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This is still over the top, superficial fluff and totally lacking in any believability but, hey, it s funthough Gertie and Godzilla may be a bit much even by fluff standards I only wish that Fortune and Carter actually spenttime together and that their romance would progress past the strictly G rated phase it s been stuck in since book two or three. The ninth addition to the Miss Fortune Mystery series by Jana Deleon There is a poacher in Sinful, Louisiana, and it s up to Fortune and the girls to stick their nose in where they don t belong to solve the case.Another entertaining and very hilarious addition to the series There wasof a romantic element in this book, as Fortune and Carter are officially a couple I love this series and I hate that I have to wait for the next book. I didn t want it to end What fun Later Gator is book 9 in the Miss Fortune Mystery series This series is set in Sinful, Louisiana, USA and follows Fortune, who is a CIA assassin in hiding, and old ladies Gertie and Ida Belle, who are lifelong Sinful residents and ex spy war veterans, as they help solve a string of various crimes and murders I stumbled across these books when I decided to check out a new to me genre called Cozy Mysteries and someone recommended this series Once I listened to the first book, I couldn t stop I have been listening to all of the books back to back In Later Gator, someone has been poaching alligators and has set a local boy up to take the fall Fortune and her crew decide to jump in to do a little investigating when they find out the boy has been arrested They all know that someone set him up and they won t stand for it Also, Fortune and Ida Belle discover that Gertie has a pet alligator named Godzilla And thanks to Gertie and her ridiculous antics, Godzilla has a taste for baked goods I recommend this series and suggest that you read each book in order as it builds upon the prior story and makes everything that muchentertaining and enjoyable If you like your books with a nice dose of humor, this is the series for you I have found myself laughing out loud too many times to count.The narrator does a good job She is the same narrator for the whole series. Another great one in this series I look forward to reading these because they always make me laugh In this one there is a poacher in Sinful, taking out small alligators One of the local boys is accused and arrested by the game warden which sends the town into a tizzy Everyone is mad claiming there is no way Petey is responsible Fortune, Ida Belle and Gertie are determined to clear Petey s name and find the actual poacher. Jana does it again Honestly, I m set to buy anything Jana writes The adventure continues with the Swamp Team 3 and, of course, Gertie s hi jinks Their escapades are laugh out loud funny If they made this series into a show, I would pray that they could capture those moments as perfectly as I see them in my mind as I m reading it. Another entertaining book in the miss fortune series.. &Read E-pub ⇶ Later Gator (Miss Fortune Mystery #9) ↰ A Poacher Is At Work In Sinful, Louisiana, And Deputy Carter LeBlanc Is Hot On The Trail Of The Outlaw, Trying To Apprehend Him Before The State Gets Wind Of The Crime And Sends A Game Warden To Take Over His Investigation Unfortunately, He S Hindered Every Step Of The Way By Sinful S Current Mayor And All Around Horrible Person, Celia Arceneaux, Who Wants Nothing Than To Drive Carter To Resign When A Game Warden Turns Up With Evidence That Implicates A Relative Of Gertie S, Carter Is Left With No Choice But To Arrest The Boy, Even Though No One Thinks He Did It With Carter Under The Watchful Eye Of Celia And The State, Fortune, Ida Belle, And Gertie Decide To Catch A Poacher Before He Gets Away Later Gator by Jana Deleon is the 9th book in the Miss Fortune Mystery series An alligator poacher is at work in Sinful and when a relative of Gerties is arrested, Fortune, Ida Belle and Gertie set off to find the real culprit Lots of fun and lots of laughs as usual, although a tame, cookie loving alligator being led on a leash was a bit too unbelievable and over the top It was nice to see Fortunes and Carters relationship progress a little Very entertaining and fun. Fun storyThis is a laugh out loud book Carter and fortune are great Ida and gertie are hilarious The gator was a nice touch