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THERE S A COVERRRRRTHERE S A PERCYYYYYI AM EXCITEEEEE All those connections All those cameos Oh, it was such a fun end to the Custard Protocol I ll never love it as much as Parasol Protectorate or Finishing School, but thanks to Percy s installment, who is undoubtedly the character on the Spotted Custard I personally identify with and am fond of most, it s now in my repeatedly reread pile, along with Gail Carriger s other series I m a little sad I ll never get to read Reticence for the first time again 3.5 So I just added this to the list and saw that it HAS A COVER NOW AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Sooo happy I lost my breath for a few seconds of happyness, I probably looked like I was having a stroke luckily I am alone.Also, Japan, hats, doctors ooOOooo GIVE IT TO ME NOW Retience marks the end of an era which makes it an extremely difficult book to review Gail Garriger s Parasolverse follows three generations of characters, spanding from the 1850s and ending in 1901 Coupled with ancient mythological hsitory Retience encompasses the totality of the series and ties up loose ends, but leaves room for narratives The plot of Reticence is fairly straightforward locate and rescue The Wallflower, a spy, and investigate a new shifter species in Japan Rue is pregnant, Prim newly in love and Percy is well just Percy What makes this a strong entry in the series is the reunion of all the major players Rue is the perfect character to bridge all the generations The reunion was my favorite aspect of the book The older generation has a special place in my heart Dare I say, my favorite These young bucks know nothing of the struggle in my grump old man voice Also, the introduction of Dr Arsenic Ruthven and her parentage is a major whopper I instantly redownload a book in the Delightfully Deadly series to reread Percy and Arsenic take center stage I adored Percy s neurodivergence His beauty comparisons to insects and animals tickled me to no end Arsenic is just as unconventional as Percy, the perfect tinder match for the oft misunderstood scientist She s an awesome addition to the Parasolverse Gail continues to build upon the Parasolverse to the point of saturation ,term used in the series, and I m here for all of it In Retience the adventure is fun and the science is confusing, but that s always the case with me and science However, Gail continues to utilize her characters in unexpected ways in the Parasolverse 4 rainbows If you ve read Gail you understand Reticence marks the end of an era, as Miss Gail Carriger has already stated that there will be no books in the Parasol Protectorate Custard Protocol universe For that alone it deserves the four stars as creating this universe and such a series of books 3 generations of characters is no small feat The rest of this review does have spoilers, so click accordingly view spoiler Was Reticence Carriger s best book in the series No, it wasn t She s had others that made me feel How to Marry a Werewolf comes to mind I bawled like a baby at Faith s big reveal she s had others that made me laugh at some of the ridiculousness and utterly dry delivery the lobster line in Poison or Protect, anyone And, of course, nothing beats the original Soulless was the first love for many of us.Like many sequels, prequels, and other els , Reticence sometimes falls into the trap of wrapping up things a little too neatly Carriger, of course, acknowledges this with the cheeky epilogue, aptly titled With a Neat Little Bow Bringing in the characters from the Finishing School series felt a little forced While we knew that Agatha was sponsored by Lord Akeldama a.k.a Goldenrod , the fact that he s been playing this game with these ladies all along was perhaps a little too contrived Similarly, mentioning that Miss Imogene had been around forever with Genevieve LeFoux felt shoe horned in, probably because of the writing order when we re first introduced to adult Quesnel in Prudence and his mother , Romancing the Inventor Imogene s introduction to the universe hadn t been written yet.My other quibble and it really just a quibble, a matter of style and preference, really is one that I also noticed in both The 5th Gender and Competence playing the ending When our two main characters meet, their romantic involvement is already a foregone conclusion Granted, we spend the book watching them try to tell each other which is amusing however, I seem to prefer it when we spend a good portion of the book watching the characters trying to figure out their feelings Arsenic and Percy and Tris and his detective, and to a lesser extent Prim and Tasherit already know they are attracted to each other To me, the rest of the novel then feels a bit rushed since we already know the conclusion coming I much preferred it, to use an example, when Alexia and Connall didn t quite realize their feelings for each other though nearly everyone else around them did their dance around each other and their feelings was much interesting to me that way It could also be due to the narration type in the books Alexia s books are primarily though not 100% from her limited POV in the others, we get fairly unfettered access to several different characters minds.All of that said, do I regret buying this within minutes of it being released and procrastinating at my office over the course of two days to read it Absolutely not.It was still full of Carriger style charming, sweet, flirty yes, please, to the boot unlacing bit and had my favorite cameo thus far Lady Manami hide spoiler This book was a true delight from start to finish The hero is a charmingly awkward and droll companion, and the heroine is an excellent addition to the crew of the dirigible that gives the name to this series I appreciate how certain tropes are used in unexpected ways throughout the course of their courtship, and I was very tickled by their version of flirting, which I suspect is not so different from mine The cast of supporting characters is very entertaining, and full of easter eggs sure to delight those who have read books from nearly any of Ms Carriger s other series The imagery was strong as always, the dialogue both comfortably natural and laugh out loud funny The plot unfurled so effortlessly as to seem completely organic with a few winks toward the camera that only highlight those Easter eggs While not as deeply emotional a read for me as the previous book in this series, this book had an excellent balance of romance and action and would rate high on my list of favorite books, by Ms Carriger, who remains on very short list of authors that never fail to entertain. *Download Book ☟ Reticence ↾ Bookish And Proper Percival Tunstell Finds Himself Out Of His Depth When Floating Cities, Spirited Plumbing, And Soggy Biscuits Collide In This Delightful Conclusion To NYT Bestselling Author Gail Carriger S Custard Protocol SeriesPercival Tunstell Loves That His Sister And Her Best Friend Are Building Themselves A Family Of Misfits Aboard Their Airship, The Spotted Custard Of Course, He D Never Admit That He Belongs Among Them He S Always Been On The Outside Dispassionate, Aloof, And Hatless But Accidental Spies, A Trip To Japan, And One Smart And Beautiful Doctor May Have Him Renegotiating His Whole Philosophy On LifeExcept Hats He S Done With Hats Thank You Very Much Nothing makes my Bookworm heart happier than a series that ends well Gail Carriger has woven a wonderful conclusion to Custard Protocol It gave me Percy s story, charming new character Arsenic, and old favorites from Finishing School and Parasol Protectorate My only complaint is that I wish Epilogue was about 50 pages longer I just wanted to see so much of these beloved characters Favorite Bits Which one of us should lead This scene was perfection Tash the Werelioness and Tassels.G rated boot removal scene IMHO was the sexiest thing Gail Carriger has ever written.Latin Book Nerd Flirting Rue looked at Quesnel and then Primrose Are they flirting It s like watching dirigibles crash midair, filled with hot air, slow and horrible yet inevitable, said Quesnel I don t think it can be flirting when it s done so badly, can it Chapter from Spoo s POV No time to be a tosser You can yell later, things ave gone wonky Epilogue that you have to read several times to grasp all the nuances It s inspired a ton of speculation in the Fandom Well done Gail Carriger Well done. As travel expands the world for the crew of the Spotted Custard, broadening ideas of humanity, the supernatural, and the very foundations of science, so too the world shrinks a little for the readers Old friends from Finishing School end up in Japan, and great mysteries of history connect to characters we know well Even without those references to earlier books, however, this story is good fun I adore Arsenic, who is the perfect doctor for this particular airship I also truly appreciate that love doesn t make Percy even a jot less awkward or sociable than he was before They re super cute together, and they made for a fun romance All of the romance and adventure is a backdrop to scientific exploration of the floating city of Edo, the conservation of mass for very small and tremendously large shifters, and the question of a metanatural pregnancy I highly recommend this series for all readers.