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Re Force of Feeling PJ brings us an introvert, shy writer h who has a new agent H determined to force passion into her books, even if he has to drag her into bed to do it The background for this h is the usual PJ orphan of distant parents For the added angst bonus, and to convince the h of her complete undesirability to anyone but a man wearing a bag over his head at the bottom of a closed up dark mine who hasn t felt a woman in 20 years, the h was married at 19 to her first lover He was a cad seducer type and only married her to get her parents to fork over a ton of money They refused, he vilely and viciously berated the h and her lack of boudoir skills in front of them and he was promptly sent to the hinterland mists of HPlandia vile slime slurping seducer role successfully completed The h s father got the marriage annulled and then conveniently passed to the next plane of existence, taking his wife with him.The h, now thoroughly indoctrinated with her frigidity and undesirableness to the point where even amoebas have personal self esteem promptly disperses the large inheritance she was left to various charities Thus proving she is a nice, pure, and virtuous PJ h Then sets about on a historical novel career But her regular agent is sick when the book opens, and she has a contract for a bodice ripper to make Rosemary Rodgers blush Her agent substitute is the H, and he is a big hit at the lurvely lady HP buffet He is pushing the h to write better, cause her first effort got the paper shredder and the deadline for publication is nigh.In desperation and because the h has to hide her unattractive, dun clothed self from inflicting pain upon the rest of us, the h takes herself off to her regular agent s isolated cottage to rework her manuscript as best she can before giving up in frigid and sterile defeat But the H is there waiting and we get seven chapters of the h insisting she is hideous and unapproachable in the gropey handsy sense and the H trying to figure out what is up with this highly neurotic lady There is some vivid h dreams caused by the H s manly male presence in the next room and a long discussion about cooking eggs the h can t cook them and the H is an egg frying master The writing is improving, but the tension is high and after a particularly awkward h soliloquy regarding her undesirableness and unattractiveness and neuter status, the h flings herself out the door for a long walk and winds ups falling down the rockface when the cliff collapses beneath her.The H gallantly rescues her by taking off his pants to use as a tether to haul her up off the cliff and that was all it took The h is now officially in love, tho she makes no announcement The H carries her back to the cottage clad only in a sweater, socks and tidy whities and the two start bopping like bunnies for the big composition exposition The h s word count is exponential to the amount of lovin in her oven and the H is happy the book is finally being written to the required specification.After a chapter of bopping and bouncing and H jealousy cause the h is dressing like a person instead of a potato sack imitation, the h has to take off on a pre arranged book tour Since the H is an known taster at the tap room of lady lurve, the h has a lot of mopey moments cause she figures he moved onto the next tap The h is on tour and feeling ill when her local companion escorts her to her room She had a visitor while the local gent was tucking her sick self up but she thinks it was just a reporter who left when her illness was reported It was actually the H He saw the local good Samaritan go into he h s room and instantly assumed that a woman who had been frigid for ten years was doing some tap sampling of her own The H runs off to America, where he does t have to watch the tapping, and the h thinks the H just abandoned her after he got the book out of her.Another little complication ensues when the h finds she is preggers The h is happy cause at least she will have a memento of her big love affair But there is some physical instability and illness that makes the h s BFF drag her back to her home to help the h out Conveniently the house is right up the road to the H s sister s house, so there is a brief H h meet up at the h s friends annual Christmas party The h overhears the blonde who accompanied the H to the party along with his sister, exclaiming that the H must have been desperate for the book to actually go to bed with the h to get it The h is totally humiliated and then she sees the H Naturally no one will actually talk to each other about what really happened or even have a really good ranty moment, and the H runs back to America cause the h lies and says she is with someone else so she doesn t look like a pining limpet The h s pregnancy develops and she is out and about and passing out, right in front of the H s sister s house The sister rushes out to yell at the h for treating her brother so badly, then cottons on to the fact that h is preggers with her brother s kid The sister is all for pimping the h out in new twist to the trope, we have the H s family pimping h s out, but the sister s husband has the most common sense in all of PJ s HPlandia and tells his wife to stop it and not meddle He comments that maybe the H doesn t want a kid right at the moment either way it isn t any of the sister s business, and the H and h need to work things out for themselves I do think that was a shinning PJ moment right there, tho nobody listened to him He tried to inject a note of sanity into the whole angst tossed situation Too bad we did not get of him and I can only think PJ was smoking some serious stuff when she wrote it, cause it was definitely not fitting in with the rest of the drama Eventually the H s sisters can t take it any They fire a telegraph off to the H, citing a family emergency and he comes rushing home Only to be informed of his impending daddyhood Surprise, it is twins and the h installed in a cozy little cottage The H rushes over, they both declare undying love and then figure out the big misunderstanding The H did not sleep with her for a book, well mostly not anyways, and the h was ill and not tapping a new brew They marry and decide to buy a bigger bed cause the single the h has barely fits two and certainly not four The h delivers cute baby boys and the H s sisters plan a revolt because they all have boys and the Pimp Sis duo wanted girls, they plan to force the H and h to consummate until they get some for the big PJ HEA.This one isn t PJ s best The h s obstinacy in thinking she has all the pulling power of a manky turnip goes on way, way too long and then the Oh I love him, moment happens in two sentences It makes for a bit of awkward reading Then the big misunderstanding and separation goes on even longer and the whole byplay between the sister and hubby seems to be some added filler with a strange note of common sense in an otherwise nonsensical book Still the HEA is nice and believable and I was happy to see them together in the end This one should probably be reserved for days when you want to do a drinking game based on the h s self derogatory comments only a half or a quarter of a shot for every time she does it, otherwise you will pass out by chapter two or if you are a Serious PJ fan and need to complete the backlist Everyone else can probably safely skip this and find entertaining outings in HPlandia and certainly better PJ ventures. Not bad Seemed too long the ending dragged out Not really believable that a woman would have no idea she was attractive and yet be very attractive Still, not terrible, it did draw me in somewhat. Angsty and passionate I loved it I didn t like that heroine kept her pregnancy a secret but her fears and insecurities felt real because of her ex asshole husband So cute they had twin boys A book with a slow start but it picked up once the relationship between the H and h became less antagonistic The h had no self esteem or self confidence because of how she was treated by her mistake of an ex She was young and lonely when she met her ex and he tricked her into sex and marriage with the goal of getting her parents wealth When that didn t work out, he decimated the h with such viciousness that it left her scarred for years Enter the H who has to work with a woman terrified of men, of herself and of feelings He had a lot to overcome But he did so and the h found her femininity for the first time in her life But, years and years or ingrained self doubt and self loathing leaves her insecure And that leads to the separation between them I wasn t sure if I would like this book at the beginning, but as the story developed and the H slowly coaxed the h out of her hermit shell, I realized that I really did like it The h s blossoming into her womanhood and femininity was handled so beautifully by the author She didn t make it unrealistically easy The H had to work his butt off for every step forward while the h fought him every inch of the way My favorite characters are Meg, the H s sister and the h s best friend, Lucy They brought lightness and humor into a very heavy, emotional story I enjoyed this book and am glad that I didn t ditch it and kept on reading. This novel was WAY too long, not in pages necessarily but in memory I guess you could say I found that it dragged on and on, especially the ending I personally wouldn t read it again. The main character was a bit of a twit and not very credible. (KINDLE) õ Force of Feeling (Harlequin Presents, No 1169) Ú A Searing Passion Left Her Scarred And Since That Devastating Experience, When Campion Had Been Like A Newly Opened Flower Crushed By A Cruel Hand, She Had Closed Out That Side Of Her NatureNow She Was Being Forced To Reopen It Her Literary Agent, The Frighteningly Sensual Guy French, Declared Her Historical Novels Well Written But Flat And Lifeless He Demanded She Add Passion So Off She Went To A Remote Cottage In Wales Perhaps Inspiration Would Come Then She Discovered Guy French Would Be There To See That It Did