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!Download Book ☢ The Dragon Knights Curse (The Dragon Knight, #2) ⚖ With A Growing Reserve Of Cryptic Clues, Odd Allies, And New Memories, Mercer Inches Closer To Learning Where He Came From And Achieving The Reprisal He Seeks Entwined With His Past And The Answers He Chases Is The Advent, An Enigmatic Cult Who Aspire To Raise An Ancient Being Said To Be On Par With A God They Spread Chaos Wherever Their Powerful Cultists Appear, Having No Interest But To Attain The Immense Power They Need To Resurrect Their Lost Deity With An Enemy Whose Plans Date Back Decades Or , Perhaps Even Unleashing A Dragon Won T Be Enough To Stop Them Good bookOne of the best reading book series I have experienced to date With enough characters to make things interesting but not so many as too have to take notes The experience thus far has been enchanting I truly appreciate this author s work. OkayThe mechanics grammar makes me sigh and wonder from what language this was translated Lie lay in particular are abused There is also a sense of vocabulary word of the day being used Add in cruddy proof reading The story has to be good to get a reader past all of the above. Good continuation of the journeyBook picks up where the 1st ended I think it was a bit slower pace than book one but is a vs continuation I will likely read the next book as well. I need More, I say Cannot bear waiting for the rest of the series But I must wait Great way to explain the human relationships in a group so diverse Another good storyThis is another good book in this series A little long on words and a little short on action but still a good book. Good readGood read,it did however end quickly leaving you wanting to read the next book some characters were not developed , possibly to be developed in the next book. Hope we get the next one soonI really hope to see a new one soon I like Mercer as a character Charismatic yet also socially awkward. It s getting betterAny reader of this genre would be thoroughly delighted to have chanced upon this author Every time I thought he was boxed in, about to be destroyed by a giant worm similar to shaihalud from Dune, or overcome by a casting, the author has his innate ability to bail him out Abrupt endings have left grasping for immediately This why I have to keep this short so I can get the next book DC Clemens does it again I love this genre of stories This is the only relative rating to choose when reading d c Clemens Excellent