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If, prior to reading this, someone said to me,Wanna read a comic that s loosely classified as a Steampunk Fantasy Well, I would have politely and slowly backed away from them while turning the offer down in no uncertain terms Because no I mean, is Steampunk even still a thing I remember it was all the rage there for a while, and then it just seemed to peter out of vogue kinda like sparkly vampires and shirtless werewolves.For those of you who may love and or live this genre, please don t take offense by that I only have the vaguest notion of what Steampunk is, anyway Something, something, alternate timeline, something, something, steam powered stuff, something, something, big lacy tophats, something, something, gears cramed into every conceivable space, something, somethingNow, add in some weird fantasy element and, in all likelihood, you re going to lose me forever.Unless it s a REALLY good story.And I thought this was a really good story Sure, because of the whole Fant Punk element this thing has going on, there s gonna be some strange wooo wooo style stuff in the storytelling And there s going to be things that just don t make sense or aren t fully addressed in this volume.Brace yourself, normies I feel your pain There will be questions, there will not always be answers But you have to admit, this shit is fucking awesome to look at And if you scrape away all the 10 eyed, hairy tentacled, fox faced, cyclops baby, 5 tailed talking cat stuff Well, it s just a story about surviving in a dangerously prejudiced, war torn environment While trying to keep an immortal god from ripping out of your chest and eating everyoneSo, yeah Pretty typical stuff Anyway I was gifted a copy from a good friend, otherwise I never would have bothered to read this which would have been a shame This was neat o.Definitely recommended view spoiler Ok, not to toot my own horn Fuck thatTOOT TOOT but I m totally claiming the word Fant Punk from here on out It needs to be a thing, am I right Right It s cool Right, guys Guys Pfft Whatever hide spoiler Okay I m only going to put a few pictures because you can all scroll through the other reviewers and see pictures I don t like reviewing graphic novels because I never know exactly what to say This novel is about Maika Halfwolf and she has been trying to find her way for some time She lost her mother and friends to a war She lost one of her arms, but she has some kind of powers and she has a symbol on her chest that may or may not be the cause of this This novel is very dark but I still loved it I mean you have all these people things eating other people things and chopping people things up There is this one dude that I think is hot in the novel His name is Corvin D Oro and I m not going to show you a picture Lol So, Maika poses as a slave to get to this one person and then some of the kid things she is with gets tortured and eaten etc Maika goes postal and kills a bunch of people, supposedly it only happens when she gets really mad Then she finds some crazy woman that knew her mother and she kills her and takes a mask that lady has big mistake because, said mask, turns into some demon thing in her stump arm Yeah, I know, it s cray but it happens It s totally cool Well, maybe not because it makes her eat people things And she has an ongoing conversation with it at times Okay, so they argue because she wants it out of her Meanwhile, the novel goes back and forth from Maika s past to the present We find out some things and get confused in other things There are also unicorn horses that you ride I would love that There are talking cats with than one tail I liked Master Ren that was going around with Maika and the little fox girl named Kippa Anyway, I thought the story was great, morbid yes, but great I am looking forward to these novels And I love Marjorie Liu, I have read some of her books from back in the day MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List Gorgeous epic steampunk fantasy done in graphic novel form.I don t usually post reviews for graphic novels unless I found something special Monstress is definitely special Both manga and graphic novel are a form of storytelling materials that required pictures, they may be similar in this regard but they re actually very distinct from each other I, as a huge devourer of manga for than twenty years and counting, rarely impressed by graphic novels or comics, not that they re inferior, just a matter of taste There has been one exception Elric adaptation by Julien Blondel, and now, Monstress by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda.Taking place in an Alternate Asia setting and filled with a great story that deals with racism and slavery, Monstress also didn t neglect the characterizations Maika Halfwolf, Kippa, and Ren are all fantastic characters Have you ever wonder how epic steampunk fantasy novels you read would look like in graphic novel This is as close as you get If any of you has read the manga Naruto or Clay, you ll feel at home here because this seems like a combination of those two, with badass main female character and a monster that resides deep within herThere s hunger in the world than loveHowever, the best part of the book for meis definitely Sana Takeda s artwork I am a huge fan of beautiful artworks doesn t matter if it s a book cover, manga, I love all of them I wish I can tell you how gorgeous the artwork in this book is, but it s better for me to just show you one sample of how pleasantly detailed it is.This is truly a collaboration to watch out for and something that every fans of graphic novel or fantasy should try Special thank you to my dear friend Melanie for recommending this piece of art to me. Readalong for the BooktubeSFF Awards which is being hosted by Adriana from Perpetual Pages, Chelsea from TheReadingOutlaw, Samantha from Novels and Nonsense, Connor from Connor O Brien, Elizabeth from Books and Pieces, Kaitlin from Kitty G, Sam from Thoughts on Tomes, Elena from Elena Reads Books, and Thomas from SFF180 I loved absolutely everything about this graphic novel To date, it is by far the best graphic novel I have ever read, and even surpasses my love for Saga I am completely blown away, and will count down the days until Vol 2 releases June 6th, 2017.This story follows a seventeen year old girl named Maika, whose story starts out where she is being sold as a slave The reader will immediately notice that Maika has a very strange tattoo of an eye on her chest, and she is missing an arm Yet, it becomes very clear very early that Maika is much stronger than what she seems Maika is struggling to hold in her monster, while also trying to get answers from her past With the help of an adorable little half fox and a poet cat, Maika is on a journey to discover herself, her past, and what s truly inside of her, all while she carries a very mysterious and sought after item.In this world there are five races Humans Like you and me Ancients Immortal, animal like rulers with an immense amount of power Cats Much like people, can speak and fight, but much adorable Old Gods Little to no knowledge of them Areanics Half breeds.Also in this world, there are factions at war The Federation Humans, who just hate magic users and refuse to let them live and breed These humans will take Arcanics and make them slaves to do whatever terrible things they wish Arcanics Magic users, who are sort of hybrids of the Ancients Also, two powerful courts, the Dawn Court and the Dusk Court, have risen up to defend against the Cumaea Cumaea Witch like people that use Arcanic s body parts to make Lillium.People in this world will use a drug like substance called Lillium for power, regeneration, and in some cases, resurrection Between the war and the use of this magical substance, this world is also now aware of things much bigger than the Federation and Arcanics.This graphic novel is not only bigger than most bind ups, but it has significantly writing than most graphic novels, too You receive a lot, and I do mean a lot, of information and very quickly This really worked for me, because it became way of an immersion, while also reading closer to a book Yet, I can understand how this would be a different reading experience for some, so I felt the need to bring it up The story is so brilliant and impactful I can already tell I m going to be thinking about this world for such a long time, because this is the type of story that just sticks with you, while festering in your heart I truly love everything about this The art was so magnificent and I found myself constantly just staring at some pages in disbelief that a human created it This art also brought very many tears to my eyes very many times, constantly evoking so much pure emotion from me On top of having an amazing story, it is the best art I ve ever seen in a comic, ever.Trigger warnings for human trafficking, slavery, child brutality, and many other dark themes that are in the violence and gore vein This is a dark story, and it doesn t shy away from that darkness or its brutality.I loved everything about this graphic novel the story, the characters, the art, the representation, everything I honestly cannot see any graphic work ever beating this I am in awe and my thoughts probably aren t even coherent, but this is something unique and special Please give this comic series a try if you haven t already I swear to you with my entire soul, this is nothing short of a masterpiece This is maybe even a once in a lifetime masterpiece I never put graphic novels on my best of the year list, but I think this is the year I make an exception for Monstress.Blog Twitter Tumblr Instagram Youtube Twitch WINNER OF THE HUGO AWARDS 2017 for best Graphic Story Monstress, Vol 1 Awakening was weird, but dark and pretty good There s no hiding that the plot is convoluted at best, and if there was such thing as a CONFUSING ALERT , I would raise it instantly Indeed Monstress, Vol 1 Awakening doesn t burden itself with simple details like chronological order and basic knowledge before throwing you in the meat of the epic fantasy like action Keyword being HUH And then, there are these cat ish info dump pages at the end of every chapter issue Oh my GOSH MY EYES Too long, too tiny, too much However, despite the general confusion and slowness, in the end I m eager to know where the story will go especially after THAT BIG CLIFF DAMMIT Overall, the characters are very interesting and pretty fun to follow First a kickass heroine teamed up with an adorable fox girl Awww 3 a talking cat also, a monster and many complex villains What could we want See above Mix everything You ve got your world.Want details, do you Alright What you need to know is that the world is separated into two parts so far , the Human World with witches and the Arcanic World with old gods, animal head people Because differences and greed always win, once upon a time there was a war of course there was Finally, because those in power are often morons, they built a wall of course they did Oh, and the talking cats somehow achieved the status of wise entities at some point during the History Don t ask me when, though info dumping cat pages, remember They even go so far as calling themselves Masters snorts As the plot, the world is interesting and complex, yet so very confusing at first.Remarkable Stunning I loved it to pieces, okay Sources Flower doodle Other vector images edited by myself Free vector art via Vecteezy.com For of my reviews, please visit Vol 1 Awakening Vol 2 The Blood Vol 3 Haven When I originally read Monstress, Vol 1 a couple of years ago, I gave it 3.5 stars I loved the artwork and the character designs, but had a hard time getting into the story, world building, mythos, etc., and also really struggled through the tougher triggers such as child trafficking, child abuse torture murder, assault, etc That said, this is the perfect example of why I update my reviews when I reread books because, sometimes, our opinions can drastically change during rereads, and there s nothing wrong with updating your reviews to reflect that All of that aside, I m pleased to say that I did not hesitate to lift my rating to 5 stars when I reread this beautiful, incredibly in depth graphic novel I thought the lore was incredible, I adored the world building, and the hard to stomach aspects of the plot didn t alarm me as much presumably due to my consuming dark content lately than I did in 2016 17 and becoming less easily bothered, maybe I would still caution anyone who is triggered by child abuse death to think long and hard before picking this one up, but if you can read those topics, this is a really incredible story with a lot of complex characters and nuances to the battling sides I can t wait to continue the series. The visuals in this comic are great it s dark and steam punk themed It s all rather cool and the action scenes are illustrated brilliantly It even has a special race of fighting cats that are so ridiculously bad ass yet, for all that, I found the whole thing quite confusing There s a lot of history with this comic book, which is fine, but I don t feel like its very well established There are brief mentions of past events, but not enough details to establish their significance I feel like the world building is a little too complex for a graphic novel It s trying to squeeze so much information in, but it can t quite cope with the amount it has And that s why it all seems brief Monstress is trying to be too many things at once far too early on in the series Look at Saga. With each volume story is added and it becomes increasingly complex It doesn t begin so I was lost for most of this It s like I m starting with the second volume, where everything is already clear and the characters and locations make sense I had no clue who half of these people were supposed to be I really think the author needed to take a step or two back and slow down I don t need everything thrown at me at once Other than the confusing world building, I think the story is rather solid The central plot is very strong, it follows a young girl who is inhabited by an evil tentacle monster that feeds of the living and can take possession of her body whenever it chooses So she s quite dangerous and she s trying to discover remember how she came to be so powerful Her family have the answers and she s attempting to find them in this labyrinth of a world that doesn t yet make sense to me However, I won t be reading the next volume I don t think the author quite knows how to write a balanced story, I can t see this improving I m happy to leave it here. Here s something awesome for you I m a TOTAL pushover for great art, great nasty story, and MONSTERS INSIDE US.I mean, I ve read the whole Naruto series twice and that whole story arc of the kid with the nine tailed demon fox living within him was all kinds of awesome So why do I love Monstress The demon living inside her, of course SOOOO COOL Really, though, the artwork is all kinds of amazing and the story kicks me in my bollocks It s bloody, it s disturbing, it s setting us up for all kinds of epic, and I m completely hooked It s kinda like Clay and Berserk rolled into one, only the artwork is fully realized and colored on every page and it s just soooo gorgeous And disturbing I can t wait to see what kind of friendship they strike up. {PDF} ð Monstress, Vol. 1 Æ Set In An Alternate Matriarchal S Asia, In A Richly Imagined World Of Art Deco Inflected Steam Punk, MONSTRESS Tells The Story Of A Teenage Girl Who Is Struggling To Survive The Trauma Of War, And Who Shares A Mysterious Psychic Link With A Monster Of Tremendous Power, A Connection That Will Transform Them Both And Make Them The Target Of Both Human And Otherworldly Powers Collects MONSTRESS Beautiful art, a unique world with gods, humans, and something in between, fearsome magic, political intrigue to rival any epic fantasy, a plethora of formidable female characters oh and magical talking cats what could one possibly ask for This series is setting up to be an epic masterpiece There is a lot going on in this first volume, so I can t wait to re read it and discover even.