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@BOOK ⚷ The Silver Bullet, and Other American Witch Stories à Among The Interesting Jobs Created By The WPA Works Progress Administration During The Depression Years Of The S, Was The Virginia WPA Writers Project The Idea Was To Have A Group Of Authors, Editors, And Reporters Fan Out Among The Coves And Hollows Of The Appalachian Mountains And Record The Beliefs, Superstitions, And Traditions Of The Mountain Folk These Stories Were Then Transcribed And Sent To Richmond With The Intention Of Publishing A Book On Virginia Folklore The Ultimate Goal Was Never Accomplished, And The Hundreds Of Stories That Were Collected Were Eventually Placed In The Archives Of The University Of Virginia, In Charlottesville American Witch Stories Draws Heavily On The Virginia Project, But Goes Much Beyond It It Proceeds From The Assumption That The Tales Of The Mountain Folk Were Heavily Influenced By The Experiences Of Their Ancestors, Many Of Whom Were Of Scottish, Irish, Or German Origin And Who Settled In Virginia, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, And Arkansas As A Result, Tales About Cajuns, Indians, And People Of Spanish Backgrounds Are Incorporated, Enlarging The Scope Of The Book To National ProportionsThrough The Than Seventy Five Stories Selected For Inclusion, There Emerges A Comprehensive Overview Of The Beliefs And Practices Of A Segment Of The Population To Whom Witches And Witchcraft Were A Basic Way Of Living And ThinkingThis Book Is Divided Into Four Parts Part I Presents Tales About People Who Wanted To Become Witches, Describing How They Went About It Part II Tells How Witches Work The Use Of Witchballs, Chimneys, Potions, Etc Part III Tells How Common Folk, Thinking Themselves Bewitched, Went About Breaking The Spell Of The Devil Part IV Describes People Who Used Their Reputations As Witches For Profit American Witch Stories Uses Authentic Dialogue As It Brings To Life The Activity Of Witches And Their Craft, All Of Which Have Become An Integral Part Of The Folklore Of America It Describes The Locales Where They Did Their Work The Mountains, The Hills, And The Valleys So Sparsely Populated, So Dark And Foreboding, Ideal Places For Witches To Pursue Their WorkThis Volume Adds A New Dimension Tot He Expanding Field Of Americana Folklore, beliefs, and superstitions about witches in the Appalachian mountains Tho all the stories are different you will find many common threads among the various stories The tales were collected back in the thirties and forties They were tales that were handed down from generation to generation.