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FREE PDF Ã Hero at Large ð This Is An Alternate Cover Edition For ASINBWLPGJonathon Hunter Has Evoked The Wrath Of Th Century Pirates With His Twin Sexy Bodyguards, Jonathon Seeks To Come To Grips With Station Life In A Suddenly Hostile Universe Celebrity, Gratitude, Sudden Attacks And A Mysterious Prophecy Are Than MostYear Old S Can Handle A Reluctant Hero, Jonathon Is On A Journey, Seemingly Out Of His Time, But Always In Time The Hunter Legacy SeriesHero At LargeHunted Hero HuntingSend In The HeroMake Or Break The HeroHail The Hero Forthcoming Great Space Saga with a great heroThere is a wonderful lightness and youthful exuberance that is beautifully captured in this first volume of the Hunter Legacy The novel is well written and packed with action It is great to see an Aussie Universe and a story with a hint of a spiritual side This is a thoroughly enjoyable read Thank you Mr Ellis. I read it and enjoyed it for the most part My issues resided in the Marty Stu of the main character and the lack in the science of this work The characters are colorful and intriguing, but not with the depth of other books.I am interested by the universe that has been created, but I will not be continuing. This well written, engrossing and fascinating series begins here with a high adventure, well paced story of a boy becoming a warrior Read this book and you ll be hooked. Awesomely terribleHere s a brief synopsis Marty Sue, magic, Marty Sue.The writing isn t terrible I mean, words are used properly, and everything is paced well.There s the prophecy, and the magic belts, and an 18yr old kid from a backwater planet flys better than experienced pilots, and he redesigns ships and computer interfaces in ways no one else has ever thought of, and then there are the twins Twin female bodyguards he shares some mystic connection with.Thankfully, the author only uses two or three military ranks His characters don t act like people Pirates continue attacking out of a need for revengebecause getting their butts handed to them repeatedly by an 18yr old kid hurts their feelings And pirates don t like that.This isn t science fiction, it s future fantasy I should check to see if he ghost writes for George Lucasmidichlorians