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This was a really great story I loved the way the story pulls you in and makes you want to see what is next There is some surprises Amanda and Jake are both stubborn but fit together so very well I would recommend this story to everybody I received this book as an ARC and voluntarily reviewed it This is a wonderful story based around the romance between Jake and Amanda He has run a ranch so that it is famous for the work he does and put three of his siblings through school when their parents died he is one young man that wants to do the best for his family But he has a secret and when Amanda, a writer, comes to stay on his ranch she could uncover this secret So beautifully written by Eileen Dryer and Kathleen Korbel who are both new authors to me I like their writing style which is relaxed but so very believable and they seem so 3 dimensional This book caught my imagination and I would certainly enjoy reading about the other characters in this book I look forward to reading of their stories I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.Definitely recommended. @Free Pdf ⚽ Jake's Way ì Everybody Knows Jake Kendall Jake Is A Success Story Orphaned Early, He Did Such A Good Job Turning Around A Failing Wyoming Horse Ranch, He Put His Three Siblings Through School And Gained A Nationwide ReputationAmanda Marlow Is The Epitome Of An East Coast Author Bright, Funny, Curious When She Shows Up At A Cabin On Jake S Land To Research A Book, She Threatens Jake S Entire World She Represents Everything He Longs For Freedom, Exploration, Learning But Jake Has A Secret That Could Bring His Entire Life Tumbling Down And If He Lets Amanda Close, She Could Expose It I have not read anything by this author prior to reading Jake s way, and I was definitely missing out This is a great story that pulls on your heartstrings The characters are complex and believable and the story keeps you engaged Jake gave up his hopes and dreams long ago to provide for a better life for his three siblings and has managed to make them believe that living on the ranch is what he wants But when Amanda Marlow comes to stay on the ranch to research her next book, she sees through his fa ade and realizes that there is to Jake than meets the eye Can Amanda help Jake see that he can have a life outside the confines of the ranch without giving it up I can easily recommend this book and suggest you give it a go I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author and am voluntarily reviewing it. Read Jake s Way ONLY if you like 1 A story with wit, humor, and pathos by an author who loves and respects the people she writes about 2 An independent adult heroine with grit, class, sass, and the ability to love unconditionally 3 A flawed alpha male hero with integrity, the strength to rise above, and the courage to love a woman who won t enable him 4 Memorable secondary characters who enliven and fill out the story 5 Lush and vivid descriptions that make you see, hear, small, taste, and feel as though you are right there 6 Steamy, beautiful, but non explicit sex scenes that support the storyline 7 A romance with a beautiful, hard won, and heartwarming HEA ending.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.A really enjoyable modern cowboy romance This book is about Jake, his family, and ranch and Amanda Jake has spent the majority of his life caring for his younger brother, sisters, and their family ranch without doing much for himself To the point that he is beginning to feel that the ranch has become his prison That s when his youngest sister, Lee, has her teacher mentor come to the ranch to spend time in the small cabin on the property to wind down from her last book tour Amanda has been looking for somewhere that feels like home now that things have changed so much in her own life and she thinks she s found it at the Double K ranch But as much as this book is filled with a budding romance, it comes with a twist that could destroy everything for all of them. Wonderful Modern Western RomanceThis is a wonderful romance It is a modern western set in a Wyoming horse ranch It is pretty spicy with several graphic lovemaking scenes It is also the best romance that I have read in a long time Emotionally, it encompasses exactly how one partner s strength can hold them both up The plot is excellent, with as much about the horses and the ranch as there is about the budding romance This is a longer book with plenty of rich detail about all of the important things that makes fiction real to the reader The characters are also completely real and believable I bought this book and this is my honest opinion. I really enjoyed Jake and Amanda s book it was well written and held my interest right from the start.Jake has been running the ranch to help give his siblings a better life and he is okay with that most days even if it means giving up on his own dreams but when Author Amanda comes to stay as research for her next book she realises he wanted for his life and is hoping to help him get his dreams.A really sweet read I liked it and look forward to reading. A lovely book with a lot of heart. Jake s Way Kendall 2 was written in 1992 by Eileen Dreyer under the pen name Kathleen Korbel I do not remember having read anything by the author under any name enjoyed this story immensely This is a time I remember well, we brought our first home computer around the, cell phones were bag phones, it was and Brother Mario was a hot game using the TV While the author could have updated the story, I am glad that she did not It starts with the date at the first chapter, making it or less historical fiction.Life on the Wyoming ranch, is Jake s world a refuge but also a confinement It wasn t until well over half of the story that the reason for this is guessed by the visiting writer professor, who falls in love with Jake Jake has much to love about him, strong, loyal family member, hard worker, and sacrificial big brother I thought at first it is his pride that causes him to hide his secret failing but I really think it is shame That made the story sad since he had so many other wonderful qualities did I mention, perseverance which would serve him well.I found these characters to be as memorable as well as engaging I became invested in the outcome, finding it to be a hard to put down story It is a great story for 1992 or 2017 I want to read of this series now.4.5 StarsThe publisher author gave me a complimentary ARC of the book.