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This was an interesting take on Alpha omega trope Here, they can be either shifter or human and bonding is not so much fated mates but mating during omega heat This is not so good if you bond by mistake or your bonding is forced the omega had to die to break it Simon is a young adult, shifter and has an extremely overpowering mother who cares very little for him Cody is a self absorbed arse who I struggled to understand or empathise with as over half the book is full with his self serving goals They meet one night in a bar and one thing leads to anotherand quite dubiously sothen an alternative to break the bond is needed urgently The story did loose itself and concentrated far too much of Simon s crying and emotional state The drama felt like an afterthought and I was disappointed that there were no consequence to Cody s fathers action even a slap with a wet kipper would ve been appreciated There was a number of silly typo s and it all ended far too easily, too forgiven, too neatly Overall, this had potential but it just didn t seem to get its self together I was bought the 3 book series as a birthday gift, so I will proceed to read the next two and hopefully it will be a case of the stories improving with time. For this being the first book the author has published I am quite impressed I thought it was an action packed read A little weird in places,due to way too much crying, and it does have some grammatical issues Not much But overall I liked it The Alpha Omega concept was quite unique and I liked the authors take on it The sex was fast paced, not very detailed but it worked pretty well with the story was a whole It was hot in it s own way The writing, I thought was done well The characters were both likable The cover appealing There s not much I didn t like in this book Like I said it was different But the action than kept everything interesting A solid 4 star book Spice level 2 out of 5 starsStandalone novel no cliffy grm Let s be sincere, this book was a bit darker than I thought, but still I couldn t put it down and I think that the author won this battlenot sure yet about the war.Omegas lives suck, a lot, they are abused, raped and enslaved by their Alphas and if not by their partner, they are slaves of the Alpha in their family One thing is sure, 99% of the Alphas are dic s without a brain and only use brute force and their commanding voice to get what they want Most of the Omegas are bonded to an Alpha without their consent, and other times they bond,without knowing, with the first Alpha they have sex with, while in heat Most of the Alphas don t want to get bonded and to avoid it, kill the Omega Every year a lot of naked and dead Omegas are found and no one does anything to fix this problem, no one seems to care.When we meet Simon, he is scared bcs he is going into heat We don t know why he is having his heat now, since the boy not sure about his age, but he is maybe around 20 years old , usually has his heats in the spring and only once a year We soon learn that his mother is a bi ch and doesn t care about him She sort of hates him bcs he was born an Omega and she thinks all Omegas are useless and frail The day of his heat, his mom, is coming home with one her lovers to have her fun with him, but when the man sees Simon, he changes his mind and focuses only on the Omega Useless to say that Simon s mom, gets pissed and Simon is sure that this time she will kill him He has one choice, escape.Later while drinking at the near bar, he meets Cody.Cody is a spoiled and rich 22 years old brat He always had all he wanted in his life and doesn t care about others He is ignorant, and doesn t know anything about how Omegas live and only wants to have fun When he sees the cute blond with the huge green eyes, he knows one thing, he is going to have him.Simon is drunk and in heat maybe not his smartest move and the Alpha is way too handsome to refuse Simon is a virgin, but his Omega s body doesn t need much preparation, not while he is in heat Cody is drunk too, and horny and the Omega smells too good to be ignored In the end they have sex in Cody s car damn that scene was hot , and the next morning they find out they are bonded.Cody didn t know what an Omega in heat would bond with the Alpha he has sex, and he thinks that Simon did this on purpose, so he yells at him and pushes him back to the car and is ready to hit him, but he can t Something is telling him to not hurt the Omega When Simon tells him that one way to break the bond is kill him and then starts to tremble bcs he is sure that the Alpha is going to kill him, Cody can t believe his eyes He is no murderer, also if he really would like to kill the little shit that put him in this mess, but maybe if he is sincere he is at fault too, since he didn t know this could happen.Like I said Cody was an ass, at least at start and maybe he was a little abusive, but in the end he never really hurt Simon.Together they work in searching for a spell to break their bond During the week they spend together, the bond starts messing with their minds It makes them horny and almost unfocused, and one day Cody almost rapes Simon, and stops only when he sees the Omega crying He doesn t remember acting that way and he is ashamed and feels sorry Later that same night Cody will go searching for Simon that left their room after that awful incident and he will save him from some guys trying to rape him.The author tells us that in this world, there are not only humans Omegas and Alphas, but also Omegas and Alphas shifter We find out that Cody is wolf shifter and Simon too.From this moment on Cody starts to understand how Omegas realy live their days in fear of getting abused and used, without anyone helping them When, while searching for some books about spells, they meet Tom an abused Omega, Cody doesn t think twice about punching the Alpha jerk that hurt the poor guy Simon is sure that they found the spell to break the bond, but at the same time he isn t sure he wants to do it any Cody too, changed his mind They want to be together and if the bond made them want to have sex, it sure didn t make them fall in love They both know that their feelings are real.Sadly Cody s father decides to break them apart, and makes Cody believe that Simon left him, with only a note to say goodbye Cody thought about himself as a smart guy, but sometimes I thought he was an idiot, since he does believe Simon really left him and only understands he is wrong when he notes that his Omega Father doesn t look him in the eyes, and that his Alpha Dad anticipated the day of his arranged marriage With a little investigation, he soon is able to find where they are keeping Simon, and saves him AGAIN, form an attempted rape beat This time Cody isn t fighting only for his Omega s life but also for their unborn child Yes, Simon is pregnant and Cody only found out now.To make this shorter.Cody is able to dispose of all the enemies, thanks also to his brave Omega that fights with him.Cody s Omega father gives them some money to start a new life and they decide to go live near Tom and his mom in a small little country that seems Omega friendly They will have a cute little baby girl and I don t lie when I say , that in the end I changed my mind about Cody, he wasn t so bad, and Simon was lucky to find him.The scene where Cody decides to lose his butt virginity with Simon was a good bonus p I was happy to see that Simon s spell was able to help Tom break his bond with the abusive Alpha he was dating , and I m sure in future, this spell will help a lot of people. DNF at 25%Cody was 100%, certifiably, completely an asshole Instincts be damned, what I just read was practically rape, and even though other reviews indicate that he changes his ways, I can t get past that. This isn t a bad book The writing s not bad and the story itself is good The editing could have been better Little things like hair color and the gender of Cody s fianc e were mixed up I really would have liked to see Simon s actual pregnancy and or birth but maybe that s in the next book I ll definitely read it. 3.5 stars Rough worldFast paced and a bit of a roller coaster This world is not easy for Omegas Simon is alone in the world with a mean Alpha mom He has to run off when he gets his heat and when he meets Cody he doesn t want any attention Cody comes off a bit stupid really At least he has a good heart He has grown up priveleged and becomes disabused with his current way of life I loved watching him grow It was sad to see Simon and the other Omegas be grateful over small kindnesses This was a great story of love and personal growth. horrible 2.5 starsThe story itself was ok, but the book needed another edit First Cody was brown haired with a future girl omega, and a little bit later he was blonde with a guy omega The a b o dynamics in this world are harsh, with the alphas being mostly assholes I did like Simon, and came to like Cody as he matured. ^Book ☠ Winters Heat (Omega Boys, #1) ↠ Omega Wolf Simon Malone Never Thought He D Wake Up In The Back Of A Car, Bonded To An Alpha And Certainly Not One As Strong Willed And Carefree As This One Now, With A Betrothal Rapidly Approaching, Simon Must Find A Way To Break The Bond Before He Loses What Little Life He Has If He Can T, Who Knows What Lengths This Rich Alpha Will Go To There S Just One Problem Simon Can T Quite Tear His Eyes And Heart Away From Sinfully Sexy Cody Adams All Alpha Wolf Cody Adams Wanted Was One Glorious Week Of Freedom Before His Official Bonding To A High Class Omega A Last Hurrah Before Taking On The Responsibilities On His Status And Resigning Himself To A Mundane Life Of Perfunctory Sex And Duties Now, With One Week To Rid Himself Of This Low Bred Wolf, Cody Must Reign In His Temper And His Heart Before He Does Something Else He Regrets Like Falling In Love It Doesn T Help That Cody S Never Seen An Omega As Captivating As Simon And When Simon Turns Out To Be Pregnant, Things Get Even Complicated