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I have received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Starworld was really cute dammit Yet, it somehow made me feel disappointed in how it ended Not quite sure what the whole plan was here but damn, it just fell completely flat I was underwhelmed and I m not okay with this.In this book, you will meet Sam and Zoe I honestly really enjoyed their characters and was amazed with how two writers made everything flow nicely throughout the book These two just sort of clicked with one another and it was nice to just sit back and watch what would happen Well, until it ended and now I don t know what day, month, or year it is Throughout the book, you will definitely hit some bumps along the road of their adventure I definitely wished things went differently in this book Yes, with the ending but with other stuff as well which I don t want to spoil dammit Overall, I still enjoyed this book but hoped for a different outcome. Just received my copy.This book is legit gorgeous The ombre blue to purple [Read Kindle] ♷ Starworld ♩ Sam Jones And Zoe Miller Have One Thing In Common They Both Want An Escape From Reality Loner Sam Flies Under The Radar At School And Walks On Eggshells At Home To Manage Her Mom S Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Wondering How She Can Ever Leave To Pursue Her Dream Of Studying Aerospace Engineering Popular, People Pleasing Zoe Puts Up Walls So No One Can See Her True Self The Girl Who Was Abandoned As An Infant, Whose Adoptive Mother Has Cancer, And Whose Disabled Brother Is Being Sent Away To Live In A Facility When An Unexpected Encounter Results In The Girls Exchanging Phone Numbers, They Forge A Connection Through Text Messages That Expands Into A Private Universe They Call Starworld In Starworld, They Find Hilarious Adventures, Kindness And Understanding, And The Magic Of Being Seen For Who They Really Are But When Sam S Feelings For Zoe Turn Into Something , Will The Universe They Ve Built Survive The Inevitable Explosion I was sent an ARC copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review The ending fell flat because what was being worked up to flopped and didn t happen. Thank you to both NetGalley and LibraryThing for a free copy in exchange for an honest review Actual Rating 2.5Hm I ve got mixed feelings about this book On the one hand, I absolutely LOVE the premise and the idea of all the characters On the other hand, actually reading the book was a lot less enjoyable for a number of reasons.First though, a blurb Starworld is written in two main perspectives There s Sam Jones, who lives an invisible life at school and relies on her one and only friend, Will Her mom has OCD, and after her parents divorce, it only got worse Sam has no idea how she could ever leave home and pursue her dream of studying aerospace engineering Then, there s Zoe Zoe is popular and loved by everyone, but her life isn t as great as it seems to be She was abandoned as a baby, her adoptive mother has cancer, and her brother is being sent away to a facility As Zoe and Sam s lives collide unexpectedly, they find themselves creating a whole new universe where they can escape from the real world, and they dub it Starworld.So, I LOVE the idea of Starworld I jumped into the story imagining flowing colors and adventures and excited to read outlandish descriptions Unfortunately, the way Starworld was written in the same way I used to roleplay in Harry Potter forums Like this hugs coughs on dust And by being written this way, Starworld just seemed unremarkable and amateurish I found myself cringing too often the texting and writing style was reminiscent of what I typed as a ten year old.Other than that, the plot seemed a little flat There were some ups and downs, but once again, it felt very childish when they were based on silly misunderstandings.I also think the characters could have been exploredin general Will was a character that I already loved Yet, even as the best friend, he barely got any screen time Overall, I thinkintimate interactions between Sam or Zoe and OTHER characters could have helped this book a lot and given us a clearer picture of how these characters lived in their environment, not just with each other.Overall, this was still a fun little read, and giving it two stars definitely feels really low, but it was the writing style of Starworld itself in its texting format that disappointed me so much I wouldn t feel comfortable giving it a three. Despite running in very different circles in school, Sam Jones and Zoe Miller havein common than they think they both want to escape the difficulty that is their home lives Sam is a quiet loner, content to spend Sundays with her best friend, Will She loves the stars, but isn t sure she ll ever be able to study them, thanks to her mom, whose life is ruled by obsessive compulsive disorder Ever since her Dad moved overseas, the burden of caring for her Mom falls squarely on Sam Meanwhile, at school, Zoe seems carefree and popular But her charisma hides her secrets she struggles with the fact that she s adopted She also has a mom in remission from cancer and a disabled younger brother who is the main focus of her parents When the girls have a chance meeting at school, they exchange phone numbers, and suddenly find themselves bonding over text messages and a land they ve created together Starworld Starworld gives Zoe and Sam the escape from reality they both so desperately need But can it survive all the outside influences and stress each are facingIf I have a superpower, it s invisibility Like the perpetually overcast skies of Portland in winter, I m part of the background a robot with a disappearance drive, the dullness against which everyone else shinesSam This was an interesting and somewhat different YA novel I enjoyed the story of two brave girls battling tough circumstances Boy, poor Zoe and Sam certainly had the weight of the world on their shoulders I really liked both of our main characters The book tells the story from each of their perspectives, making it easy to know each girl I found myself a bitaligned to Sam probably because she was queer and shy like drawn to like, right As other reviews have mentioned, some of the book is in texting format, as Sam and Zoe fall into Starworld Being far removed from teenagehood myself sigh , I will admit that I did sometimes sort of fast read or skim those sections I appreciated them because Starworld meant so much to these girls and their friendship but the text speak wasn t always the easiest to read and digest I had picked this up thinking it was a love story, but it s not a true romance, though there s love in other forms There s some great representation in this book a queer character in Sam, plus discussion of adoption, mental illness OCD and anxiety , disabilities, andAll were very well treated too, I felt The book felt a little slow at times It felt a little repetitive in its insistence on Zoe feeling different due to being adopted Still, I was very drawn to Sam and Zoe s story There was a strength in each of them, and I was intrigued to see what was going to happen Sam s arc as she struggled with her romantic feelings was especially strong and wonderfully done Even though much of the book is serious, it s also very funny at times, with some excellent quotes and zingers I really did love Sam and her sense of humor she was right up my alleyI hate using phones for their original intended purpose It s like Alexander Graham Bell wondered, Hey, what could maximize the awkwardeness of human to human communicationAnd then answered himself by giving us the ability to speak to one another through stupid disembodied little boxes I mean, right One of the best quotes ever So, overall, this book is really a love story of friendship and triumph It s very easy to root for the characters and get caught up in their lives I was often just aghast at how much these poor girls had to go through If you re not necessarily used to text speak, it may give you a pause, but Starworld is a big part of the book obviously and it s woven well into the story This was a different and intriguing read, and I m glad I picked it up 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 here I received a copy of this book from the publisher and Librarything in return for an unbiased review thank you. This book wasn t bad, but it didn t really live up to my expectations.I was so ready for this to be all about a girl obsessed with outer space And like, it was, but also it was reallyjust a standard contemporary but with less romance and not much outer space in it at all The concept was really good though, and quite unique which I enjoyed.The characters were okay, but neither of them felt super unique Which I was especially surprised by, because there were two different authors I expected totally different character voices, but they just blended together a bit for me which made the first person perspective hard.But both of their family lives were super interesting to read about, and that was definitely my favourite aspect of the book.Here s to hoping my next book hasrockets in itMany thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for providing me with a review copy All opinions are my own. You can find the full review and all the fancy and or randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight.Starworld is a sweet book, told from the points of view of Sam and Zoe And incidentally, written by two authors whose work I rather enjoy There were definitely wins for me, with a few reservations, so I am just going to break it down as such The Wins Holy emphasis on family This is beautiful, frankly The times I felt the most emotion while reading is while these two young women were interacting with or speaking about their families Having them be able to open up to each other about struggles they felt unable to share with anyone else was really sweet And goodness, the sheer love that radiated from their respective family units had my heart melting over and over again I found that they were all so relatable, as they had their own problems some very severe but tried desperately to work together to make things better The characters were quirky and adorable and seemed really relatable They were both trying to come to terms with so, so much life upheaval And not just your typical growing up stuff, though that was part of it for sure Sam is dealing with an absent father, a mother with a mental illness, a best friend who s starting to move on a bit without her, and well, feelings for Zoe Zoe has a whole host of family situations from a special needs brother, a mom who s just gone through cancer treatment, and the fact that she s adopted Not to mention, a boyfriend she doesn t seem so keen on, and friends who she has been distancing herself from So when their worlds collide, it makes sense that they d gravitate toward each other Which leads to my next point Zoe and Sam leaning on each other was lovely Really, it is incredible that they were able to find solace in this imaginary world they created And that they could trust each other with this stuff that was both too big to handle alone, yet too hard to open up to anyone else about The Reservations The actual Starworld was a little hokey Look, I am all for them having this cute little inside world But I don t know that I needed to read all the texts about it In role play speak no less At first I thought it was a little cheesy, but after that wore off, I just was mostly bored and just skimmed those parts I didn t really love the ending I mean, I guess I hoped the story would go in a different direction And maybe that s on me, but my opinion stands And I ll give you the least spoilery version possible, still under spoiler tags because I personally hate spoilers but I feel like this one is kind of big for people who were hoping for certain things from the book, so view spoiler If you are here for a f f romance look elsewhere Sam loves Zoe, but, well That s about the extent of that And I feel like Zoe handles some stuff really poorly hide spoiler 4.5 5 StarsThis story is hopeful, bittersweet, hard hitting, and affirming all at once The friendship betweeen Zoe and Sam leaves my heart soaring Also, this book contains queer rep note this is not an f f romance mental health rep OCD anxiety adoption rep developmental disability rep And it was all handled extremely carefully, IMO, which I appreciate. I m still processing how I feel about this one but it s mostlyIt is such a heartfelt story and honestly my soul was a wreck about 50pgs in It s soft and quiet, it s slow and thoughtful, it s about problematic family dynamics and love and deeply intimate friendship The themes will just break you And the ending, oh yeah wow The ending has left me really sad ZOE SAM I loved them bothhhhh They re so different and yet they clicked so fiercely, so wondrously Sam She s like the antisocial nerd, she s an incredible artist, loves gaming, and has one 1 friend named Will and they are solidly loyal to each other She also wants to design rockets and fantasy realms are how she gets through the day Her mum has OCD and itrules their lives basically And like I get Sam s frustration and resentment of her mum But it also hurt how much Sam blamed her mum for an uncontrollable mental illness Sam is also queer and ends up falling for her straight best friendZoe Zoe So she s like Miss Perfect and she feels she HAS to be because she was adopted and she just has this overwhelming sense that she has to be worthy of it Her brother, Jonah, is 15 and extremely disabled and looking after him is hard Her mum is so frail and sick from cancer too And likeI just felt for Zoe Her heartache Her fears Her extreme kindness Her ability to reach out to people who need a friend She needed an escape and her friendship with Sam provides that My heart aches for Zoe UGH SHE S LOVELY and I 100% get why Sam fell for her.The story is about friendship, how fragile it can be, how fierce it can be How it can rescue you.and damn you They create a safe place for each other and I adored them together How awkwardness melted into love, how they were non judgmental and understanding of each other s messed up home lives.It s not a romance it s a friendship story view spoiler Honestly I am a bit wrecked I tried really hard to understandand I GET it Zoe is straight Sam is not Things often don t work But it felt so hard to read them breaking apart when they d meant the world to each other Their friendship saved each other, which was the point of the bookbut it still left me feeling really dismal at the end hide spoiler