Become Multiplatinum ArtistsA Riveting And Illuminating Work Of Music Journalism, Parental Discretion Is Advised Captures A Special Moment In Rap Music, When NWA Made It Altogether Social, Freaky, Enterprising, And Gangsta They Forced Us All To Take Notice For That Alone, Their Story Must Be Told Full disclosure I am not generally a rap fan, nor do I have any rap albums on my devices, but as of late, I find myself reading a bitabout the history of a relatively new form of music, especially since rap hip hop has become such an integral part of modern music pop culture Thus, I came across this book, which chronicles the emergence of one of the most significant rap hip hop groups in music history N.W.A Niggaz wit Attitudes which I did not know until I started reading this book It follows the lives of five young African Americans, who grew up in Los Angeles, all eventually finding themselves at the forefront of an emerging music form rap hip hop As they come together, Kennedy describes how their music impacted not only the industry, but also the nation Their lyrics and musical style shocked America to a degree that hadn t been seen since the 1960s The themes of their music coincide with life in LA during the late 1980s early 1990s crack epidemic, gang warfare, policy brutality, racial tensions, the 1992 LA Riots Yet, this work also describes the individual struggles and the group dynamics that ultimately split up the group as it was starting to come into its own The individuals have all come to make their mark on pop culture, and even those who don t listen to hip hop have heard the names of artists such as Dr Dre and Ice Cube The work does make an effort to describe the short life of Eazy E, who passed away from AIDS in the early 1990s and was not able to evolve in his life as did his compatriots Kennedy adds a degree of academic rigor to this work, blending in the varied themes of music, personal struggle, and the bigger national picture that all came together to make N.W.A one of the most influential music groups in modern music history You don t need to be a hip hop fan to enjoy this book, and I certainly learned a ton from reading this book Will I go out an try to listen to a ton of hip hop Not sure, but this is a good, concise and detailed work about how gangsta rap started and how it still resonate today. Rating 4 5 stars TRIGGER WARNINGS Graphic language and violence Discrimination and graphic scenes.Parental Discretion is Advised.A biography that describes the rise and fall of the infamous Hip Hop underground group from Compton, known as N.W.A This group blew up and was mostly known for Its controversial lyrics that fired insults at LAPD officers, whom racially profiled people of color without any justification and got away with it Gerrick D Kennedy writes the story behind the adversity the group faced, the conflicts that erupted while earning its notable reputation as one of the most dangerous gangster groups in Hip Hop s history, highlighting the dangerous war between Crips n Bloods, along with the unpleasant policies President Ronald Reagan set in motion one year later after he stepped in the White House in 1981.It all started when the war between Crips n Bloods took its toll on south central, soon after, President Reagan set in motion a war against drugs in 1982, creating every black neighborhood in South Central a bloody battleground A young man named Andre, known as Dr Dre, connected with a gangster named Erick Wright, which then both connected with O Shea Jackson, known as Ice Cube, Lorenzo Jerald Patterson, known as MC Ren, and Antoine Carraby, known as DJ Yella Subsequently, they created a group called N.W.A which stands for N ggaz Wit Atittudes Soon after the group was formed, Erick Wright would be known as Eazy E, after his flow became an instant hit in the group Eazy E became the face of N.W.A and attracted thousands upon thousands of fans thanks to his street cred and unique persona N.W.A quickly became the realest gangster group in the country On one occasion, the group members got racially profiled by the police, they were searched without cause because of one single fact They were colored After the group reunited in their apartment they came up with an idea that soon turned gold, together they produced and recorded a national hit song known as F ck tha Police Its profane lyrics attracted the attention from authorities, and later the FBI would interfere with the group s work, but they quickly retaliated stating that they were simply expressing their freedom of speech on a record Twenty thousand fans filled the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, during a concert in which various artists performed, including N.W.A Once it was time for the group to perform, the crowd began chanting F ck tha police, F ck tha police, F ck tha police, the group performed a different song instead However, Same thing occurred afterward, the crowd chanted the same words Dr Dre signaled Ice Cube and in a couple seconds they performed their most controversial song, F ck tha Police The crowd went crazy, until a bunch of undercover cops, hidden among the crowd stepped on top of the stage and unplugged the amplifier cables The group grew powerful with fame and wealth, creating a sense of underappreciation on a couple of its members that thought they weren t being paid enough, weren t receiving the credits and recognition they felt they deserved A dramatical dispute occurred between Eazy E and Ice Cube, when cube confronted him saying that their manager stole from them behind their backs and they somehow allowed it, they had to fire their manager and get a new one, otherwise he d leave the group Eazy E was a profound friend of their manager, he didn t like the way Ice Cube talked about him, and since Eazy E was the shot caller, the face of the group, he decided to let go of Ice Cube, instead of replacing his manager.Ice Cube became a solo famous artist in the Hip Hop industry The group didn t like, that and soon after, they began dissing Ice Cube firing insults at him on their tracks, Ice Cube felt wrong about it but fired back with his own diss records A lyrical war broke out between the group and Ice Cube, creating a further divide between Ice Cube and the group The beef didn t last long, Ice Cube didn t really care about children games and backed off later.After some crucial events happened, the group broke apart because of the same reasons their former partner Ice Cube left, they felt they weren t being treated right by Eazy E and their manager.Dr Dre created a label of his own while still signed under Eazy E s label, he got sued by his friend, but Dr Dre didn t stand still without fighting back, he worked off a deal with Eazy E, the deal was that every album copy Dr Dre sold, Eazy E would get 25 50 cents from it Dr Dre blew up and became famous after releasing one of his top albums called The Chronic, Known for, extremely dissing Eazy E, its unique instrumental melodies and hard boom bap hitting bass Eazy E made a fortune from Dr Dre s sales, and dissed him on one of his record tracks stating how he worked for him.While the beef was going on between them, Dr Dre produced Doggystyle, an album made famous by the artist known as Snoop Dogg, which would soon boost Dr Dre up the industry ranks as one of the most famous and talented producers of all time.The beef between Eazy E and Dr.Dre calmed down, Eazy E thought it was a good idea to reach out to the former members of the group to re unite and create one last song, everyone agreed but with the condition of, now Eazy E s manager, to not be there His manager agreed so that soon they could peacefully re unite and end the beef they had However, two weeks before they re united, Eazy E s promiscuous lifestyle caught up to him His health quickly deteriorated, he took several blood tests and was diagnosed positive with HIV and AIDS Eazy E knew the clock was ticking, so he did a last minute good act, he talked live on a radio show telling people to take care of their health, sexual transmitted diseases are no joke and he wanted to be proof of it Very soon after, Eazy E laid unconscious in a hospital bed connected to life support, and as the days passed, he suffered a slow painful death.After Eazy E s death, thousands of people payed homage to him They thanked him for all the things he did, all the lives he touched, for the way his music impacted the world, in a way where up today, we can still see how the Hip Hop s industry influence the legacy of gangster rap, and how it has marked millions of lives. I learned so much from reading this This covers from the group s start and a little before it for some background to the present day, including discussing the movie Straight Outta Compton and Suge Knights trial which started in January 2018.Considering I knew next to nothing about this group, gangsta rap, or the other people involved, it wasn t terribly difficult to follow along. My review of the book is that it give you a thorough look inside the controversial rap group N.W.A and how they put gangsta rap mainstream What I like about the book is that it tell you the rise and fall of the group and how their music is related to what is going on around the world today. Note I received an eARC of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review This was a very well researched, written, and structured account of the rise and fall of N.W.A The author did hold on back when describing the lives of the Eazy E, Dre, Ice Cube, MC Ren, and DJ Yella, which was very refreshing I appreciated that the story was gritty, honest, and true to the guys and where they came from There was a lot of detail included that you don t really get in other mediums when hearing about N.W.A, such as on film, and it was nice that there were interviews and other information included to supplement the story The introduction of the book, about the hologram of Eazy E at Rock The Bells in 2013, was very attention grabbing It certainly sucked me in and made me want to readI really liked how the story focused on building up the lives of each individual group member too, before launching into the formation of the group and how they rose so quickly to fame Reading about their decline is understandably not easy, especially as it peaks at the death of Eazy E, but that just made it very gritty and real.A must read, I believe, for fans of the group or fans of early gangsta rap. This book was very interesting, because it talked about many informational things relating to, and leading up to the explosion of racial tensions I.E The L.A Riots and how many people used their music as a way of escaping the harsh realities of the hood.And how they used it to tell people about the hard truths of where they came from, often being criticized Which NWA speaks about often in their music Mostly by the police and civil rights leaders that believed they were greedily taking advantage of the horrible things that were happening.It spoke a lot about the things that were embellished in the Biopic that was created in 2015, shedding the light on some other accusations that were never talked about in the movie.So I would recommend this to anybody looking to find outabout NWA and their internal struggles as a black rap group in the 1980 s 1990 s. I received an ARC of Parental Discretion Is Advised The Rise of N.W.A and the Dawn of Gangsta Rap, from NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review If you re unfamiliar with the intricacies of the L.A Rap Scene in the late 70 s and early 80 s , have little to no understanding of the 1992 L.A Riots the catalyst, the under current of animosity towards the LAPD, as well as the resentment held for South Central s Korean Community , or want a broader understanding of how ground breaking it was to have a West Coast rapgroup make such a substantial impact on the genre, as a whole, as we know it today, then this is definitely the book for you While I was looking for a basic timeline Eazy connects with Dre, and then the two combine with Ice Cube, Ren and, Yella to form what would become N.W.A, Kennedy expands the knowledge of his reader by digging deeper into the history of South Central and its residents A foreknowledge that is certainly necessary in order to understand the why of it all I was a pre teen when N.W.A released it s Straight Outta Compton , so I was able to recall a good bit of the music and the times mentioned by Gerrick Kennedy Even so, I learned a bitabout how Dre and Eazy came to be, as well as the forces that worked to separate them in the end forces that likely would ve been an issue with or without the infamous Jerry Heller Kennedy isn t trying to form opinions, so much as he hopes to better inform anyone who mistook N.W.A as just a bunch of thugs with bad mouths and violent tendencies.Parental Discretion Is Advised The Rise of N.W.A and the Dawn of Gangsta Rap is a great read for anyone just getting into the history of rap music, as it pertains to the West Coast s influence, but it may also send you down a rabbit hole of your own research as wellstarting with the music that birthed Gangsta Rap and made Dr Dre and Ice Cube household names.