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Some of these albums I knew, some I didn t It was enjoyable to read about albums I was familiar with It was also fun to read some of the interviews about albums I didn t know well, because they were funny, or really poignantly showed hip hop for that time period.Eventually, though, I gave up on it If I waswell versed in early hip hop, I d probably think the book was amazing I d go back to it if I listen to any of the other albums documented. the writing is adequate at best but as you d expect from an oral history, there are some great stories and insights well worth slogging through if you re interested in how music is made and hip hop history of a certain time period. While I wasn t interested in every album detailed here, I was interested in most of them and the stories are all fascinating, especially if you re a fan of the oral history format or have ever spent a few hours poring over a set of liner notes in a sitting Recommended. Learning how people succeed in almost any field is always worth it The 1980s stories are particularly interesting, as the guys were for the most part very young many were teens and most of them were operating with little if any template for success As you get into the 1990s, you start to see guys targeting the marketplace a bit , and these guys generally makeof an effort to maintain their personas The musical side is thought provoking as well, as you see the will to make music just carries these guys through the record making process, even without formal training and even as they are learning how to use studio equipment on the fly People will just find a way to make the kind of art that they like if they are really into it There is also a much greater emphasis on how the beats were developed than I would have expected. Check the Technique is pretty cool Most impressive to me was the caliber and range of artists that Coleman managed to interview and include in his tell all about hip hop production Chuck D, KRS 1, the Fugees, A Tribe Called Quest, Eric B Rakim, Run DMC, De La Soul, The Beastie Boys, MC Lyte, Biz Markie, RZA, Ice T, etc etc etc The format was great, too, for people less neurotic than me people who can stand to skip around in a book instead of reading from cover to cover It s arranged alphabetically by artist, so you can pick and choose who you want to read about when Me, on the other hand I started with B there were no A s and moved right on down the line.I think this book was mostly useful in terms of individual artists biographies, and tons of interesting production details A nice complement to this work would be anarrative or historical account that really puts these artists into context I m hoping to get that with my next hip hop read, Jeff Chang s Can t Stop Won t Stop A History of the Hip Hop Generation. A must read for any music hip hop nerd. This was a great book and an easy read for this fan of classic hip hop, and the craft behind the tracks Coleman stays out of the way as promised and just lets the creators shine in each segment I was hoping for a fewstudio techniques and stories about the actual crafting of the songs, as a lot of the details revolve around the ideas behind the songs and who was involved, but not about innovation in the studio The promise of peeling back the curtain on the actual making of the records is never really delivered on, but it s still interesting.It s also unfortunate that because it s in alphabetic order, the book ends with X Clan Not exactly climactic. man, this was a fun read it was like taking a trip back in time, to when i d rush home from school to watch Yo MTV Raps i grew up listening to the roots of hip hop Check the Technique gives insightful background on some of the most influential albums in hip hop Erik B Rakim, RUN DMC, Beastie Boys, EPMD, etc the list goes on and on.it s a good book, even though some of the reviews and background seems shallow overall, i enjoyed it i found myself on Spotify listening to the albums as i read about them then i used the Who Sampled app to find some of the many sampled songs featured in many of the songs on these early Rap albums. One of the best and only books on the behind the scenes of how many of the greatest hip hop albums came to life Featuring interviews with the original artists, producers and engineers of these seminal classics Where else can you read about the birth of classics such as Cypress Hill s Cypress Hill album, De La Soul s 3 Feet High and Rising , Fugees The Score , Biz Markie Going Off , Redman What Thee Album , A Tribe Called Quest Low End Theory and Wu Tang Enter the 36 Chambers among many others..Not just for old school heads but for any one curious as to how these songs came to be I met the author at the release party for Check The Technique and you can read my review on THEZROHOUR.COM `Free Kindle ✕ Check the Technique: Liner Notes for Hip-Hop Junkies ⇞ A Tribe Called Quest Beastie Boys De La Soul Eric B Rakim The Fugees KRS One Pete Rock CL Smooth Public Enemy The Roots Run DMC Wu Tang Clan And Twenty Five Hip Hop ImmortalsIt S A Sad Fact Hip Hop Album Liners Have Always Been Reduced To A List Of Producer And Sample Credits, A Publicity Photo Or Two, And Some Hastily Composed Shout Outs That S A Damn Shame, Because Few Outside The Game Know About The True Creative Forces Behind Influential Masterpieces Like PE S It Takes A Nation Of Millions De La SFeet High And Rising, And Wu Tang S Enter The Wu TangChambers A Longtime Scribe For The Hip Hop Nation, Brian Coleman Fills This Void, And Delivers A Thrilling, Knockout Oral History Of The Albums That Define This Dynamic And Iconoclastic Art Form The Format One Chapter, One Artist, One Album, Blow By Blow And Track By Track, Delivered Straight From The Original Sources Performers, Producers, DJs, And B Boys Including Big Daddy Kane, Muggs And B Real, Biz Markie, RZA, Ice T, And Wyclef Step To The Mic To Talk About The Influences, Environment, Equipment, Samples, Beats, Beefs, And Surprises That Went Into Making Each Classic Record Studio Craft And Street Smarts, Sonic Inspiration And Skate Ramps, Triumph, Tragedy, And Take Out Food All Played Their Part In Creating These Essential Albums Of The Hip Hop CanonInsightful, Raucous, And Addictive, Check The Technique Transports You Back To Hip Hop S Golden Age With The Greatest Artists Of The S And S This Is The Book That Belongs On The Stacks Next To Your Wax Brian Coleman S Writing Is A Lot Like The Albums He Covers Direct, Uproarious, And Than Six Fifths Genius Jeff Chang, Author Of Can T Stop Won T StopAll Producers And Hip Hop Fans Must Read This Book It Really Shows How These Albums Were Made And Touches The Music Fiend In Everyone DJ Evil Dee Of Black Moon And Da Beatminerz A Rarity In Mainstream Publishing A Truly Essential Rap History Ronin Ro, Author Of Have Gun Will Travel