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Freebie at the zon.com right now While I really enjoyed this book and found it engaging I would have liked to know of what happened to Corwen and Eli after they reunited especially once they talked to Livia I also loved the fact that by the time we actually meet Eli and Livia we already know them This is one book I would really like to see a sequel to While reading this book I was thinking wow I don t know if I ve every known a character broken and empty than Corwen Once I finished I read the notes about the author Julia Leijon in the back I then saw that one of the archetypes for Corwen was Alois Trancy from Kuroshitsuji Black Butler in English , I was like okay I do know of a character just as or broken and empty than Corwen The only difference is Corwen is given the chance to heal while Alois wasn t There s so much I could say about this Corwen and this book but that would giving away to much There is one thing I m dying to know but don t think I ll ever have answered, is Reza Eli and Livia s cousin.I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I was kindly provided an eARC in exchange for an honest review review to come ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review full review DThis book was beautiful The most unique story I ve ever read DFor people who have read the Captive Prince trilogy, this book is most definitely a winner You see, in that world, the regent of Vere was a man with a likeness for young boys, and throughout the story, you couldn t help but wonder what is that happened to those boys later in life I d like to consider Corwen s journey as an answer Ice in Sunlight paints a world in which cruelty is the most common currency the world deals in Corwen has been subjected to disdain and suffering from a very young age, and finds it hard to reconcile with a better life once he is given the chance to live it.I admired the way the ice around Corwen s heart started thawing with every encounter he had, every person he met that didn t see him as a bed slave, but a human being with hopes and dreams, and most of all, dignity.This book was eccentric for my tastes to say the least But something about its understated beauty tugged at me and warmed my heart so thouroughly DMy first read by Julia Leijon, and hopefully not my last I find I enjoy her brand of imagination 3 I was contacted by Julia Leijon s assistant to get a freebie of this book on InstaFreebie, so thank you again for the reading opportunityTrigger warnings for this book abuse physical and mental mention, pedophilia mention, overall retelling of past slavery.I really did not expect to like this book, which is my own fault I was definitely prejudiced on that one, and I gotta say I m glad that it turned out I was wrong Ice in Sunlight follows the story of Corwen, a young man of 21 if I remember correctly who is freed from his life as a slave after a trio of three foreigners assassinate the king who was using him, and offer him a chance to change his life by following them Corwen has grown up in a place that has reduced him to a pretty face and a young body, crushing any self worth he might have had And these strangers the trio he meets first, and then all the other characters, with their diametrically opposed way of life, show him nothing than kindness, trust and love The way Corwen s been raised, he thinks all of those principles are bullshit Until he realizes the incredibly positive effect that they have on him.I m not an abuse survivor so I can t speak on that, but I ll say this the fact that this book was centered on the recovery of someone who s been through it, and in such a way that you saw the character slowly change, was beautiful Corwen starts out as someone who thinks that every act of love hides some sort of manipulation, that trust is foolish, that kindness is useless because it earns you nothing To see him baffled by simple acts of generosity, to see him doubt every kind gesture anyone had toward him, was heartbreaking but it was completely rewarding to see him bloom thanks to people who truly, genuinely cared for him.The few things I didn t like about this book can be summed up pretty quickly the writing felt kind of awkward at times, with strange word choices maybe I m nitpicking, but nope and yeah said in a world with a historical fiction vibe to it felt weird to me the sex scenes, while they didn t bother me at all, had little build up to them so I was taken aback anytime there was one.But, here are the things I loved about this book, and that I was incredibly surprised but delightfully so to find Apart from Corwen and three other characters that we can only assume are white , all the other characters the majority of them are people of color Not only that, but they do not fall under the tired racist trope of the violent foreigners They re all incredibly kind and loving And there s no were evil all along trope either Nope They re just nice All these characters have relationships stories of their own that existed prior to meeting the main white character, which despite the shortness of the book and the fact that there wasn t much time for side character development, makes it easy to empathize with them And not just because they re connected to Corwen This book is tagged as M M, for good reason, but holy shit, there s a bisexual character And a polyamorous relationship involving many of the characters And there s no jealousy bullshit subplot that breaks the group dynamic, nope, they genuinely love each other And then there was a relationship with no sex, that is stated in text to be just as valid and deep and passionate as a relationship with sex WHAT A GOOD.Now I wanna point out, there is a political subplot in this book, and it s not very substantial, nor very developed It s resolved in the span of ten pages, and yeah, maybe that can bother some people I would totally get it But in the end, I realized that that fact really didn t dampen my liking of the story It was genuinely lovely and enjoyable, despite not having a political plot as deep as A Song of Ice and Fire s or Captive Prince s. 4.5 .Read Pdf ♨ Ice in Sunlight ♼ I Think I M Supposed To Be Dead Corwen S Emotions Are A Frozen Wasteland After Years Of Enslavement And Abuse When He S Finally Rescued, Freedom Isn T Enough To Thaw The Wintry Landscape Of His HeartSlowly, His New Compatriots Teach Him That Physical Intimacy Is A Sacred Gift, That Pleasure Can Be Shared Without Pain With Endless Patience, They Offer Him A Different Way Of BeingIn Order To Be Whole, Corwen Must Surrender The Self Loathing He Wears Like Armor Can He Learn To See Himself The Way His New Companions Do Or Will He Hide From Love Forever In The Icy Vault That Shields His Deepest Soul Ice In Sunlight Is A Full Length M M Fantasy Tale It Is Intended For Mature Readers Only Due To Adult Themes And Content I was offered this book in return for an honest review.Thank you for the offer I thoroughly enjoyed this and read it one sitting Corwin s character had me hooked from the beginning His quick tongue and wit, his seemingly hopeless situation, the fact that the only thing that actually makes him happy is thinking of how he will die, because he knows, with clear certainty, that he will die This all combined to make him a very real, very flawed but very likeable character.Corwin is a slave, a sex slave at that, used for pleasure He s survived so far by staying ahead of his owner and making himself desirable rather than dispensable He is very clever, but does not know that he is, only that he can think on his feet and can learn quickly, quicker than those around him and that fact has kept him alive longer than most sex slaves He is now nineteen and the average age of death for a slave of his standing is seventeen.He is owned by a king He is the same age as the king s younger son, Eli They strike up an unlikely friendship which is ill advised and quite frankly dangerous but makes both their situations very much bearable We see this friendship through a series of flashback memories, which can sometimes be distracting from the story, but the author wove them into the narrative very well.Eventually, as a punishment for this friendship and because the king is a sadistic b st rd, the son is sent away and Corwin is left to try and survive on his wits alone with only the memories of his friendship with Eli to brighten his otherwise dark dreams.He is rescued from his life of slavery, but knows little else of life, so therefore finds his new situation difficult to comprehend He cannot accept that he is no longer expected to be useful because if you are no longer useful to someone they kill you Sometimes he tries to endear himself to his new captors , since his brain does not allow himself to see them as friends Sometimes he challenges them, their ideals and their way of life He annoys them and sometimes provokes angry reactions, but he also intrigues them.In his new life, those around him show patience and acceptance and he slowly heals from the mental wounds of his former life.Meanwhile there is a little intrigue in the form of political assassinations, manipulations and revenge killings Corwin s new situation is thrown into disarray when the daughter of his former owner tries to claim him as her own property, and her brother, Eli arrives with a view to renewing their friendship in safety this time.All in all this story was very enjoyable Towards the end I found myself a little disappointed that there was not conflict due to Corwin s uncovering a plot The problems were easily solved than I would have expected There were a few loose ends as well which I realised were not going to be tied up The author went to great pains to describe and compare two characters with a hint of a connection but then nothing came of it Am I to believe there will be a sequel to cover this story line I hope there is, because I would definitely read it.This is well worth a look. I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review This is actually the first time I ve ever been offered an ARC, and I think I had a lucky first experience Ice in Sunlight is fab Content notes and warnings frequent references to rape and coercive violence the latter appears occasionally on the page cannibalism sex work both voluntary and very involuntary references to child rape never appears on the page, but frequently referenced implied murder assassination somewhat gory violence at one point.On to the review It has a very fannish sensibility the tropes at play are the kind of thing I know many of my friends love The main character is a sex slave to a king, in love with the sent away prince, and covers all his pain with stoicism and bitter sarcasm The evils of the kingdom he resides in are pretty overplayed right up to the cannibalism level but the book opens with the king being assassinated and our troubled hero escaping, so it s less present in the book than it otherwise would be Other reviews are correct that the book opens with a LOT of this, but it quickly transitions away Similarly, the goodness of the society he finds himself in is overplayed, but that part really worked for me it was an enjoyable and restful setting, and however unrealistic, it felt like a heavenly rest for our hero, one he very much deserved after his horrific youth The plot wraps up nicely but really isn t the point The point of it, or maybe the reason I would recommend it, is that it s a very safe read the tortured hero is surrounded by trust, comfort, and generosity he can deal with his trauma and learn to be vulnerable and the reader can relax into it the same way that he does The particulars of the happy ending are visible from even a few chapters in, which is ideal for what the book is a smooth ride to enjoy the protagonist s increasing happiness and fulfillment I have some quibbles The sex scenes read as very het none of them are, but there s a huge emphasis on penetration and at one point a man who s never been with much of anyone goes from zero to being pounded in one fairly short encounter , although I liked that despite the heavily foreshadowed HEA, the hero had a number of feasible ish and enjoyable sexual encounters with other male characters No magic in this, by the way I d call the setting a mix of faux Greek polis with faux medieval It s perfectly nice as a setting for Happiness Comes to Corwen. Don t be fooled by the sappy book description freedom isnt enough to thaw the wintery landscape of his heart Because this book is actually really good It s also very short, around 250 pages in epub form which was a bit of a shock for me, as i had just finnished a couple of MONSTER books before commencing this one Lady Midnight, A Little Life 700 pages each I would of liked a bit actually.Corwin is a fairly dimensional character, with just the right blend of sass and self loathing for a former bed slave, but i felt that his feelings on the abuse he sustained when being used by the king could have been touched on a tad , for a book about sexual healing I really liked Livia, and though she only gets a minor role in the story or does she i really conected with her charater.Plot was okay, spoiler ish but why Corwin was the only person in the castle who left with Amir s convoy aludes me I found some bits to be a bit info dump y, with backround on various kings and queens with little relevance placed somewhat randomly throughout the text It also felt like it was aluding to something, and i think maybe there is another story to be told in this world Hopefully I really liked the contrast between the two main cultures, even if the first was not explored much One of the first scenes, where Corwin cuts the meat really caught my attention Overall im really glad that i got to read this book And for free in exchange for an honest reveiw