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So if you LOVE football, like me you would want to know a ton about it This book has pretty much everything a kid needs to know about football unlike Sports Illustrated Football s Greatest it doesn t just talk about players it talks about stuff like which team has the most super bowl rings, and also fun stuff too, like What IS the best gameday snack and how to play paper football It tells you a ton of facts too It is everything you need to know to become a Gridiron Know it All as the book says. If you are a fan of football you can have all of your favorite football fun facts in one handy guide Fans will find gridiron terms, stats and figures, obscure facts, tips on NFL coaching and even a few recipes for fan day snacks Fans will find tips on how to stay positive if your favorite team is in a slump Do you know how to get an autograph from your favorite player There are some great tips to help you get the signature of your dreams Did you know that there were only four teams who ve never played in a Super Bowl They are the Lions, Browns, Texans and Jaguars Tiffany and Company produce the Super Bowl trophy and it costs about 50,000 Fans will learn fun facts about Don Shula, Peyton Manning, Deion Sanders, Otto Graham and so muchIf you don t know football but have always wanted to feel like an insider you will be amazed at the facts you will learn to impress your friends. @Download Book ⚩ The Football Fanbook ì Everything You Need To Become A Gridiron Know It AllSo You Re A Football Fan And Now You Want To Take Your Passion For The Game To The Next Level The Football Fanbook From Sports Illustrated Kids Is Just What You Need A Key Addition To Every Young Sports Fanatic S Library, The Football Fanbook Is Filled With Fun Trivia And Unique Lingo To Impress Friends, Illustrated Behind The Skills How To S, Important Game Winning Strategies, And Much Readers Will Sound Like Experts In No Time The Football Fanbook is a quality sports book broken down into 7 chapters Described as a guide to help the reader understand how the game of football really works, it does so much1 Know These Numbers Interesting stats that aren t just the score of the games Photos and stats together really put you in the action 2 Obscure Facts How many cows does it take to make enough Super Bowl footballs Who invented the Nerf football 3 Skills to Master Step by Step directions on everything from throwing a spiral to folding a paper football Great Diagrams 4 Think Like A Coach Like the book says, this is a crash course in NFL Coaching 101 Talks about specific offensive and defensive strategies Check out the humorous bubble thought on the player pics 5 He Reminds Me Of 1 on 1 matching of modern day players to old time greats 6 Team Tidbits 1 page highlights for each of the 32 NFL teams to include a little history, trivia, and photos 7 Talk the Talk All the vocabulary you need to sound like a true football fan Get in the know so you too can say Alligator ArmsIcing the KickerPancakeZebras Overall, this book has a fantastic layout and the photos are awesome My 9 year old football fanatic loves this book I would like to start with a couple of disclaimers 1 I am not a child I haven t been one for some considerable time I am however a British adult who has only recently got into American Football having given up fighting my brother s attempts to get me interested a few years ago and, since attending 7 live games in the London International series, I now have the basics off pat The reason I wanted to read this book was that, even though I now get the game, there is a whole lot of history I feel is missing in my overall knowledge of the sport itself I also want to be able to talk the talk and feelincluded when we meet up with otherhard core fans of the game without resorting to stop the conversation and ask for explanations of some of the terms being used 2 I read an ARC of this book in PDF format so I have no idea what the finished product will look feel like I am only able to comment on what I saw on my screen and the actual content rather than the overall technicolour finished article.Right That s the boring bit out of the way I have explained my reasons for wanting to read this book and I can report that I have come out the other side with what I feel is a whole better knowledge and understanding of the NFL, its current and past players, its history, a greater understanding of the actual game, and I also have a bunch of fun facts to inject into conversations at appropriate moments I was actually quite proud of myself and my existing knowledge as I did find myself smiling on occasion when I read something I already knew We start off with a bunch of stats games, seasons and career over various categories All very well explained and illustrated Then we have some facts, some very interesting, others rather amusing Some that spring to mind now include the Brown s name and their helmets and my favourite one the Steagles I was also quite happy to see the mascots used in the illustration for the never played in a superbowl fact I am a bit of a mascot fan, sorry Then we go on to skills to master, again someinteresting than others, yes I have a Fantasy team and have won the Lombardi Trophy in my league the past two years thanks mostly to my co manager brother The strategy parts were also quite interesting and well explained for the layman me Then we come to the current past comparisons I was pretty chuffed to actually recognise most of the current guys and it was interesting to see them compared with others that have gone before, some of whom I had also heard of Team Tidbits came next, a page per team so limited space but all the important stats were there, a couple of the famous players, and a little interesting story If I had had this a few years ago, it would have made picking my team to follow a little easier Finally, we have what all good books of this ilk should end with a glossary of football terms Some I knew, most impressively the Flea Flicker everyone knows the Hail Mary, surely , some I have squirrelled away to bring out at a later date All in all, I now know an awful lotabout NFL I can t speak for the completeness of my new found knowledge as I obviously don t know what I still don t know But, what I do know is what I have learned is interesting, insightful and I am assuming accurate, and I am looking forward to the new season so I can put my knowledge to good use.So, if you are like me, a new adult to the sport and wanting to know a bit , ignore the fact that this is targeted at children and dive in Fun facts, stats and explanations presented in an easy to understand but not at all patronising way.My thanks go to the Publisher and Netgalley for the chance to read this book. I was given a free copy of this book.For starters, I am a grown woman who knows football basics This book, while for kids, does a really good job of explaining the game with stats oh so many stats , figures, and trivia And then they added pictures of players and drawings explaining how things work like how to throw a football spiral A good read for anyone although specifically geared towards kids who wants to learnthan the basics of football. I am relaxing by the fire on a winter evening and I have plenty of good books and decorating magazines to read BUT, I am getting ready to open The Football Fanbook by Gary Gramling To say I am not a football fan would be an understatement I loathe football, but I do need to buy football books for my young library patrons And if I m going to buy them, I am going to make sure they are good So, the British Edition of Country Living will have to wait another night.The book begins with detailed facts on wins, losses, touchdowns, passes, rushing, throwing, and sacks most in a game, in the season, or being the recipient of them Very detailed information for those they enjoy these records established over the years My favorite part of the book was Obscure Facts I m sure because these had the least to do with football Here are some of the many interesting tidbits Michael Strahan used to play football before Kelly Ripa who knew It takes 12 cow hides to supply the footballs used for Super Bowl The super Bowl trophy is made by Tiffany and Company and coststhan a teacher s salary 50,000 in case you want to know The University of Phoenix Stadium rolls the grass out of the stadium after games so it can grow in a natural environment The average wait time for Green Bay Packer s tickets is 30 years The huddle was invented by Paul Hubbard, a deaf quarterback Super bowl is only behind Thanksgiving as a day that people eat the most foodAnd yeah, there were all kinds of stuff about defensive and offensive strategies, rushing, punting, throwing and what not I learned some interesting lingo such as red zone , sweep , and pistol formation But in my defense no pun intended , I already knew what a blind side was thanks to the 2009 Sandra Bullock movie Even my old friend from teaching language arts appeared in the book the Balti Ravens were named after the poem The Raven that was written by a famous Balti resident, Edgar Allen Poe I saw some names that I remembered being thrown around the house when I was a kid Mike Ditka, Tom Landry, Don Shula, Roger Staubach and Fran Tarkenton ahhhh, memory lane.The evening passed when I finally realized that I actually enjoyed this book Some facts were a little too football for me but I can see how this would be completely enjoyable to true football fans I was ready to close the book for the evening but I did go back to look at the stats on food consumption during Super Bowl 1.3 billion chicken wings Who knew So yes, those of us that actually dislike football can like this book. I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.Right from the bat, 1 star for the images photographs Really, publishers Is it that hard to just make sure your pictures look good in an ARC This is the umpteenth time I have seen this happen Grainy, it needsjpeg, barely visible photographs Often with lines around them, or lines through them I am also not a big football fan, though that may be because I am not from America But I was still really interested in this book, and while at times I was a bit bored or confused, I still had fun reading this one.I would also change the order of the book Not start with Know These Numbers, but instead start with Talk the Talk Followed with the teams, then the players that chapter about new old guys Then lastly add that tips for Football fans, and then add those Know These Numbers.Why start with the Talk the Talk Well because that tells us the terms of football, and since I don t know many, it would have been handy and probably would have made the bookinteresting and less confusing for me After that tell me the teams and the players because then those Know These Numbers would also be wayinteresting to me And then the rest.My favourite part Probably the tips for Football fans, and after reading the dictionary loving the quotes btw I can say that I also like the Know These Numbers Now stuff makes sense I also like, while grainy and eh, the way the book was formatted like an old notebook Like a little kid kept all that information and took the notebook everywhere, making it old and weathered.I also would have liked to see an afterword or some kind of short chapter, maybe even a little quiz.I would still recommend this book, it was a fun read and I learned a lot about football, though I really hope that the pictures are much better in the retail version.Review first posted at This book will fly off the shelf for my middle school students Great Football fact book for young and older readers I m not even a football fan, but I enjoyed reading through the numerical facts and photos The information is well organized and visually appealing I would give it 5 stars for non fiction, but I only give out a couple each year of the many books I read. Excellent quick read for anyone wanting to knowabout their favorite game The book is divided into different chapters with records, player comparisons, team histories, and even game day snack ideas It s colorful, inviting, and excellent for even the most reluctant readers.