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~READ BOOK ♹ The Mystery of the Cupboard ♗ When Omri Puts Away The Cupboard In The Secret Of The Indian, He Vows That It Will Be Forever Little Bear, Boone, And The Other Miniature Figures He Had Brought To Life Will Remain Plastic But Then Omri And His Family Move To An Old Country Farmhouse That They Inherited From A Distant Relative, And He Unearths A Faded Journal Hidden In The Thatched Roof To Omri S Utter Amazement, The Notebook Was Written By His Wicked Great Great Aunt Jessica Charlotte On Her Deathbed Even Astonishing It Reveals How The Cupboard And Its Magic Were Created And Changed The Destiny Of His Family,In Trying To Right A Wrong Done In The Past, Omri Finds He Has No Choice But To Break The Promise He Made To Himself The Magical Cupboard Is Opened Once The Mystery Of The Cupboard Transports Readers From The Peaceful English Countryside Of Today To The Elegant Drawing Rooms And Boisterous Music Halls Of Pre World War I London And Introduces Them To An Unforgettable New Set Of Characters Both Big And Small And An Enthralling Series Of Adventures Continuing The Enchantment Of The Earlier Works In The Series, This Is Lynne Reid Banks S Richest, Most Memorable Indian In The Cupboard Book Ever I enjoyed this muchthan I expected to I think children s books used to be writtencarefully and complexly even as recently as the 90s Considering it was the fourth in a series the first was even made into a movie I really wasn t expecting much.Omri and his family are relatively believable neither in perfect harmony nor really any of them bad people either At times he madly loves his parents and other times he is angry and sullen His brothers are difficult to get along with Omri s interest in the cupboard is compared at one point to a drug addiction, the overarching theme of the book is to try to understand and connect with instead of judging others The character of Jessica who initially only comes through her journal is a case in point she is the wicked great aunt, but her wickedness is largely constructed by her circumstances and people also experience her as warm, generous and charming The character of Jenny, is another one who is constructed differently depending which context she finds herself in one version of her would not be recognised by people in the other setting though both are authentic to who she is.Patrick seemed a really lovely character, I was sad the plot was so dismissive of him One of the characters die I won t ruin it by saying who and that is treated well within the text Many little historical titbits and details as well as the way morals and social systems change over time come through in the little people few in number though they be I suspect the character of Little Bear is slightly problematic in terms of being a white person s stereotypical view of a Native American Indian but I think the ignorance here is not malicious at least Kitsa s side story also was very cool and unfolded nice and slowly.While initially expecting to feel nothingthan mild irritation or smirking tolernace as I read the book, I was in the end actually intrigued I will probably keep and eye out and if I see a cheap copy of any of the others read that too. The 4th book in the series, and it was just as riveting as all the rest It explained about the cupboard, the key, and the magic One of my all time favorite series This stupid website ATE MY REVIEW I am so frustrated because I took all this time to write a nice review and goodreads ATE it and spat out an empty window Now I have to start all over and I have other things to do so I cannot write as thorough a review.I liked this book very much and recommend it to anyone who likes children s literature and fantasy It s spell binding and enthralling Unfortunately, it is a sequel, and I hadn t read the previous books, and it referred back tot hem constantly This got very annoying, but I guess that s not the author s fault She probably assumed people had read the earlier books in the series.Omri s Mom inherits a house that belonged to her Uncle Frederick, who she never knew Turns out it previously belonged to his great great aunt who was the first to call back the little people But her journal, which he finds as the roof is being rethatched, reveals a terrible secret or two. I read the first book in this series to the kids last year Honestly, I had been saving that book for the kids for a long time My third grade teacher read it to our class, and I remember LOVING it It was one of the best memories from my childhood sitting around listening to that book after PM recess every day And everyday ending on some huge cliff hanger that would have us begging for another chapter She was a great teacher if you can t tell Anyway, I digress suffice it to say that I had been hoping to create these same wonderful memories with my OWN children So I saved Indian in the Cupboard until my oldest was in 3rd grade I read the first book in this series to them, which they LOVED too However, reading it as an adult gave me a whole different reaction to the series I didn t like it as much as I did as a child There were also a couple of moments which I disagreed with as an adult For example, the main character Omri has to sneak into his parents liquor cabinet to steel whisky for the cowboy REALLY My kids loved it though, and had me read through the whole series The second book in this series was just OK not as good as the first But sequels rarely are And the third book in this series seemedfiller than plot I was honestly ready to be finished with this series and did NOT want to read the last book My children begged me though, so I gave in I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised It seems that Ms Lynne Reid Banks got her inspiration back while writing this book It had lots of twists and kept us entertained throughout. Boys and I both enjoyed this one me quite a lot, especially in comparison to the last one The novel explains the origin of the magic and the cupboard through a diary of Omri s great grandmother s sister. The story BEHIND the cupboard was very interesting Just as interesting as the stories in the cupboard. I have enjoyed this series muchthan I thought I went in reading the first book only to find out there this was a series of 5 books.So wonderful This 4th book kept me riveted, I didn t want to put it down as I wanted to find out how the cupboard had the powers it possessed.In this 4th book, Omri finds out how the cupboard came to possess it powers Moving to the country, Omri finds a package when their roof is being rethatched The package contains the journal of his mothers wicked Aunt Jessica and the mystery unfolds from there.In the end, his father finds out about the powers of the cupboard I can t wait to read the 5th and last book. At last, after over a year, I m finished It was good I m always excited to meet new little people from different eras, and there were some good ones in here The story of how Omri s great great aunt and first cousin twice removed created the magical key and cupboard together was very far fetched, of course, but also compelling and very moving.I do wish, however, that it was Omri s mother who got let in on the secret, not his father It was her family, and I m fond of her, too.Omri and Patrick still don t have that much in the way of characters They re pretty good, average kids, Patrick being impulsive and stubborn, and Omrinot being impulsive and stubborn That s pretty much it.I hope Emma features in the next one, but I m not counting on it. Indian in the Cupboard Book 4 Omri and his family have just inherited a house out in the country This home is in need of a lot of improvements, including a thatched roof During the new thatching process, Omri is led to discover a hidden secret a journal and a cash box that were placed there by the previous owner In this journal, Omri discovers that his ancestor, Jessica Charlotte, is actually the owner of the key and the cupboard and the mystery as to why, together, they create magic to bring plastic people to life.