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Initially, something wasn t sitting with me quite right I decided to give it my usual fifty pages but then I continued to read and realized that it just has a very slow start but picks up momentum The narrator, a documentary film maker called Salinger, moves his small family from New York to his wife s hometown in the Dolomite mountains of Northeastern Italy where the inhabitants areAustrian than Italian Salinger has a tragic accident and suffers from PTSD as a result He learns about three students who were gruesomely murdered in 1985 at the Bletterbach Gorge These murders were never solved so as a way of overcoming his trauma Salinger goes on a mission to create a documentary film by solving these horrifying crimes This is no easy task for an outsider living in a reticent, close knit community And off we go Salinger is a flawed but self aware character and his relationship with his daughter is endearing although this precocious five year old comes across as a miniature adult Speaking of flaws there are a few scenes that could have been cut by an editor with a sharp blue pencil On the positive side, the Bletterbach Gorge becomes a character and positively exudes evil And, the ending surprised me. a very good story for when you are stuck at home with a coldy flu. I was really looking forward to this book because I d seen loads of great reviews for it, unfortunately I did not enjoy this for a number of reasons let me explain.I want to start off this review on a positive note I did initially enjoy this book It was slow to take off and the accident in the Bletterbach was gone in seconds when it seemed like such an important part of the plot but the mystery of the years old Bletterbach killings did grab my interest quite quickly and I was looking forward to knowing what the hell happened Unfortunately, that s where the good things I have to say end.This book was so ridiculously drawn out and slow, it really couldn t grab my attention for very long I would read about 30 pages and then put it down because I was so bored by all the tedious, pointless descriptions and scene that weren t necessary to progress the plot Most of this novel was conversations between two people, that 90% of the time ended with no further information or revelations to the mystery Then, the bits that weren t people talking were extremely long, often times overly scientifics bit of information that I think were meant to be eye opening and exciting, but instead they often confused me and were extremely boring to read.The writing in this one was also a little weird I always find I have a bit of trouble with translated books they feel clunky to read and this one felt just the same The conversations that were had between people felt forced and unrealistic most of the time and there was no atmosphere whatsoever When Salinger was down in the Bletterbach before the accident, there was no nail biting edge of the seat moment, and again, when he was experiencing his panic attacks, these was no tension or feeling of claustrophobia I was hoping this was going to give me the same creeped out, terrified feelings that The White Road did, but it let me down.I thought that maybe while I was being put to sleep by the slow moving story, I might enjoy the characters, however I was disappointed by those too More specifically, by Salinger, our main character I hated him I really, really hated him He didn t progress as a character after everything he had been through and no matter how many times his wife came to him angry and distraught at what he was doing Throughout the novel he was just an awful person, always thinking about throwing a punch and being inconsiderate to other people There really was nothing nice about him And then the other characters in the story played such small parts that we really didn t get to know them very well Even Werner who seemed to play an important part of the story didn t get much screen time.In the end, I skim read the last 100 pages of this novel I m still counting it as a full read because I pushed myself through t h r e e h u n d r e d tedious pages The conclusion of the mystery was disappointing to say the least and I m glad I didn t attempt to read the rest of the story.Overall, I really didn t enjoy this book, apart from maybe the first 50 pages I wouldn t recommend this one, I think there are plenty of better similar books out there that you could pick up instead Thanks to Bookbridgr and MacLehose Press for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review I m just sorry I didn t enjoy it 4 starsThis is a somewhat unusual book It opens with an American tv documentary producer, Salinger, following an alpine rescue crew in the Italian Dolomite Alps and nearly getting killed by taking risks Then we follow him as he recovers from the psychological trauma and he decides he has to occupy his time by investigating some unsolved murders in 1985, over 30 years ago He is dealing with nightmares and flashbacks to his time in the ice crevasse with a sound in his brain that he calls The Beast He gradually pieces together what happened that day, but it is not until the end that the real killer is revealed There are a few red herrings and sometimes the story bogged down in his self pity He almost destroys his marriage and almost becomes an alcoholic in the process However, I did like the story and the ending which had a paranormal twist The translation was very good.One quote, Salinger on documentary publicist I ll give him this Total Asshole knew his job He created a storm that, unfortunately, broke on my nose.Literally I thank LibraryThing, Harper, and Luca D Andrea for sending me this book. No s qu nota darle Me ha dejado flipando No pod a soltar el libro en ning n momento y ha sido leer, leer y leerpero ese final WTF No quiero hacer spoilerspero no me ha parecido cre ble En mi opini n tal y c mo iba la historia no iba mal encaminada, pero ese giro en la tramano No me ha convencido. All inizio mi sconcerta il fatto che il personaggio principale, e io narrante della vicenda, parlasse esattamente come un personaggio di un film americano doppiato, o di un romanzo americano tradotto con insolita aderenza Mentre leggevo mi venivano in mente le frasi in inglese che stavano sotto quelle che leggevo.Poi ripensandoci giungo alla conclusione che, nonostante la vicenda sia ambientata in un paesetto del Tirolo italiano, il personaggio che narra effettivamente uno sceneggiatore americano che ha sposato una ragazza tirolese conosciuta negli Stati Uniti, e che venuto in provincia di Bolzano a riposarsi dopo le fatiche di una serie di Real TV sui roadie dei gruppi rock Insomma, ci pu stare.Dopodich al narratore capita un brutto incidente di montagna, e gi l il mio interesse per le vette innevate e non si sveglia Poi, mentre il narratore cerca di riprendersi dallo shock subito, emerge un vecchio fatto di sangue, una strage efferata, una vera macelleria avvenuta pi di vent anni prima in una valle tirolese nei pressi del paese di sua moglie.E qui parte un thrillerone ben congegnato, con ritmo spietato e avvolgente, che non ti consente di mollarlo, costi quel che costi.Arrivato a finirlo in due giorni, il mio parere Quando faranno la serie televisiva Questo, in mano al regista giusto, girato dove sono ambientati i fatti alcune localit sono immaginarie ma tutto il resto il vero Tirolo come deve essere , con gli attori giusti, sarebbe la risposta italiana a Fargo e True Detective Ma gi , noi non abbiamo n HBO n Netflix Abbiamo Rai e Mediaset, e i poliziotteschi agiografici.Vabb , leggetevi il romanzo, che meglio. 5 10What better time to read a book set in a mountainous region than when you re actually in the mountains yourself Admittedly it was a different region but still, what s the difference between the Alps and the Dolomites They ve both got pointy bits and bad weather.I was hoping for an interesting mystery set in a small mountain village set over the decades but what I got felt like a cheap copy of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, only this wasn t written anywhere near as well as that The murder mystery is mildly interesting and teased early on as you learn about the narrator s history and how he s in the mountains and a terrible accident he was in Then it just becomes a rinse and repeat of main character looks into something new, wife local angry fake policeman tell him to stop, promises to stop, main character can t help himself and then.looks into something new I grew tired of it by the end and was happy to just find out who it was even though it was revealed a couple of times to be different people only for a Scooby Doo type finally I truly think they d have got away with it if it wasn t for those meddling kids The characters were nothing special and never fleshed out enough to care, the writing was pretty weak overall but not the worst so did make it a quick read Some of this could be down to the translation but that s probably doing the translator a disservice as I d never be able to read a book in Italian I received a free copy for review from NetGalley Snijegom prekriveni planinski vrhovi iz daljine izgledaju tako mirno i spokojno, i tek kad im se pribli imo shvatimo koliko su nao treni ti ledeni zubi koji esto pod sobom skrivaju nezamislive tajne Prst sudbine htio je da Jeremiah Salinger posjeti Ju ni Tirol na prijedlog svoje supruge, koja potje e iz malog mjesta ca Siebenhoch, i priu ti si miran obiteljski odmor Ali Jeremiah je nemiran duh, eljan stvaranja i istra ivanja Jeremiah i njegov partner Mike odavno su postali svjesni da ne e postati svjetski poznate redateljske face, to im je bila izvorna zamisao dok su studirali re iju Njih dvojica sada su prona li svoju pri u, tj pri e drugih Fokusirali su se na neopjevane junake, ljude koji nikada ne do u pod svjetla reflektora iako su svojim radom to i vi e nego zaslu ili Tako Jeremiah i Mike dolaze do ideje o snimanju dokumentarca o ljudima i njihovoj slu bi spa avanja koji svaki dan riskiraju ivote na okrutnim i nemilosrdnim dolomitskim stijenama O nadljudskim naporima i stra nim uvjetima rada Jeremiah informacije ima iz prve ruke, svog punca, koji je jedan od osniva a te slu be spa avanja Jeremiah ni u najgorim no nim morama nije mogao sanjati da e i on ubrzo postati potreban pomo i te slu be kada se, pri snimanju scene spa avanja, dogodi stravi na nesre a u kojoj je vi e ljudi izgubilo ivote Nesre a koju je samo on pre ivio Jeremiah se jako te ko nosi s posljedicama nesre e, a uz njegovu suprugu, jedina utjeha mu je voljena k i Clara, koja je opsjednuta fosilima I dok posje uju Bletterbach, klanac bogat fosilnim ostacima, Jeremiah na uje pri u o stravi nom pokolju koji je po injen davne 1985 godine u kojem su ivot izgubile tri mlade osobe, a iji po initelj nikad nije prona en.Istra iva u Jeremiahu jo jednom luduje Ipak, kako uop e istra iti jedno tako davno po injeno ubojstvo s toliko prepreka na putu Luca D Andrea je, nakon objave Sr i zla, s razlogom uspore ivan s nekim od svjetski poznatih autora trilera Vjerujem da jedan od razloga injenica da je kroz Sr zla uspio izgraditi atmosferu koja je esto manjkava u mnogo razvikanijim i hvaljenijim svjetskim hitovima Ambijent u koji je autor smjestio radnju svog romana mo da nije jedinstven, ali svakako nije ni uobi ajen I dok u zadnje vrijeme uglavnom itamo psiholo ke trilere koji su smje teni u urbane sredine u kojima postoji na milijune mogu nosti za nevolju i isto toliko na ina da se te nevolje rije e, s prirodom je, zapravo, mnogo jednostavnije.Zezne , umire Ipak, Jeremiah je imao tu rijetku sre u da je odolio smrtonosnom ledenom poljupcu planine Poljubac koji ostavlja puno dublji trag od onog na ovratniku ko ulje Ali ljubavnica koja je ostavila ovaj trag ne planira opustiti svoj stisak samo tako Planina je u ovom romanu personificirana, dobila je svoju ulogu prijetnje i pratnje na svakom Jeremiahovom koraku, i kao da poku ava ispraviti pogre ku zbog koje joj je prvi put izmaknuo izme u prstiju Autor je odlu io dobro namu iti glavnog lika svog romana, jer nemilosrdna planina nije jedina prepreka na njegovom putu Siebenhoch je mala sredina u kojoj se svi sugra ani me usobno jako dobro poznaju, imaju svoj zatvoren krug u koji prido lice jako te ko ulaze Osim to trpi prijeke poglede kao prido lica, Jeremiah se nosi i osje ajem krivnje koji mu okolina poku ava nametnuti, a sve zbog prirode njegovog posla i injenice da je jedini pre ivio nesre u koja je odnijela vi e ivota iz tog grada Negostoljubljivost pojedinih stanovnika samo potvr uje njegovu teoriju kako se odre ene tajne uvaju zubima i noktima, a njihovo otkrivanje ne e biti nimalo ugodno Uz sve navedeno, Jeremiah ima jo jednog velikog protivnika Samog sebe Nesre a je ostavila velikog traga na Jeremiaha Na rame mu smje ta Zvijer koja ga prati na svakom njegovom koraku i eka njegov pogre an korak Ta Zvijer je planina i zima, ali istovremeno i sam Jeremiah Jedini na in i put koji vidi kako bi otresao tu Zvijer s ramena je misterija s kojom se sasvim slu ajno upoznao Bez obzira na to to time prijeti sa zemljom sravniti sve to je gradio sa svojom obitelji Jeremiah je odlu an, kao da mu ivot ovisi o tome, rije iti misteriju koja e uzburkati davno ispod snijega uspavane duhove Sve navedeno autor je za inio blagim koketiranjem s nadnaravnim, dovoljno da razigra na u ma tu, ali zadr avaju i nas u okvirima realnog.Sr zla na vi e je razina zanimljiv triler To je pri a o sukobu ovjeka i prirode, sukobu ovjeka i njegovog okru enja, ali i sukobu ovjeka sa samim sobom Sukobi koji dr e prste zalijepljene za ovu knjigu u i ekivanju razotkrivanja tajni i nevjerojatnih ishoda koji se skrivaju na njenim posljednjim stranicama. {Read} µ La sostanza del male × Jeremiah Salinger Un Giovane Autore Televisivo Newyorkese Che, Insieme Alla Moglie Annelise, Si Trasferito Per Un Periodo A Siebenhoch, Il Piccolo Centro Del Sud Tirolo Dove Lei Cresciuta Con Loro C La Precoce Figlia Clara, Di Cinque Anni Affascinato Dalla Montagne E Dalla Gente Che Vi Abita, Salinger Comincia A Realizzare Un Factual Sul Soccorso Alpino, Ma Nel Corso Delle Riprese Viene Coinvolto In Un Pauroso Incidente Mentre Cerca In Ogni Modo Di Dimenticare La Sua Esperienza Traumatica, Viene A Sapere Per Caso Di Un Fatto Sanguinoso Risalente A Molti Anni Prima Il Massacro Di Tre Giovani Avvenuto Durante Un Escursione Nella Gola Del Bletterbach Il Delitto Non Ha Un Colpevole, E In Paese Nessuno Vuole Parlarne Forse Perch Il Solo Pensarci Potrebbe Risuscitarne L Orrore, O Forse Perch Sono In Tanti Ad Avere Qualcosa Da Nascondere Nonostante L Ostilit Crescente Che Lo Circonda, E L Opposizione Di Annelise, Salinger Si Mette A Scavare Nel Passato, Penetrando Sempre Pi A Fondo Nella Vicenda Fino A Scoprire L Imprevedibile, Terrificante Verit Very slow to get going Was slowly being built to a big reveal but was let down by the end Could ve been the translation that made it seem a little long and boring in places.