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Sad day My first disappointing read by Brenda Novak Her writing style is still fabulous, but geez, I sure missed the romantic storyline she is so well known for, and always has me coming back for . 4 Stars Finding Our Forever is a story about a young woman trying to discover her past After spending a lot of time and effort to find her biological mother, Cora learns that her mother owns a school for troubled boys Hoping that she could form a relationship with her mother, Cora accepts a job as an art teacher at the school She wants to know how and why this wonderful woman gave up her baby daughter During the time at Silver Springs, Cora also develops a romantic relationship with Eli Eli is a manager at the ranch, and he is also one of the sons adopted by Cora s mother As Cora searches for the truth, she has an inner battle with herself She doesn t know if she should reveal her true identity, and she also tries not to hurt her loving adoptive parents I loved the characters and the plot It s a sweet romance without a lot of drama I just wish the story touched a little biton Eli I can t wait to read the next books in the series. Art teacher Cora Kelly accepts a position at the New Horizons Boys Ranch for the sole purpose of getting to know the director, Aiyana Turner, who happens to be her biological mother Cora hasn t told her adopted family nor Aiyana of her discovery She has her reasons but things start to get complicated when she and Elijah Turner, Aiyana s adopted grown son, become involved It s an interesting story as Cora tries to figure out who Aiyana is and why she gave her up when she later adopted so many others Cora s relationship with Elijah develops pretty naturally even though it creates some serious ethical issues for her It was easy to judge her for keeping her secret so long but just as easy to understand why she delayed telling everyone I liked how the issues related to adopted children seeking out their biological parents were addressed, presenting all sides of those affected The narrator did a wonder job of distinguishing the characters and I liked how she chose to handle the male roles No over exaggerating but you could hear the shifts I ll definitely look forby this narrator I enjoyed this story and the introduction to the series, as well as the small town and community of Silver Springs While there wasn t a lot of drama, there were lots of realistic issues and dilemmas to keep me hooked I m looking forward to continuing the series 3.5 stars I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review I fell in love with the authors Whiskey Creek novels and have been a faithful reader ever since Her books are usually about small town life, where her characters often start fresh and get a second chance and a HEA I really like that formula Low drama, wonderful endearing characters, and a quirky town with equally quirky characters.Finding Our Forever delivered.Finding Our Forever was the first book in a brand spanking new series that is located in Southern California, east of Santa Barbara, in a small town by the name of Silver Springs, with a school for boys that needlove and attention than others.Cora Kelly came to Silver Springs to work as an art teacher at the New Horizons Boys Ranch but also to connect with, or at least to get to know her birth mother She struggled with the decision for a long time, and still hadn t told her adopted family, or friends at that point She didn t want to come across as not appreciative or giving her parents the wrong impression, she just wanted answers.On the very first day actually the day of her interview she met Elijah Turner, her birth mother s adopted son They felt attracted to each other from the very first moment, but the employer employee relationship kept Cora from even entertaining such a thought.But while they worked together they crossed pathandoften until both decided to just give in and have a purely physical relationship Ha that never works.Cora and Elijah had such an easy time together They loved to spend their off time with each other and neither pushed or prodded the other s past Both felt comfortable in each other s company And their physical relationship soon evolved into MORE.Of course their was always the reason why Cora came to Silver Springs in the first place that threatened their new found happiness, but I was pleasantly surprised how well everyone handled the news.Like I mentioned, I LOVE small town life I might not like to live in a small town but I love reading about it Everyone knows everything, people care about each other, they help when help is needed and SOMETIMES they have skeletons in their closets.I can t wait to readElijah has 7 adopted brothers And not one of them is in a relationship yet lots of writing for Ms Novak AND Aiyana, Cora s birth mother, has a love interest as well There was so much to enjoy about this book.Forof my reviews My Blog Happily Ever AfterFacebook Blog PageTwitterSubscribe to Blog Cora was given up for adoption as a baby Now after years of searching she has managed to find her birth mother working as the head mistress at a school for boys with behavioral issues She applies for a job at the school as their new art teacher hoping to find some answers but keeping her secrets proves very difficult with her growing attraction to Elijah, her mother s adopted son So this is a romance about a woman who was abandoned as a child, a man who suffered horrendous abuse as a child which doesn t seem to have affected him at all a mother who in all honesty should be named MacGuffin , set at a school with no students The hand of god resolves everything and shoulder angels in the form of the protagonists friends and siblings also show up and have their say It s a long way from Brenda Novak s bestit s not even on the same planet I ll forget it all by Friday but I still enjoyed it for what it is Entertaining fluff. I feel like I have not read such a low stress, low drama romance book in such a long time There are conflicts in this book, but everything is handled quite efficiently I am not a fan of the extended secrecy trope, but it actually works out here because all the characters are so mature about everything.Like, I m not even annoyed at a main or side character This is such a weird feeling for me LOL Cora I find everything she has said and done to be in the realm of it makes sense There is not a single action that she did where I was like, Wait What Why would you do that So stupid Everything she does has a reason I cannot fault her in any way with how she goes about trying to get to know her biological mother In other areas too, she seems cool I would have liked to readabout her work teaching the students and her love for art, but I understand that the plot isfocused on her relationship with Elijah and her biological mother.A to the main guy, Elijah He is so nice to the boys he helps at the school, to his family whom he is close to, and to Cora I was somewhat worried because the first things we see in him are baggage, past trauma, and a resolution to not get committed or attached to a person That spells problem and a bunch of headaches for the protagonist and for the readers , right Well, nope, those things didn t affect his character in a negative way I mean he gets sad, but it doesn t change his present character in a monstrous way He s a good guy He has trust issues and he gets vulnerable, but he handles his problems in a healthy way I have not seen him mistreat Cora at all, and really, by the end of this book, I cannot help but admire how incredibly sweet and supportive he is.There is one big plot twist in this book, and it definitely caught me off guard view spoiler and it still makes me cringe but the plot point is a crucial one and it makes sense, no matter how cringe worthy hide spoiler Finding Our ForeverBrenda NovakReceived from NetgalleyFINDING OUR FOREVER is book one in the new series, Silver Springs by Brenda Novak It is the story of Cora who is searching for her birth mother Not because her adoptive parents were mean to her or anything like that She always felt loved and wanted growing up But she has always felt something was missing, a piece of her heart maybe When she hires a private detective to find her mother, she learns that her mother runs a school for troubled boys Cora accepts a job at the school, never telling anyone why she is there, and prepares to be the new art teacher She is there to learn a little about her mother and maybe to find out why she gave her up Her job is only for a year and then she will leave, never revealing who she is She just hadn t planned on falling in love with her mother s adoptive son Eli.FINDING OUR FOREVER will have the same effect on you that all of Brenda s stories do Once you start reading, you will not be able to stop Putting down FINDING OUR FOREVER is going to be very hard for you, as it was for me Brenda Novak takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride and she never lets you go The elephant in the room whenever Cora is anywhere near her birth mother, will have you on the edge of your seat, waiting and worrying Will Aiyana ever learn the truth about Cora Will Eli for that matter You are going to be flipping the pages rapidly waiting for Cora to tell her secret, trust me Silver Springs is going to be an awesome series and all the characters Brenda Novak introduces you to in FINDING OUR FOREVER, hopefully will be in the future stories Once I started reading this heart tugging story, my heart was all about Cora I know she felt a bit jealous by the relationship that Eli had with Aiyana Why couldn t she have that closeness with her mom the way he did Will anyone ever get their happy ending My emotions were all over the place, one minute giggling, one minute crying I have only read Brenda Novak once before this and it was just a novella, but after reading FINDING OUR FOREVER I m going to go back and read her other series, Whiskey Creek The next book in this series, NO ONE BUT YOU will be out in June and I just hope I can wait that long There is so much good about this book First and foremost the wonderful writing that is always evident in a Brenda Novak offering Every book I have ever read of hers feels real and never allows the usual and often expected and predictable to enter the storyline There is always a wonderful and sensitive feel In this story it is particularly evident in the adoption storyline I kept assuming the usual huge conflict that hovered on the horizon would happen I should have know better One can never guess the direction this author s stories will take The problem I had was in the romance area and that really surprised me Her romances usually carry incredible depth and feeling This one doesn t In fact we never get to see Cora and Eli s relationship develop at all From the very first moment they meet it is strictly set up as a physical only ei sex only relationship that will end at some point And, that s the only thing we see their sexual relationship For some that might be fine but for those of us that expect to actually see the growth and development ofthan just physical hook ups, it is a big disappointment How did they fall in love They never even talked or got to know each other outside the bedroom at least we never see it Every single time they see each other it is immediate sparks, sex, then see ya Then suddenly, they are in love Uh no That s just lust and a good helping of it I was also annoyed at Cora s decision not to include her parents in what she is doing Even if it would be hard for them, not telling them just seems so muchhurtful Still, the twists and turns of this thread in the story were so well done that even with the drawbacks I closed the book happy. {EBOOK} ã Finding Our Forever (Silver Springs, #1) ⛈ New York Times Bestselling Author Brenda Novak Welcomes Readers To The Town Of Silver Springs, Where Surprises Wait Around Every Corner The Search For Her Birth Mother Brought Cora Kelly To The New Horizons Boys Ranch Getting A Job There Was Easy Enough, But Confiding In The Ranch S Owner That She S Really Her Daughter That Task Is Daunting Especially With Elijah Turner Watching Her Every Move Elijah Can T Deny His Deep Attraction To Cora But There S Something About The Ranch S Newest Employee That Has Him Questioning Her Motives If She S There To Hurt His Family, There Ll Be Hell To Pay Yet, If The Feelings The Lovely Teacher Awakes In His Guarded Heart Are Any Indication, Cora S Appearance Might Be Just What They Were All Waiting For Cora has just moved to the town of Silver Springs California, hoping to start a new life with a new job teaching art She s teaching a a school for troubled boys called, New Horizons and Cora is really drawn to its founder Aiyana Besides the teaching job, Cora has other reasons to be in Silver Springs Will she be able to find the answers she is looking for, or will the decisions she makes along the way hinder her ability to discover the truth about herself While I have many Brenda Novak books on my Kindle, this is the first of her titles that I have actually read I was drawn to this book initially because of its setting of Silver Springs, the town I live in is called Silver Spring I was evendrawn to the book by the characters because I have members of my immediate family with similar names to the characters in the book Cora Kelly was adopted 28 years ago Since that time she has been on a quest to find her mother and find out why She loves her adoptive parents wholeheartedly, but still has a desire to know where she comes from Her birth mother was at a reasonable age to keep a child, 21, so what were the circumstances that made her decide that adoption was the best idea, especially since in her investigation she finds out that her birth mother has adopted several children over the years This was a very compelling story It drew me in immediately and I couldn t put it down I read it in just a few hours over a couple of days I can t imagine what it would be like to not know your birth parents And then searching your whole life to find them, with a closed adoption In Cora s quest to find all this information, she falls in love and faces conflict with her adoptive parents It s a great story for everyone who likes a little romance in their lives If you enjoy Ms Novak s books, consider joining her book club on Facebook