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[Free] ♖ Faust 2 ☣ A Brilliant Anthology Featuring Manga Inspired Fiction From Today S Best Writers With Artwork From Top Manga Creators, Including ECCO, By Tatsuhiko Takimoto Illustrated By DK Is Life Nothing But A Cruel Joke One Young Rebel Decides To Find Out Jagdtiger, By Kouhei Kadono Illustrated By Ueda Hajime She S A Combat Ready Synthetic Human With A Dangerous Flaw A Heart Where The Wind Blows, By Otsuichi Illustrated By Takeshi Obata A Newspaper From The Future Carries A Very Disturbing Story For One Particular Woman She Will Die By The Hand Of The Man She Loves Magical Girl Risuka, By NISIOISIN Illustrated By Kinu Nishimura She S A Beautiful Witch With Magical Powers That Could Change The World And He S The Boy Who Will Give Her A Reason To Do It Gray Colored Diet Coke By Y Ya Sat He S Nineteen, Surrounded By Morons, And Desperate To Escape His Crummy Part Time Job His Best Friend S Plan Worked Great, But Surely Suicide Can T Be The Only Way Out The choosen stories are still good but not even near to the first volume , but they are darker and sometimes a bit boring The consueling part was so good that it changed a bit the whole picture So it a bit mixed up, but still hope, that some day Del Rey will continue the series. Where the wind blows and a grey coloured Diet Coke were interesting.